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Top 5 Books on Advertising | Books Review

Top 5 Books on Advertising | Books Review

[Music] hey this is Sophie I hope you’re doing well today I wanna speak with you about books and it’s my favorite subject because I love reading books and I love reading interesting books so today I want to show you my five farad books in advertising cuz I’m an advertising major so unattractive surrounding myself is information about this industry so I picked a five best book that I read about advertising I’m sure there will be four books about advertising and one book is more psychological and cognitive et studies which I think it’s real and related to advertising so let me show you some of this books which will be a great addition to any library but especially if you are advertising a graphic design major I hope you will enjoy this video and and the first book that I want to mention is the called the classic guide to create and create ads by Luke Sullivan and I love this book first of all this is the Russian Edition so the English edition will be different but it’s amazing book like if you’re interested in advertising or your advertising student this book is what you need in your collection or your first time your title book I always keep it near my table so that it can refer to because it gives me such inspiration what I love about this book that the after breaks down how to create good ads and he breaks down step by step saying what you need to do he also um there are also a lot of photos or examples of good advertising which I found some of them are even know and they are not new but it is a great example how they work so I really enjoy this book it’s written really well it’s written simple was humor when I read it I felt so motivated and I had much better understanding how my workflow should look like so definitely get this book I just love it it’s it seems that a lot of times but it’s written so well and so simple and it’s there’s no water this focus on points like f reward matters every ward every sentence give you new information giving you tips so I would definitely grab this book this is a Russian addition if you’re no Russian or you want this book I would just mention that the translation is a bit off sometimes and I had to read sentences to make sense but overall this book is must have the next poll that I want to mention is a book about copywriting and there’s not a lot of books written about coffee writing there are a lot of books written about how to write but copywriting is something that I guess hard to write about I’m not sure and what I found this book I was so happy like the after the author of the book is Mark Shaw and he just broke down every project or brand or something that reprised copywriting he started from advertising and headline and tab lies and he moved to posters then product design and brochure so if your interests in copywriting or you thinking how to improve your copy are where you need to start this is a great book there are several books about copywriting that I’ve read and I will post them in the description but I think this book is really great addition because it’s moves every platform that is known and I’m not sure either going to revise this hope it would be awesome but the content of this book is amazing and what I like about this book it’s also gives you overview so when you read the chapter you have an overview with the chapter verse about which I think it’s a great addition and also it has some tasks so like homework assignments basically if you’re not in University and you just want to practice and your copywriting you just grab the book and make the assignment because I found them really funny and yeah like this is the overview page so you have the whole information so definitely great book about copywriting and as I told there is not a lot of them so it’s a good addition to your library the next book is called better ties in concert book and I love this book this is by the second edition that came out with the third one so I’m advising you to get the third one because they added social media platform YouTube Instagram like those kind of stuff so if you’re interested in online marketing or online advertising definitely get it what I love about this book is that he brought a lot of famous arts like bursts like as it you will see in every book about advertisements mostly but I won’t like about them he sketched it he sketched every ad showcasing that if you have a great idea you don’t really need a huge budget especially for your student and you can’t have a good stock photos or money to produce that you still have idea and if you have a great idea it can be executed in a pencil sketch and it will work and he was really in depth this is like I would say mmm and book to study I would say it’s more about practicing because he also gives home tasks that you can’t make and improve yourself he also showcases his student work that he did which it’s really nice to see student works and such books so I I just adored this book it has so much information and you read it every time and it’s something new and he also of showcasing like from print ads to TV ads to brochures and things like that so he it’s a it’s incredible book to produce about advertising it’s like a word book and I would definitely suggest you get this one I love it right it just inspires me to see how people work and what the process of thinking is so they’re not the grab the advertising concept book but just get the third edition because I think it’s worth it the third book is called cutting edge advertising and you know the saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover so about the case I hate cover I’m sorry but it’s like I I mean it’s you can be considered smart but I chill don’t like it but the book is incredible it’s a lot of text and they use the colorful picture which I really enjoy because it’s really nice to see colors in a book so it also shows a lot of ads a lot of examples how the coffee worked but it’s not about advertising it’s it’s an amazing research because he interviewed creatives art directors designers copywriters and asks about their projects so you have the inside how their designers and advertising world which is not really common in this books so if you want to know how advertisers work great if you can read the commentary and know why the decision were made this way and yeah you can see the four I’m still reading it but so far I love it and I think this book is should be in your collection for sure because as you’re told this is top 5 so not abandon your book that you buy and will never refer again so I think it’s a really good book and it’s real good executive and what I love about this specific book is not the advertising that they put here are not used in other books they’re like they’re old but you have you don’t hear about them a lot so they were advertisers I’ve never seen and they were really like by the way there’s like another size we really love it’s about airline and how they change the transferring I think it’s so clever and so they explain how it was created why it was great so if you need an inside or how advertising agencies work or how creators work this is a book to get I think is the second edition the last edition and highly recommended the fourth book is this one and it’s called branding press come I bought it in strand bookstore in New York City because it was in discount and basically if you’re interesting the history or facts are how the advertising change you can definitely proud visible I think it’s a really nice reference and you can see how advertising evolved size about history but they also have a lot of facts and branding so they covered a lot of things so if you’re interesting if you’re doing a project and you don’t know where to go I think it’s interesting to reference history and how they how advertising evolved and what were done to create new things so I don’t want to enjoy this book I think it’s really pretty and it’s designed to really well and it’s not that expensive so you can see the contemporary work what’s I like that you won’t see the advertising that from last century so I would say you can see fresh things so it’s really important to be up-to-date so they also show where we were and out of house advertising so it’s really fun I really enjoy the report so if you’re interested in that definitely get this actually this has a serious so it’s advertising graphic design illustration I think and maybe maybe photography but I’m not sure but I know that it’s a serious a book it’s not just one so if you like the format of such book you can pick up the graphic design the last book would be a funny addition for advertising because it’s not about advertising but it’s about psychology and cognitive ‘ti and you think advertising and human brain is so connected because you want to communicate to people so you need to understand how they think so this book is a great addition if you’re interested in psychology in cognitive science and I read a lot of books about brain work or how people make decisions and I think as advertising person you need to know how people express their emotions how they think how they memorize how they react so if Rangers and bad that’s a would be a great book and I love this book it has a lot of studies a lot of researches a lot of just a bunch of different points about people and how our brain searches or how we are so illogical and I will post other books that are related to advertising the reverse than this one so you can pick a book and maybe buy it at least let me know in comments if you interest in such type of videos because we have a lot of books about graphic design illustration typography psychology so on this subject I can show you the best book so you won’t waste your time and reading some books that doesn’t make sense or they’re just plain bored of the review of books were helpful and you will pick up those books and enjoy reading them as I day and see you next video bye

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  1. Thanks for this review! For my dream job I want to go into the market and sell products for others. One of the primary things needed to make money is to get acknowledgment from others. A way of doing so is advertising! I bought one of the reccomended books that were in the review, it was Copywriting. Thank you very much for this video, god bless you.

  2. I really liked this video n I am sure these books are going to help me a lot .
    pls try to make more video about different types of book
    best of luck

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