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Top 5 Tips for your new “Fan Finder” Channel Ad

Top 5 Tips for your new “Fan Finder” Channel Ad

I feel like I say
this every week, guys, but we have a lot to talk about. There’s nine different
stories I want to talk with you
guys about today. Including a new promotional
tool from YouTube and what they’re doing to increase
the CPM, the money that you earn, here from your content. That is coming up. Hey, guys. My name is Tim Schmoyer. And it’s Tuesday,
which means it’s time to look at some online
video news from last week and talk about the implications
it has for us as creators here on YouTube. The first story I
want to talk about, is there’s been an update to
the new YouTube capture app. Basically, before, it let
you capture some videos and post those clips straight
to your YouTube channel. But the update to
version 2.0 now, is very welcome because you
can take multiple clips, you can trim, edit
them together, you can cut them
up a little bit. Add some background music,
either from your iTunes library or from YouTube’s
library and upload it straight to your channel
from your device. For those of us who like
to keep our audience updated while we’re
on the go, I think this app is becoming a very
viable solution for doing that. Although, I think that
iMovie, the app on iOS, is still better than this
one for editing and stuff, but– [INAUDIBLE]
improvement and I’m looking forward to seeing where
this app goes in the future. Also, last week,
YouTube introduced a new tool called Fan Finder. And I know a lot of you guys
have been asking me about this. It lets you create your
own TrueView add on YouTube for free, which YouTube then
uses some of their wizardry, algorithm stuff to figure
out who would be interested in your content and who isn’t. And based on channels that other
people are subscribed to, where they’re commenting, videos
that they’re watching, they would say, hey,
this person seems to be involved in all this
type of video on YouTube, they might like your
channel as well. Then, they will proceed to
show your video as a TrueView ad, which is skippable
after five seconds, to that viewer in hopes of
enticing them to come check out your channel, come subscribe,
and find out more about you. YouTube gives five tips for
how to create your channel ad to be as effective
as possible. The first one, is to keep your
ad very short and engaging. Remember that after
five seconds they have the opportunity
to skip your ad. So you have to use
those first five seconds very intentionally. Those first five seconds
are crucial because you have to hook the
viewer into wanting to watch the rest of your ad. And to be enticed to actually
then go to your channel, check out more about
you, and even subscribe. So what shoudl you do in
those first five seconds? One, you should address
your target audience. Make people feel like,
yes, this video is for me. Two, you should introduce
yourself because they probably haven’t heard of you
before if they’re watching your
channel trailer ad. And then three, you should
also propose the value that your videos and your
channel has to offer to them. And four, if you can do it
in a nice engaging, funny, humorous a way that
hooks them and helps them watch the rest
of the video, that’s always a bonus also. The second thing YouTube
says you should do, is entertain the viewer. Don’t just tell them about your
videos or about your content but actually show them. Use plenty of B-roll that
while you’re talking, you’re showing clips from
your other videos that are good examples of
what you’re talking about in the script
for your video. They says if you have
a comedy channel, make sure your
channel ad is funny. Or if you have a
music channel, make sure that your channel ad
has plenty of music in it. Or if you’re a
gaming channel, make sure you include some highlight
clips of your best gaming moments. You’ve get the idea. Number three, make sure
you have a strong message in your channel ad
that really highlights what your channel’s all about. Keep the focus on
your channel and why people should come check
you out and subscribe. Number four, make sure you have
a very strong call to action at the end of your video. What do you want people
to do as a result of watching your video? For most of us, that probably
means, want to see more clips? Go to my channel and
watch more videos. Or go to my channel
and subscribe. Either it’s a subscribe
call to action, or check out my channel,
or combination thereof. But something that gives
them a very strong indicator, a very strong message, of
what you want them to do next. Number five, branding matters. Make sure your channel ad
is branded very well, very clearly, throughout
the entire video. Because even if someone
skips that video and decides not to
go to your channel and check out more,
at least then they have your brand in their mind. And then next time they
see it, maybe it triggers, oh yeah, I remember those guys. I saw that. Or maybe if they see it a
couple times, they’ll be like, maybe I should go
check these guys out. Because sometimes
repetition is actually necessary for getting
them to your channel. So you want them to be able
to remember every contact that they have with your channel
is actually for your channel, not just random touches
from different people and they haven’t made the
association that they’re all actually you. Personally, I definitely
plan on using this feature. I mean, it’s free
advertising on YouTube. Why not? So probably in the
next couple weeks here, you’ll see my channel
trailer come out. I needed a new one anyway
because the one I have now, I wasn’t really thinking
very much about it. Also link up below to a couple
good examples of channel ads. Some of my personal favorites
that I’ve seen so far. You can go check those out
if you’d like to as well. Also last week in all the news
and uproar on YouTube comments integrating with Google+,
we lost the story about how YouTube’s analytics now lets you
group certain videos together so you can compare the analytics
of certain groups of videos to other groups of videos. And for me, this is
actually really awesome. Because I would
love to see how do my analytics around my
Tuesday’s news videos compare to the analytics around
my Wednesday’s YouTube tips and advice videos, compare to
Thursday’s YouTube Q&A videos. Which one of those series
is performing the best? Which ones are maybe
worth continuing? Which ones maybe should I stop? And you can set this up
for your channel too. Just go to your
YouTube Analytics, in the upper right corner
you’ll see the groups drop down menu item there. Just click it. And then you can either
create your own group or see groups that
