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Top 7 Signs You Can Heal Your Own Sciatica/Herniated Disc

Top 7 Signs You Can Heal Your Own Sciatica/Herniated Disc

Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinion of course Bob, our humble opinion Today Brad we’re gonna talk about the top seven signs you can heal your own sciatica or herniated discs This is the work based upon Robin McKenzie, in fact you may if you like what we’re seeing today You might want to get his book “Treat Your Own Back” kind of you know spells everything out We also have a lot of videos on it and It is a nice book. It’s made for a patient. It’s for the layperson so you can Understand and follow and treat yourself Yep, by the way if you are new to our channel. Please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain-free and we upload every day, also go over to Facebook all this week Brad and I are begging people to like us So you know if you like us in person or like us on Facebook, it’s the same thing, the weak of the begging All right, so top seven signs now again These are based upon Robin McKenzie And he’s you know if you have you know you don’t have to say yes to all these But if you say yes to four or more There’s a good chance you could heal your own sciatic or Herniated disc or number one you have periods of the day Even if it’s short as ten minutes where you have no pain, The bad sign is if you’re having pain all the time. I mean it just doesn’t go away ever, yeah no matter what You do no matter how you lay down no matter what position you’re in so pain We’re talking not only pain, but some numbness tingling going down the leg yeah any pain at all though I mean if you lay down, and you can’t make that pain go away I mean, that’s a bad sign. Again not saying it won’t heal because you might have four of the other ones that are good Number two you’re generally worse with sitting and We should show this Brad Generally worse with sitting and Getting up from sitting and the reason behind that is a lot of times Y]you’re a little bit flexed, your back is flexed Even if you sit up straight, your back is somewhat flexed And then when you get up what happens Brad? You’re bending forward. Yeah It’s hard to straighten oftentimes Generally what we’re seeing is if you’re doing activities that bend forward make it worse and you straighten up It’s better then that’s a good sign so that’s number two number three Is just what I was alluding to if it’s worse right after you’re doing prolonged bending or stooping like if you’re making the bed And it’s a lot worse after that Vacuuming especially when you’re bending and twisting with that Ironing gardening and this makes me laugh because it was written down laying concrete I did lay concrete early on my life, and I did it for a year and a half, but I don’t think the average person is laying concrete. I’ll tell my wife you quit laying the concrete! Yeah, that’s right You got back pain don’t lay that concrete, all right number four it’s generally worse in the morning But it tends to improve after about a half hour. Do you want to explain What goes on at night Brad in the disc? Oh sure it’s one of my favorite things The disks have fluid inside and when you stand up throughout the day the fluid actually diffuses out through the walls And then the disc gets small and at night that fluid goes back in it imbibes Oh, I stole the word from you Didn’t I, yeah and ruined my story But the imbibition happens in your fluid And that’s how you just stay healthier because the fluid you get new fluid with nutrients going in and throughout the day It uses that nutrients and it pushes that old fluid out and there’s a cycle every day So if you’re having a disc problem and fluid comes in on it You can see how that might make it feel worse in the mornings. It’s full of pressure, it’s like You’re gonna balloon and fill it up, and if it’s healthy it’s no problem But if it’s sore and you got a bulging disc it all causes issues Which brings up by the way the interesting fact Brad that Generally you are taller in the morning than you are at night because you start to squeeze that fluid out by the end of the day So I’m seven foot two in the mornings By the end of the night, I’m five foot five so yeah, and as you get older you shrink That’s another story, all right going on generally It’s worse when you’re inactive, and it’s better when you’re on the move a lot of times it’s better with walking That’s a good sign And you should try some walking to see if it does get better because sometimes it’s like oh No, it hurts it hurts it hurts But then once they walk a few you know a hundred yards, then all of a sudden it starts to feel better So you want to put it to the test Number six If the pain at this point is confined to above the knee you’re gonna have a lot better chance of healing it This is not to say that if it goes below the knee you can’t heal it because I’ve had many people that have It’s just it’s again one of those signs. It’s better in your favor if it hasn’t gone down below the knee yet And number seven let’s go ahead and take this out of the way