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Top 3 Facebook Ads Mistakes You’re Making and WHY Your Ads Don’t Convert (Facebook Ads 2019)

Top 3 Facebook Ads Mistakes You’re Making and WHY Your Ads Don’t Convert (Facebook Ads 2019)

Your facebook ads aren’t converting, you’re having trouble with facebook ads You’ve been trying and trying and trying over and over again and you just can’t figure out Why they don’t convert and they don’t make you sales well in this video We’re gonna talk about the top three mistakes you are doing with facebook ads and the top three reasons Why are not getting sales i’m Rafael Cintron your 7 figure e-commerce coach Let’s go my computer and find out so these are the top three mistakes that I see Many people doing and we’re gonna go in them right now. And the first one is incorrect placement Incorrect Placements on your face against now. What does that mean incorrect placements exactly like okay incorrect placements So when you go on and face a guys manager and you create a new campaign Let’s say we’re creating a if you do what when you’re starting to campaign always check select dieter creation It’s just easier and better and more effective Then you create that and then let’s say you pick conversions and then throw Conversions you go you continue it and then when you go on to your targeting we’re gonna talk a little bit about that but the main issue I see is placements and placements or When you go to the bottom of your ass manager here in the add sub section you have these placements, right? you have
Automatic placements and then you have edit placements and I see a lot of people a lot of my students a lot of people on YouTube and on Facebook doing automatic placement Now the wrong thing about this is that Facebook always will try to give you the cheapest Impression that it can write it will give you the cheapest position on Facebook and in all of its audience That you can get for your ass. So essentially when you choose automatic placements, you’ll automatically be added to Right column, which is very bad quality traffic You’ll be added to audience network Which is apps like tinder apps like dough lingo things like dating apps language apps gaming apps on Facebook It’s gonna show your ad to those people and the problem with this. Is that the quality of the traffic You’re gonna get from these placements. It’s got to be really really little your cost-per-click Might be cheaper, but you’re not actually going to make sales from that’s very very low quality traffic So I always tell my students My part of coaching program is only do Facebook feeds or Instagram feeds or Facebook marketplaces Those are the only three things that I recommend is only do only do FB feeds Instagram feeds or marketplace All the others you can toss them out You can essentially not target those things and if you’ve been doing that that is one of the main reasons Why you’re not be getting any sales now the second one. Let me lower this a little bit here the second one that we’re gonna talk about right now is Incorrect or too broad targeting Too broad targeting now. What does this exactly mean? Like what I mean by too broad? Well, I see a lot of people when they choose their targeting They go ahead and click worldwide They do worldwide and then they exclude countries, you know Probably content like Africa or countries that are known to not buy online or are known to you know Do some shady stuff online they do worldwide and they they exclude for example, Africa And They think okay now I’m gonna get like good quality traffic The problem with doing worldwide is the same thing as I taught it with the placements Facebook is gonna give you the cheapest impression or the cheapest person it can and the problem with this is a it’ll drive traffic from countries that will probably not give you any sales like countries like for example I have one of my students in my group He was getting a bunch of traffic from Kazakhstan and he was like, okay Why am I getting traffic from Kazakhstan what he didn’t know what the place was and I told him like yeah This is the reason why because you’re excluding Africa, then you’re doing worldwide you can’t do that because it’s just too many nations in too many countries and a lot of that traffic which is cheap traffic cheap cost per Click it will actually convert into sales. So that’s that was the main issue there so essentially only target the forming countries or five main countries actually US Canada Australia UK and New Zealand and If your product is just for one country and just target that country and then make sure that your audience size is below Five million. I always recommend all you know sizes below five million. You can check your audience size constantly here on the right side Where it says potential reach if your audience is bigger than five million, you’re probably doing something wrong try to narrow it down Try to target better and so forth and so on now Third main issue that I see is not using video not using video on your ads a Lot of you guys are doing ads where you’re showcasing or promoting products that people don’t really know how to use I had one of my students he was promoting a camera for security right a security camera And he was just doing like a picture ad like oh, yeah People are gonna know what the product does is the security camera Of course, they’re gonna know well in most cases people are just rolling by Facebook and they see your picture and they’re like, man whatever that is, if you use a video right when you create a video here, let us go to the To the ad section And in the actual app section when you create your ad you want to if the product isn’t like something clear like for example? When I was selling swimwear, you put a picture of a girl a bikini people are gonna know what you’re selling You’re selling to the kid, right? but if your product isn’t something that people know how to use you need to go look for a video and I teach you how To look for videos in my private Facebook group, which you can join the link below Seven for your e-commerce group, but that is essentially the main issue with a lot of my students in my free Facebook group Is that they’re like, hey, I’m not getting any sales and I’m okay What’s your product and they show me and it’s a very complex product that not many people know how to use and then they’re not using a video for it and they expect people to just oh Yeah, people know what is this? No, you need to start using videos and start looking for videos for the products that at first glance You don’t really know what they do and that is a very very key issue that I see a lot of people doing is they’re not using videos and their ads and I definitely definitely recommend if your Product, you know, you can’t see it up a further first class. What does you use videos for it? but those are the three main issues if One of those issues is your main issue right now Go ahead and fix it less than 5 million people start for many countries Incorrect placements go do that right now and then use videos for products that you can’t really tell what they do Thank you so much for watching this video If you liked it Please give you a thumbs up down below and subscribe to this channel hit the notification bell And if you’d like to learn more about me and from me Please click the links below my free Facebook group my private coaching program and other resources that you can learn more videos more videos in this channel You can learn how to build a seven-figure business all in this channel and with my private coaching program Thank you so much for watching check out other videos and I’ll see you in the next one

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  2. Great videos, I'd add too broad target audience – not everyone is interested in the content or offer. Look alike audience work great.

  3. Hey love all of this info!! thanks so much. Way more informative than the long 'what to do' videos lol! Curious about your feedback… I am about to run ads for a women's retreat in Feb in Spain. Have you seen a good strategy for this to work without spending $1000's on adspend? Thanks!

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