maybe your MCN, your YouTube network
has created for you or someone else that has access
to your channel has created. Or if you’re the only one who
manages your channel like I am, then you will see
all the groups there that you created for yourself. Or you can click the
Create a New Group. And then, you just go through. Just check the boxes
next to the videos that you want to
include that group. Give that group a name. And then save it. And then you’ll see
all the analytics about that group of videos. Now there’s two major
downsides to this that I really hope
YouTube fixes soon. Is one, I actually already
have all my videos in playlist. I would’ve loved
to take a playlist and analyze playlists next to
each other rather than groups or converting a
playlist into a group. That would have saved
me a lot of time. The second thing
is, in the future I hope that YouTube will create
groups that automatically update with new content. So that whenever I add my
video to my Tuesday playlist, it would also automatically
get plugged into my YouTube Analytics group for
those Tuesday’s videos. And I can keep them all
in sync and updated. Right now that doesn’t happen. But I hope it comes
in the future. Something else that might be
encouraging for you guys who feel like you’re CPMs are
really low for your videos and you’d love to be making
more money on your content here on YouTube. Well, now Nielson will begin
to also track YouTube ads. And if you’re not familiar,
Nielsen is the big company that everyone looks to in the
video marketing industry for de facto, standard analytics
around advertising on video. Right now they’re mostly
known for everything that they do with television. All the broadcast networks
and everyone uses them there. And now they’re starting to come
into the online video space. And why this is important,
is because that it used to be that some of
these really big companies would be like, yeah
right, we’re not going to put our advertising
dollars into a system where the only
analytics we get back is also from the very people
who created that system. That just doesn’t seem right. So now with the integration
of Nielsen’s analytics, these big companies
will be able to have a neutral, third-party
opinion on how their ads are performing. So because of that,
some of these really big video companies and
television compannies might be more likely to start
investing into advertising on YouTube because they trust
that third-party analytics more. More money comes in
the space, we all potentially make more money. It could be a good
thing for all of us. Another story that was lost
last week among all the backlash of the YouTube comments, is that
whether you like the comments or not, new research came out
that says that YouTube is now teenagers number one, most
favorite site on the internet. In fact. 50% of teenagers between
ages 12 and 15 years old said, YouTube is now
their number one, most favorite website
on the internet. Compared to 45.2%
of them that said that Facebook is their
favorite website. Ive got four really quick
stories for you guys. Again, all these things
are linked up below if you want to go
into more detail or find more
information about these. I’m just teasing them for you. The first one is 147 page PDF
called The Truly Monumental Guide to Building
Online Communities. I haven’t actually
read it all myself, but I did quickly skim
through the whole thing and it looks like there’s a
lot of really solid nuggets in there. Things that are very
practical and helpful. So if you’re trying to build a
community around your YouTube channel, it’s a
free PDF download. You don’t have to give away
your email address or anything. I’ll link up to that below. The second story is a
video on how YouTube works. Specifically, around when
you see that buffering circle right in the middle. What is happening there? Actually, it’s way
more complicated than I ever expected
between all the data centers and the different
versions of the videos they’re making and distributing
everywhere and streaming on multiple devices. If you want to know what’s going
on behind the scenes at YouTube when you see that
little spinning circle– and even when things
are playing normally– that video’s worth watching. That’s linked up below. Number three, is
smomething that I think is interesting for us,
as creators, to keep in mind, is a new statistic came
out from YouTube last week that says, that 1/3 of all
view time on their site is on videos that are
20 minutes or longer. And the more we see
stats like this come out, the more I really start
thinking the short, like hey, you have to keep your
videos to two and 1/2 to three minutes maximum. I think that’s becoming
less and less true. Because it’s really no longer
about the length of the video, but it’s how engaging
that video is. How much do people actually
care about that content? They will watch long-form
videos on your channel but you have to do
them in a way that keeps them enticed
throughout the entire video. And the last link
down there is one I’m just throwing out to
you guys who are gamers. It’s like a form of
saying, I love you. Because this isn’t a
video I would normally watch because I’ve actually
never played Minecraft before, but if you are a Minecraft gamer
and you have a channel that revolves around
Minecraft, this is a full-featured featured length. A one hour and 45 minute
documentary about Minecraft. The thing I want to
hear from you guys about in the comments
below is– one, are you going to use the new
Fan Finder feature on YouTube? And then number two,
if you are, what tips, and tricks, and ideas
you have that you feel you’re going to implement
into your video to make it as effective as
possible for getting viewers to your channel and
getting them to subscribe? So share all that with us. And the rest of you guys,
make sure you go down there read all the tips
and the great information that other people
are leaving for you. And then also if this
is your first time here, I’d love to have you subscribe. Every Tuesday we take a
look at online video news, specifically around
YouTube, but we talk about the
implications it has for us as creators
here in this space. On Wednesdays we give you guys
some YouTube tips and ideas. And on Thursdays we
do some YouTube Q&A where I answer a question of
yours to help you guys out. Because I really believe that
a lot of you guys have messages that can change the world and
really influence people’s lives for good if those people
could just connect with you and hear what you have to say. So thank you for letting me be
a part of helping you guys build your audiences and connecting
those people to your channel. Subscribe and I will see
you guys again tomorrow. See you then. Bye.

