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Top 6 Walt Disney World Myths

Top 6 Walt Disney World Myths

This video is brought to you by Disney how cool is that? Hey brother storytime Ben when I was in fifth grade Our parents took us to Disney World for the very first time They were there to run a half marathon because when we were kids that was our parents Excuse to travel anywhere like is there a race there? We better go but that one took a few hours one morning The rest of the trip was spent exploring each of the parks at Disney World and we hit them all Animal Kingdom Epcot Hollywood studios but hands down. Our favorite was Magic Kingdom and our favorite ride There was Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger spin, which isn’t a very fast ride, but they do give you a laser gun legit shoot aliens So you can imagine how much we loved it and still we must have written this thing at least 15 times as kids always trying to get the new high score just being taunted at the end by the scoreboard that listed galactic hero as a 999,999 like what as if am I right? But seriously joking aside getting a perfect score on this ride didn’t even seem possible. It felt even mythical and as we’ve grown up and researched as much as we have about Disney and it’s a lot There have been a lot of other myths that have crossed our path and guess what you guys last month Disney Themselves brought us down there to put some of these famous myths to the test Myth number one the perfect score on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger spin. Oh Oh, Man was I excited to put this one to the test if you’ve ever been on the ride You know that you’ve been getting your score of over a hundred Thousand is no simple task But the rumor is if you know Where to shoot you can actually max out the score before you even leave the second room and guess what this is Totally true, but it is not easy in order to do it. There are several targets You’re going to want to aim for and I would recommend sitting on the left side of the car to give you the best vantage Point two of the targets are in the very first room the first one being on the left hand of the big Orange robot now it is moving. So it’s hard to hit but if you can hit it, it’s worth a whopping 100,000 points. I mean if you have good aim You can get halfway there just right here after you pass it though immediately shift your attention to the upper right hand section of the room where if you look in the center of the claw There’s another hundred thousand point target protip as you exit the room completely turn around and keep firing on this one Once you’re in the second room focus on nothing, except the top target on the volcano that is worth 25,000 points each and you get a Nice long look at it. So you can really rack up the points here And if you’re still not there after that, just look for Zerg anytime He shows up the ax bottom most target under his orange ship will also be worth a hundred thousand points But it only shows up two more times and once you know where to shoot, I mean, it’s really not that hard at all Just three tries later. I personally had seven hundred and ninety seven thousand seven hundred points. Yeah. So here’s the thing You definitely need to know where to shoot But you also have to be a really good shot sadly and neither Ben or myself maxed out the scoreboard But we do have a really excellent staff who were more than happy to ride the ride over and over and over until both Jordan, and derek got the maximum score and a sticker myth number two trash cans Everywhere as the story goes Walt Disney himself Hated trash and so went to other amusement parks and literally just watched people to see how many steps it would take where if they couldn’t find a trash can people would Just drop it on the ground and the magic number. He came up with was 30. So the myth Is that while you at Disneyworld there’s never a point where you are more than 30 steps away from a trash Can we decided to put this to the test trash can check? 10 myth number 3 the American flags Aren’t real when you enter Disney World The very first thing you see is Main Street USA a bustling area full of shops smells and flags seriously There are flags Everywhere all over the tops of the buildings or are they flags see according to US law if you fly the American? Flag then every day at sunset. You’re supposed to take it down Which is actually why the flags at Disney World aren’t flags at all. They’re actually American pennants Each one is actually missing a stripe or star or of something to that effect so that they are all Perfectly allowed to fly all day every day the one caveat to this myth is this flag right here? which is a true American flag and is brought down each day by a veteran of the day fun extra fact about the flags Not only are they there to help make the park feel more patriotic But they are also acting as lightning rod and Main Street USA isn’t the only place you can spot the lightning rods Did you keep your eyes up to the tops of buildings? You can actually see them pretty much everywhere But some of them are a bit more cleverly disguised for example outside of the Haunted Mansion you could spot a few unique looking weather vanes in the shape of a horse and a bat and actually just below the bat on the Haunted Mansion lives another little bonus myth that sadly we couldn’t solve the story is that these structures are Supposed to represent chess pieces Which was a common hidden signature for the imaginary who designed