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Top Advertising Agencies (Part 1 of 2)

Top Advertising Agencies (Part 1 of 2)

Top Advertising Agencies
Who makes, or breaks all the corporate players? Who makes things like Whopper, Spider-man,
Disneyland, Coke, Pepsi, KIA, Terminator, Transformers, part of the everyday vocabulary?
Who sells more than anyone else? The Answer is …
The Top Advertising Agencies. Every major city around the globe has them
and together they move the bulk of the products of the world.
The advertising agency uses creativity, imagination, storytelling, video, acting, effects, technology,
psychology, and more to weave a visual, and sonic communication ‘a call to action’ to
hit you where you live, to get people to stand up appreciate and recognize the agencies’
clients. Painting their client in the best possible light so that we accept them, and
even get excited enough to seek out their offerings.
The agencies understand full well the human psychology, they know how to push our collective
hot buttons, and they know what makes us tick. Who opens the doors to our hearts, and minds
when there is a new movie coming out, when a new act is hitting the stage, or screen,
when a new business is opening its doors, a new product is launching, or when we need
educating on anything from health problems like smoking, to how to handle our money?
Well for the Big Boys you know by now the answer is…
The Top Advertising Agencies. When you have big business to run it only
makes sense to do what you do best and run that business and leave what you don�t do
best in business to those who do best in that arena. A perfect example of this is Marketing/Advertising.
You may be great at producing say a certain product, or service, but producing is one
thing and advertising is another. This is where Advertising takes over and the biggest
and best advertising comes from you know whom, the top agencies. They have the manpower,
tools, and experience to effectively promote your business.

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