here Brad if you’re better generally face down like this laying down And it starts to feel better after a few minutes and again You got to put it to the test you actually gotta lay here a little bit because it might hurt when you first lay down Then that’s a good sign so Those are the seven signs if you have four of them you’ve got a really good chance of healing your sciatica I will take a couple pillows Brad Yeah, actually get a piece of paper out You might have to rewatch the video and see what signs you have if you Didn’t keep track of it cuz it is can be specific And if you have the four positive signs you’re gonna want to watch our videos on Mckenzie, the Mckenzie program because we’re gonna Just type in Bob and Brad in the Search engine up top Type in Mckenzie M-C-K-E-N-Z-I-E or if you put sciatica or herniated disc, we’ll show you this real quick here Brad Maybe the beginning of it, want to give me another pillow So a lot of times some people cannot tolerate laying on their stomach yet to start off So what they do is they put a couple pillows like this, if you’re really bad I mean if you can lay on your stomach go ahead But you lay down on your stomach like this and this is all you’re gonna do on the first day probably and Your head may be down but he’s talking But then you know over time what you try to do is start slipping pillows out And eventually you’re gonna get to the point where you slip them all out And you’re flat like this you’re gonna lay like this And then eventually you’re gonna do what we call the prone prop here where you’re propping on your elbows I’ve had this progression in one visit. Yeah first visit I’ve had two pillows underneath and within a few minutes take one out and then another And maybe not all the way up to here in one visit, and that’s what you want to see Or you may be able to lay down on your stomach right away And that’s great so then the next step by the way, you know is gonna be putting your hands underneath your shoulders And you’re gonna start pressing up like this. What are we looking for Brad? What are we looking for the pain to do? Centralize, so in other words if he’s got pain and symptoms going down the leg and you do like five or six press ups or up to ten press ups and all of a sudden clearly There’s no pain below the knee anymore when before it was to the ankle It’s gone from there, and it’s from here up boy. That’s great rest a little bit do another ten You know things are really going good it may Centralize and get out of the leg completely, if that happens you have a very good chance of healing it through exercise If you have the other thing going on let’s say it’s getting worse in the leg when you do this Then you’re gonna have to do some of the advanced things that we do in some of our videos There’s all these different things you can try to see if you can get it to come out of the leg, but that’s the general Goal is to get it out of the leg and you’re gonna wanna go further and further I mean you’re back again as pain will allow you want it to actually feel better But you eventually want to press all the way up like this Now this is something again that you’re not just doing once a day You’re trying to do this five to eight times a day Like ten repetitions, right and you’re not gonna have to do it for months at a time Once it starts improving It can progress quite rapidly within a week you may be not a hundred percent but much better And I’ve had people that we’ve actually had them take Cardboard to their factory and they they go down into a you know into the corner and actually do some press ups The cardboard is because the floor is dirty. Yeah Exactly, but you know This is very This very much can disable you for And you you’re not able to work so a lot of people are willing to do things like that because it Really does affect your life. I mean it affects everything you do. I had a really good patient this is a true story He was having success with his press-ups, and they had a scheduled trip to Las Vegas and they went And they were in a store because his wife was shopping, and he’s down. He goes down in an aisle right in the store Well, I’ll tell you what’s funny is if you go to a conference with physical therapists You know you have a roomful of therapists. They don’t think twice of doing things like that I mean I’ve seen people they’ll get up in the middle while someone’s talking, Because eventually hopefully what you can do is actually standing back bends too like this They usually don’t come until later that you can do those and you see people doing stuff like that all the time at conferences Well, you know if you’re a therapist you could appreciate this, if not you’re just getting bored All right again check out our other videos on the McKenzie Technique We got lots of them or like you said sciatica And we’ll hopefully get you on the road to recovery, right and again the McKenzie book It’s only like I think around $10 It’s a lot lot cheaper than a $200 visit to the doctor, right yeah, thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Top 7 Signs You Can Heal Your Own Sciatica/Herniated Disc