the Haunted Mansion Marc Davis and you’d think this would actually be easy to confirm but Marc has actually gone on record on several occasions and Confirmed that they’re supposed to be chess pieces and denied that they’re supposed to be chess pieces So your guess is as good as mine. Myth number four The Lost wedding ring Let’s direct our eyes from the sky to the ground where another myth says there is an engagement ring in the pavement outside of To dimension this fits in really nicely with the attraction itself where the story of the ride is that a bride has killed five different Husbands, so we did some searching and boom myth confirmed There totally is a ring in the pavement, but it’s not outside of the attraction It is on the inside while you’re standing in line right next to the grave of Captain Klein where fun fact if you press some of the barnacles you can totally spray your friends with water We also learned that apparently the ring deeb used to be outside and had a stone in it as well But they decided to move it because people were apparently trying to literally pry it up out of the pavement So don’t do that, but that’s why you’re waiting to get on the ride once you get off the ride There’s actually another cool easter egg. You can spot while you’re exiting the ride What you’re gonna want to do is look to the left and look at the pet cemetery Far in the back you can see mr. Toad who was added to the cemetery after mr Toad’s Wild Ride was taken away from the park. The ring isn’t the only thing you can find in the ground Either you can also see lots of hoof prints left from neat ghost horses But they aren’t alone If you keep your eyes open, you can also spot some hoof prints from the horse Maximus from tangled now It’s not uncommon while you’re at Disney World for there to be details in the ground that you’re walking on but right here just outside Of Haunted Mansion as you’re walking into the kingdom of Corona. There’s a really cool one It’s the horseshoe footprints with Maximus written on it. And if you follow them They actually lead to his favorite snack apples And even if you look at the ground here, you can see some scattered cores and seeds in the pavement It’s also a great place to take a selfie Hey Trash Can check oh Four let me go a harder myth number five the hidden conversation legend Has it that a whilst you’re browsing through the shops on Main Street USA There is a phone you can just pick up and start listening to a neverending conversation on our first challenge on this one We’re just finding the right shop because there are a lot of them But eventually we did it is off to the right before we even head down to Main Street It’s the Hat shop, which is also a great place to pick up some ears for the day Which of course I totally did but more importantly it houses a very mysterious old phone. We found the phone. Let’s check Uh-huh. Yes. You totally can. Oh my gosh. Hold on. I’ll hold it up to the microphone so you can hear it Confirmed myth number six and took an act of Congress to allow the presidential seal in the Hall of Presidents This myth is rampant but the basic story, is that the Presidential seal you see in Liberty Square in Disneyworld is one of three in the entire country One in the Oval Office one outside of the actual Liberty Bell and that one but this is simply not true Although it’s easy to see where the confusion comes from. It is all thanks to the 1971 amendment to the u.s code which discusses how the Great Seal of the United States may be displayed the amendment clarifies that it’s acceptable to have in use in libraries museums or educational facilities incident to descriptions or exhibits relating to seals coats of arms heraldry of the President or other hand fitting to its name this 1971 amendment went into effect on January 5th 1971 which also happens to be the same year. The Hall of Presidents opened at Disney World So yes, there was an act of Congress, but it had absolutely nothing to do with Disney. Also, try and check Hey ed, there you go guys Those are our top six Disney maths to put to the test bad my question for you And everyone else is what other Disney mess Would you like us to? investigate or are you curious about let us know in the towels section down below if you want even more Disney action from us make Make sure you go Check out this video right here over on the Jonathan Carlin vlogs a channel where Ben and I are discussing our entire epic trip down to Disney World and what it was like shooting behind the scenes and on site and everything and Make sure you go follow the best day ever Instagram account for even more behind-the-scenes fun with us link for that in the description Down below and thanks again so much to a Disney for sponsoring this video and bringing us out to Disney World to test these myths For you guys, then. That’s all I’ve got for you today, man. I will see you in another life, brother

100 thoughts on “Top 6 Walt Disney World Myths

  1. When I was at Disney the buzz light year ride broke down but we were still able to shoot and I got 999,999 when I shot this one target all the way in the back

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  23. Y'all at WDW are so lucky with Space Ranger Spin… We have Astro Blasters, and we have 0 somewhat easy 100k scores. Our best target gives around 50-100k points (can't confirm it due to it being almost impossible to hit.). It's on zurg's chest, and is really tiny. Tell me if I'm wrong, please.

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