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Top 3 Real Estate Facebook Ads Examples

Top 3 Real Estate Facebook Ads Examples

hello this is Fernando from Lodomus.com in today’s video I am going to show you three ads for real estate agents that
work extremely extremely well we’ve been getting leads very cheap with these ads
so let me show you the ads this is the first one okay we called it this is a
demo page that I just created this is not the official ad so just to just to
show you we call it attention Houston for example attention whatever city you
are in you put it in here do you know anyone
looking to buy a home follow here then we send them to a landing page that you
should have created beforehand of course it should be a landing page where you
collect at least the name email and phone number these three are very
important not less than these three okay you send them there I have many videos
about how to create a such a landing page I will leave a link in the video
and below in the description if you are interested then we have compiled a free
report of homes for sale under the 350 K some of these homes may even qualify for
special financing programs okay so you should have created a report of homes
that are under a given price you can change this for example and put under
500 K whatever or between this and that you can play with it as you wish okay
and you have to be sure that you have something like that the financing
program block if you don’t have any financing program please don’t add it to
your ad or your leads will get very angry at you when they
they know that you don’t have these plans okay so here are some details to
give some juice to this ad these are numbers I always try to use emoticons
they are proven to drive clicks so and attention of course so I recommend that
you always use some emoticons with your ads there are some pages if you Google
Facebook emoticons you will find them all you just have to copy them and paste
them in here in your in your page okay so in here I’m giving a couple of
examples to make it more palpable and more more to be more ideas that’s it
normally if you give more details the ads perform a lot better than an ad that
just says we have a free report download it here so always try to give more
details to spice it up okay and now again I tell them follow here for full
list and this is the image of but I added three images you can play with
them you can of course it is better if these are real homes that you are
selling and not some homes you found on the Internet
okay so you just create a small report of 510 pages maximum with some homes
that you have for sale under the price you are telling the customer okay so
this is the first ad always always use emoticons like this they give they will
give you better results trust me so now this is another one this is a
very nice house that is supposed to be next to the beach okay so let me read
the ad relax on the beach near this comfortable
and carefree home with a yard full of flowers you give it a bit of imagination
you tell the customer how he should feel if he were to buy this house living room
big built-in hutch separate them dining country kitchen three good-sized
bedrooms with ample closets and two full baths you have to give some demo of what
the house is like okay so you have to give examples you have to write with
clear ideas and you have to make the customer feel like he wants to live in
that house okay so let me continue clean simple close to swimming sunning and
lots of beach for running you give him benefits advantages of owning that house
lots of beach for running so he can go every morning for example and run at the
beach even the price is easy everything is easy in this home and if they want to
know more about that home they have to click in here as before I have added
some Americans of course you can add more you can remove some but I always
recommend that you add some emoticons and then you have to write clean ads and
simple ads that provoke emotion and also that make the customer imagine as if
they were living in that beautiful home okay now let’s check the third ad this
is a very nice house let me see we start with the good life
awaits you in this exclusive this is an exclusive 3 bedrooms 2 bath home on a
graceful residential circle begin the day in
sunny solarium that suppose that this house has a solarium begin the day in
the sunny solarium style breakfast room relax in the southing spa of the master
bedroom play with the kids on the expansive emerald lawn offered at a very
nice place this home is surrounded by higher priced
properties you are telling them that this beautiful house is cheaper than the
houses around around it so that even motivates more the reader the one that
sees the app to learn more about this house and then we give a bit of urgency
to learn more about it today click here so this is a very good ad you can model
you can take ideas from and you write your own ad of course so these are three
great ads that you can model you can think about them and you can get some
barriers from these ads we have been getting good results with these ads okay
I hope this was a helpful video and if you have any questions please don’t
hesitate to comment in the comments and I will reply as soon as possible

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