  1. At morning I feel good, through out the most of the day I can function but later in the day it hurts terribly. I don't have much motion in my legs, I can't make them straighten.

  2. I'm never pain free, even on morphine. NO quality of life in 6 years. Suicidal thoughts at least once a day but I don't know if I'd ever go through with it. Who wants to be in pain for the rest of their life?

  3. You guys are great but why can't you answer a question once in awhile? Please don't say you're too busy and can't answer them all. I realize that! Don't you have someone in your office who could read the comments? That would be so helpful!!

  4. I work sitting in an bank all day. Not sure how can i do exercises so many times. I have pain for almost 2 years now and 3 weeks of deeper pain. Did an RMI and found herniated disc L5. During this last 3 weeks I limb while walking as I feel a pinch on my left side. But i do fit at least 4 signs.

  5. My pain is just situated only around the lower lumbar. But it won't go away. Ive stopped heavy weights at the gym, I've used an inversion table, massage, rolling pins… It gives temporary relief since its pinched nerves mainly but still there is a popping sensation and clicking when I arch my back inwards. And also pain sometimes.

  6. For anyone with similar problems, your posture and regular stretching is important, consistency is key, also mental health issues can effect and make it worse and vice versa. Look into inversion therapy that helps to decommpress the spine, also hydrotherapy which is another way of decommpressing the spine. A few simple stretches to help with spine are the cat & cow pose, the upwards facing dog pose & the childs pose, posture is important guys, also you can buy certain cushions that help with the curvature of your lower spine and ones for sitting on the help with your pelvic area such as a coccyx cushion. For anyone that doesnt allready know, sleeping on your side with a cushion between your knees will help relieve pain by keeping your spine allign, and try putting one beneath your knees if your on your back. Physical pain effects your mental health, mental pain effects your physical health!

  7. I enjoy watching your videos and was wondering about this fluid imbibing process. Is there any reference you can provide to a study supporting this statement? Thank you

  8. 5 out of the 7 here. Currently suffering with a bad back which I believe to be a herniated disc as I was diagnosed with 2 herniated discs 5 years ago plus my body is leaning towards the left. I have been laid up resting for the last 4 days with little improvement and just found your videos and currently trying out some of your exercises. Hopefully I can fix myself this time through exercise and avoid another lengthy lay off from work. Keep up the good work.

  9. but why does it keep coming back? i get the pain for 3-5 days and then it goes a way for 6 months to a year and then it comes back.

  10. I seem to have the opposite. No pain while sitting or laying down. But sciatic pain/some foot numbness down the right leg as soon as i start walking for even 5 minutes. just wont go away. so frustrating!

  11. Amazing video Bob and Brad! I had a MRI done and it showed that I have a L5-S1 herniated DISC. The orthopedic that I am seen recommended a cortisone shot. However, I present all the 7 signs of self recovery that mention in this video. Can you please let me know your opinion on whether I should take this shot? Thanks

  12. Its is absolutely True. When I am aktive (working on foot as a sales-clerk, 10 hours) it becomes way better or when I walk like 30 Min., it is also fine when I am on my stomach or laying down. Then I have NO pain, I only feel slightly tense on the left lower side then. Sitting is a little bit problematic, but If I get up several Times I can extend the time sitting. Generally spoken: I have no pain at my legs or knee, also no tingeling. The only worst thing that happens is, that my left side pulls my hip 2-3cm up and it looks asymmetric, but the pain is the same, there is no increase. I am also pretty flexible, only bending over is stressing. Any suggestions? I went to several Docs, through MRT and 1 of 7 docs said it is a herniated disc, the other ones stated that is a tense muscle and nerve problem but they showed me only some stretches, but not how to "cure" it actually!!!

  13. Hello! I just want to ask if how many weeks should a buldging disc heal or gets better… It's been 3 weeks now anf i can still feel pain and numbness in my right legs.. although it just worsen when i walk… It is tolerable when i am just still or just sitting.

  14. hello sir , i have slip disc problem at L5-S1 with 7mm diameter. could you please send me best exercise for this so that i should come back my disc its own position.

    i can also send you my MRI report if you give me your email address.
    thanks sir
    rohit from INDIA 🇮🇳

  15. For four long years I've been dealing with sciatica and I didn't know what it was. Until a few weeks ago. Because, of this I haven't been able to hold a real job. I think God for letting me find these videos!

  16. So, I work on computers and I sit a lot. I’m having the issue where when I stand up it hurts like hell to stand up. Stand up straight, that is. It takes me a few minutes to be able to stand up straight. Also, when I walk around my left hip hurts. I don’t have any numbness in my leg down to my feet. However, my left hip hurts and the muscles around my hip burn (hurt) while walking. Does this mean I should see a specialist?