100 thoughts on “Top 5 Tips for your new “Fan Finder” Channel Ad

  1. I'm interested in the Fan Finder tool because I'm wondering if Google is actually making any money from these advertisements? It's free for youtubers to use so I don't see where they plan on generating the lost advertising money from companies that would have paid for that slot. Is Google thinking long-term (i.e. more views on all channels = more overall revenue for them) or are they just giving up a bit of cash to actually help the community? Also, how does the fan finder actually find you viewers if your channel doesn't have very many views/subscribers? Would it just post randomly or not even post the ad at all? It's an extremely interesting idea, I just don't understand how it works fully. Is there any article or release from Google that tells us the full details?

  2. I am going to use the Fan Finder feature, but I have no tips, because im still working on my own, it just have to be short/on point/entertaining. I say it is a neat feature, considering is also free, so im gonna try and use it. What I don't know is if it takes the video separately or that video will also appear on your uploads for everyone to see, including subscribers !!!

  3. Hey @Tim Schmoyer, I made a fan finder video the night they announced it and I'm letting it double as my channel trailer (37 seconds of my videos edited to music): Reaganite71 Channel Trailer .  Is there any idea when they will start showing them in pre-rolls or are they just going to use them for filler when they don't have enough ad sales?  One week into it and analytics shows no ad views.

  4. You are absolutely right about the analytics groups. I wish it would do it by playlist instead of me needing to add videos every time to the specific groups.

    Fan Finder has been open in its own separate tab in my browser for a while as I've been brainstorming. Obviously it should be short, but how short? Like a minute, or maybe just 30 seconds? 

    Also, will there be an analytic set up to see how well the Fan Finder is doing?

