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Top Digital Marketing Tools That Can Save You A LOT OF TIME | Digital Marketing With Manpreet

Top Digital Marketing Tools That Can Save You A LOT OF TIME | Digital Marketing With Manpreet

time is a scarce resource for a digital
marketer as a small business owner if you’re DIYing the digital marketing
it’s even more tough for you to find time to do the necessary things and in
such tough times if you find some digital marketing tools that can help
you save time and do your work better it’s just awesome isn’t it hi there I am
manpreet I make videos on this channel every week about digital marketing if
you’re new here please make sure you subscribe and hit the bell button so as
to catch all of my videos related to digital marketing in today’s video I am
going to share some of the digital marketing tools that I have been using that have made my life easier and saved me a lot of time so without further ado let’s
get started number one tool is a social media scheduling tool social media
automation tool called HootSuite now there is another tool which is at par
with this tool that is called buffer both of these tools allow you to schedule the
posts for social media imagine you can schedule the content for the entire
month in one day and you can ensure that all the posts are going up on time that
is what HootSuite or buffer enables you to do I’ve been using HootSuite for work
and even for my personal social media channels and it truly has saved my life
because you cannot really feel like posting on social media all day, right if
you are running a business or if you have a different business than just
social media and social media is just another digital marketing channel or
approach for you it would be hard for you to post every day at the same time
this is why you need scheduling and tools like HootSuite & buffer come into the
picture but one more reason why I love hootsuite is that it’s also a social
media monitoring tool so for example you want to follow the conversations on a
particular hashtag you can add a feed in your HootSuite dashboard and ensure that all
the conversations in that particular hashtag may be on Twitter can be monitored
from one place it saves you a lot of time because you do not have to go and
search and then you know scroll through doing everything from one dashboard it
really saves you a lot of minutes more than you can imagine
you can also reply and interact with your audience from the
same dashboard which is another plus point of hootsuite number 2 digital
marketing tool that I love and use every day is canva it’s a tool that helps you
make graphics for your blog for your social media it really is a life saviour
for people who do not know Photoshop very well I never learned Photoshop very
well and I always felt like I wasn’t so good at graphics so even for minor
graphics I had to go to a graphic designer which was very inconvenient and
expensive now with canva I can create my own graphics for Pinterest for Instagram
for Facebook for Twitter for YouTube YouTube thumbnails, covers… everything can
be done from canva and I have been making pitch decks presentations on
canva I’ve been making infographics I made this one infographic for work a
very simple infographic made in five minutes on canva and that infographic
is the most popular infographic we had had for the business so far the
infographic has more than six thousand views in a very niche specific topic
designing is just too easy with canva and I definitely recommend you to use it
they have a free version and a paid version as well I am currently using
free version for myself and paid version for work number three digital
marketing tool is something I have discovered recently it’s called Wave.Video now I make videos on YouTube okay these videos are edited on a
professional video editing software and it takes a lot of time now I needed to
make small videos for work for social media now I could not afford to spend
like 3-4 hours editing those videos. I needed quick outcome and I needed stock videos and stuff like that and wave.video is an online video making
platform that really helps you to make videos in a quick manner
honestly, it has saved my life it has helped me create some good social media
videos for work and also we’ve been making demo videos also we have an app
and we needed demo videos for that so I’ve been making demo videos with wave.video and I would say there are some glitches because it’s an online
video platform so sometimes you have to refresh and stuff like that but all of
your content is saved and you do not lose the content and
you can make videos in a very quick manner so videos are very necessary at this
time and if you want quick videos then wave.video is a good tool for that
number 4 digital marketing tool I use is keywords everywhere this tool has
saved my life because if you do SEO you really want to see what are the search terms
for this keyword then the longtail keyword the research it takes and the
time it takes it’s enormous and most of your time is spent on this research
only because then when do you get time to actually work on the SEO stuff but
Keywords Everywhere this is a Chrome extension that has saved my life I can
just type the search query on the Google itself and there itself I can see what’s
the volume what’s the CPC what’s the competition it’s just an amazing
extension that helps you do research especially longtail keywords especially
when you’re writing a blog post or when you’re throwing in some keyword
variations this tool is just wow I really am grateful to the creator of
this tool for saving my life and saving so much of my time now you do not need to
go to Google Adwords Keyword planner or use some other fancy tool or expensive
tool to find this whole data you can just see it on Google itself number five
digital marketing tool is youtube creator studio app now when I upload videos it is
a lot of work to do the you tube SEO and do the optimizations and that I do on my
laptop but when it comes to engaging with my audience I want to be available
for them all the time I want to reply to the comments instantly and or very
quickly or when I am free see what was happening to me a few months back was
that I was waiting to get on my laptop and then I would reply to the comments
and that was my productive work hours and I was replying to the comments then I
was thinking there are times that I have maybe if I’m waiting in a queue and I have
time to scroll through my Instagram so instead of scrolling through my
Instagram I started replying to those comments so, see I utilize my time better
because of this YouTube creators studio app I saved some time from my productive
hours and I used the time that was being wasted in mindless
scrolling on social media to engage with my audience if you use YouTube video as a
marketing channel then go ahead and download YouTube creator studio app
right now and use it to engage with your audience on the go! I’m the one who uses
the app just for engagement with her viewers but you can also see your stats
and stuff like that on the app so it’s really beneficial to be aware of what’s
happening on your you tube channel why you’re on the go number six is Google Analytics
app now this app really helped me out because of you know just opening that
Google Analytics and that’s just like a rabbit hole. You’re looking at the stats for hours
and so and if you’re handling multiple brands it’s just too time consuming
you’ll spend a whole work day just looking at Google Analytics and I
couldn’t afford spending a whole day just looking at the analytics especially when
all I needed was just to see if my numbers are growing or not you know just to see that one little thing in the analytics so I downloaded this app that
allowed me to take a quick look at analytics and it has saved me a lot of
time last digital marketing tool is uber suggest it’s a tool by a well-known
blogger Neil patel and it allows me to take a quick look at what’s happening on
my website UberSuggest has a new feature called site audit which I
believe is the best because in three minutes it gives you an audit of the
site and what are the SEO errors and stuff like that sorry about the change
in lighting. My light just blew up but ya UberSuggest’s site audit feature
that is really fantastic and you should be using it so ya! these are the
digital marketing tools that helped me save a lot of time I believe you should
be using these tools to make more time for more productive things and yes I
hope this video helps you out and you use these digital marketing tools to
save yourself some time and create more business opportunities that is it for
today’s video if you like this video please make sure you hit a thumbs up and
also share this video with your friends with your business partner or with your
fellow bloggers or with your fellow influencers so that
they can also discover these tools that have really helped me out and I totally
believe that these will help you out as well so yes thank you so much for taking
out time to watch this video and this is the end of the video this is manpreet
signing off I’ll be back with another video very soon

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