  17. If the stretching is causing more intense pain in your buttock , it may not be sciatica. It may be an inflammation or tear in a ligament in your buttock. An MRI should be done to see if it is related to the Gluteus Medius or Piriformis.

  18. I was told I couldn't heal my cavities on my own LIE……. I was told I couldn't get rid of chronic bladder infection LIE…… I was told I couldn't cure acid reflux LIE……. I was told I couldn't reverse diabetes LIE……I was told there's no such thing as Candida or leaky gut LIE…… I was told I won't ever heal a herniated disc Gee what are the chances they are lying about that also……

  19. It's been a year and a half since my surgery and half of my foot and the back of my calf are still numb. Will the numbness ever go away?

  20. Ive been doing Frog Pose and it has greatly helped relieve the pain and I'm waking up without much pain lately…..takes a long time to fully heal.

  21. this has helped me immensely thank you's guys. my only problem. is now that I have localized pain I'm not sure how to get rid of it. it is a sharp jabbing pain -.- hopfully it dissipates.

  22. I have a bulging disc and the pain comes and goes. In fact I had fixed it for a few months with some physical therapy but it came back the past 4 days. My normal exercises won’t work and my back almost went out on me last night…

  23. I have titanium hardware lower lumbar L5 S1 were removed and two herniated disks L 4 & 5 would you still recommend I do the push ups you demonstrated? If you can direct me to exercises that I can do with my situation I'm so done with living this painful and fragile life. Thank you, Rain

  24. I had horrible sciatic pain after an injury, 6 months straight and then 3 months in PT to work on a huge trigger point in my glute and it cured the sciatica.

  25. After going through some serious pain due to 2 bulging discs, I can tell you the best sign you can heal your own issues is if when you wear a back brace the pain subsides. If that is the case, then your core is extremely weak. I obsessed with strengthening my core the last 6 months and my pain went from a 10 before I started, to a 1 or 2 on a bad day. A back brace is essential acting as your core. Core people, obsess over making it as strong as possible, and you can be pain free.

  26. I've been watching your videos since the beginning of the year when my back started to hurt. 1st diagnostic was dégénérative discs of L4-L5 & L5-S1. After being pain free during the first 2 weeks of march this yr, back hurt again and this time the pain goes down from the buttocks till my legs & knee. Turns out I have herniated disk & a possibility of sciatica. Your videos been so helpful with your infos, advices & some exercices we can do. I still have to see my neuro surgeon in May but hope to be better by then. Thanks again for these very useful videos guys! 👍🏻

  27. I’ve been really depressed about my stubborn back injury, as I’m only 28 and have a lot of energy, but can’t do a lot physically anymore. I also have a very physically demanding job that has been just injuring it more, so I’ve been worried about my career. I was starting to think that I’d be stuck with the pain forever, as I roll it, use heat, stretches, exercises…but this video has given me hope again, as I pass them all! I just need to be more assertive on asking for breaks to exercise, I can do this!

  28. My pain is not severe.it has been 6 months.
    Sometime it is associated with pain in knee bone.

  29. thank you gentlemen , love the comical relief and the informative episodes you guys provide. again thank you and keep up the amazing work that you gentlemen provide . i salute you.

  30. What about numbness and tingling in the bottom of the foot along with weak calf muscle with pain in the calf?

  31. This video is very low I can't hardly hear it I have my volume turned all the way up and I'm trying to hear you guys but really can't

  32. I don't care as long as I can see what you're doing but I like when you explained it I like to hear what you're saying listen I want to know if my sciatica is ever going to go away I've had it for almost 4 months now when I do your exercises they really seemed to work but I want to know exactly what to do what exercises to do everyday to centralize the pain

  33. I didn't clearly "get" what the seven signs were from this video. For example, is the "worse in the morning" thing a sign it CAN possibly heal or that it can't???

  34. I just found your channel and I have to say you got the best intro on Youtube.
    You have great information and teaching skills, you got a subscription from me.
    Greetings from Sweden.