  5. Interested to see how this "Fan Finder" works out… I've yet to see a channel promoted, and the analytics on mine shows 0 views so far…

  6. The true view ad sounds awesome! Is this different than your channel trailer? Do you need to submit your ad to Youtube or just post it and hope they find it? How many of these trailer/ads are being used currently and does YT  notify you if they use your ad/trailer in this manner? Also since the G+ integration I have posted 2 new videos, and my comments are a fraction of what they were before. My views are pretty much the same. My guess is that many of my subscribers do not have G+ accounts and want to comment but can't. If this is true, it's so sad, I love reading  comments and wonder if less interaction will eventually lead to less views? One more thing,  I noticed now when I comment on other videos, it is likely to go to the "top comments" I think this is because i'm a creator with a good subscriber base, the issue for me is, I hesitate to comment as much as I did before G+ because I don't want the creators who make the videos I comment on, getting annoyed that my comment is always at the top. At this point i;m not fond of top comments, I feel like there is no longer an equal playing field, and it may result in youtube creators having conversations with each other and the average viewer being left out. My guess is that your channel attracts primarily YT creators so you probably haven't noticed a lot of this, have you seen it on your personal channel or heard anything similar from others? Wow that was a lot of questions for one post… sorry Tim you don;t have to answer all of them 🙂 

  7. I will probably give the Fan Finder a go.  At first I was thinking I don't want to spend money to promote my channel but then I find out it's free, it would be foolish not to try it.  Thanks for another great video, now to get that online community guide…

  8. I've already started using FanFinder, but now that I've heard the tips from you, I think I might make some better videos for it 🙂 Thank you!

  9. I'm definitely going to use it.  Just trying how to figure out how to get the strongest possible message across in that first 5 seconds though.

  10. also I uploaded a video yesterday it was frozen all day at 301+ views ( waiting for verification) I just checked and it says the view count is 328???? what? this has to be wrong my video should be at 1000+ by the second day, is there something wrong with the view counter or is this the reality of the new integration??? I hope not.

  11. yes, I will be using the new "Fan Finder" feature… Im so crammed with school however, that I might not be able to get to making such a thing until the Thanksgiving break.

    On a separate note, How do you think YouTube will manage the newly submittable ads through the Fan Finder? Do they have a subscriber limit that must be met to be able to use the feature, or is it just a mosh pit for EVERYONE's "ads" to go into, and they will be seldomly shown in TrueView. If everyone's ads have to be "rotated in" with many other's ads, will it really be shown to enough people to make a difference? Im fine with using AdWords, but do you think this new feature will stack up to AdWords in terms of effectiveness?

  12. Tim, We are going to be using the "Fan Finder" app. We'd really like to know how well it actually works. If you could share your experience with us sometime in the near future that would be awesome! Would love to know if you see any significant improvements or growth! 

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  25. Hey, I have these fan finder video's set up but analytics shows a 0 count and has been for weeks now as far as youtube running the goes. Any idea why?!

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  27. I have a question. I live in Germany and I upload my videos from Germany. Will my Fan Finder Ad be shown only in Germany or all around the world?

  28. That's some good advice. I think that also audio plays a big part for the fan finder videos. The music should be really amazing and setting the mood for what the channel stands for, at the same time there shouldn't be anything totally annoying for those who just want to skip after the first 5 seconds.

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  33. Thanks for your great advice! I have a fledgling channel with 39 subscribers…I made a Fan Finder ad, only to have YouTube message me that I have fewer than 1000 subscribers so they do not have enough info to match me to potential viewers/subscribers. Very frustrating. My most viewed video in being monitored for possible review….All me, no music, I can't find a way to have them review it. I have followed all the rules….what gives?

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  36. Hey @Video Creators, I uploaded a video to FanFinder a number of weeks ago and it never showed a status at all as it says it's supposed to in the FAQ about FanFinder.  There is nothing about "queued" or "under review" etc, just nothing.  I can't find any answers about this at all.  There is just no status whatsoever. Any idea why?

  37. Hey Tim – do you know why some channels with lesser subscribers (~50) can select multiple Fan Finder videos to run as pre-roll ads, while others with more subscribers (20k) and no strikes or copyright notices can sometimes only choose one? I don't think there's a direct correlation between number of subscribers, but I've definitely seen the two above examples.

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    Have a great day!

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