  35. Had hellish pain after getting up in morn. Roommate fainted because I was in such pain and I was screaming. Had an mri—waiting for results. Could one have pain in their glutes in addition to their back with a herniated disks? Would I perhaps need a cortisone shot in the those muscles.—buttocks??

  36. After watching your video, I tried hanging from a bar and then stretching my back from a position on my stomach. I also tried your nerve floss. I don't seem to have any more sciatic pain. Maybe it's temporary, but maybe not. I thank you so much!

  37. 1. long term off and on sciatica regular tingling and burning sensation in both feet. Chiropractic care and massage is helping but not much. Think I can solve this on my own with your techniques? Feet burning, numbness is difficult. I exercise regularly biking helps, running hurts. Recently, I have developed plantar fascitis. Tips appreciated

  38. Sorry for my Not good English.
    Anyone can help me:
    I try to listen many times at : min 1:46… Lay down and pain go away, "that a best sign or that's bad sign."
    I'm wait to hear.. thanks

  39. I have going to a local PT for sciatic nerve pain. Some of the home exercises they suggested for me to do came from that book. It has helped tremendously in the 5 to 6 weeks I have had a huge improvement.

  40. I’m in serious pain in the sciatic. My leg feels like it’s in a vice for the last 24 hours. Mri today. Kissing spine an many herniations.
    Hip pain from bone spurs n bursitis. 66 yrs old.
    Too much pain for exercise. Go to ER? I d k. Nothing is helping.

  41. i am 18 i have herniated disc and sciatica from 1 month i am doing McKenzie exercise from 1 week , i am taking pain killers from 1 month , i am going for physiotherapy from 1 month. I have all 7 points happening with me and still the pain is not healing . what should i do , help me . the pain is so terrible ;( . what should i do ..

  42. so my pain is only when I stand for n extended time or if I walk for a distance, any feedback? thanks for all the information

  43. i only have pain when stretching leg out and putting head down but i never notices it through the day just when trying to stretch. will i be ok ? or will it just get worse

  44. I am 7/7 feel much more positive I can cure this now thanks for the video bob and Brad! Had surgery this time last year on bulged disc which caused the worst constant pain of my life now the disc has another smaller bulge and my coxxcyx is really painful when sitting and after long standing periods hopefuly not for to much longer

  45. Guys, I have a protrusion. In my lumbar and some spasm pain when flexed in my Lowe right abdomen. Is this part of the symptoms? Nerves?

  46. Thanks so much for this video guys! Have gone through a L4/L5 Discectomy 10 years ago and now another herniation is back again at the same place for three weeks now. This time the pain is much much low and doesn't cause much discomfort except for this small numbness near the nail of my left big toe which actually bothers me a bit. I have all the 7 signs you described in this video which took a massive load off of my head so thanks so much for that!! I have been doing the McKenzie and some Physical therapy so far and hope all the symptoms will go away soon including the emotional stress which I think causes a lot of discomfort in this situation for many people too. Hopefully you guys can talk about emotional stress related to sciatica/ herniated discs too. You guys gave me confidence about my healing this time so keep doing this awesome work! 👍🏼

  47. Thank you guys. This was a very informative video and helped motivate my process. I am 25 and have my L5-S1 herniation compressing my right sciatic nerve. I have had it for 5 months but it has reduced to the point where I am good on all of the factors you mentioned. I just really hope it is possible to fully recover.

  48. Please read this I had disk problem scaita before 3 year I tried all things like medications,epudural injection,therpy but it was still hurting after that I did some exercise it recovers and I feel better for 1year 6 months but now it comes back but now it isn't hurting not in legs only on back left side and it is hurting in morning and evening when I lay down in evening it doesn't hurt when I get up it hurts for some minutes and I have same 7 signs now what should I do plz reply

  49. With me it hurts when sitting, switching positions when lying down, and getting up. When walking and standing, there's no pain at all.

  50. I'm 30. Been dealing with this half of my life. This video is helping me realize I have a serious problem. I failed all of these. Lovely.

  51. I checked off all 7 of these thank god, i go see the doc tomorrow but now I’m going in with some encouragement

  52. Bob and Brad have helped me sooooo much !!!!!!!!!!! The stretches they teach on the Mackenzie and teachings in general have totally relieved my back pain!!

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