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Top 22 Reward Ideas for Patreon and YouTube Sponsors

Top 22 Reward Ideas for Patreon and YouTube Sponsors

51 thoughts on “Top 22 Reward Ideas for Patreon and YouTube Sponsors

  1. Getting ready for an official channel launch and Patreon. With my content there is a lot more filmed than I show, so bonus footage will be a big part. A private group or forum is a great idea! Trying to go for a community, so these tips are great. Thanks, Tim!

  2. I only have 11k subs but I make 1.3k on patreon. the patreon secret weapon are end credit thank yous and early access. just letting you know 🙂

  3. Hi Tim,
    do you have any waste mic that you don't need or anything you don't need I want because I have YouTube channel

  4. When the sponsor button will be available for my youtube channel in Brazil

  5. Great tips! I love to give to my subscribers, even if they cannot support me financially. I like your idea about letting your sponsors help you better your content, and have fun polls with them👍

  6. Thanks for the ideas. ☺ Patreon has been on my mind for the past few months and I've been hesitant on going for it because I wasn't sure what I could or wanted to offer at what prices. I'll have to check out the Patreon playlist and syphon a strategy from that.

  7. Thanks for this video! I have a question. If I give Patreons early access to a video doesn’t this affect how my video performs once I upload it for the rest of my subscribers? Since YouTube care about how many people click on my video for the first hour of uploading, I would miss out views from my Patreons ? Hope my questions makes sense 🤔 would appreciate if you have time to answer. Thank you

  8. Amazing video, huge takeaway patrons aren't customers, they are supporting me so I can continue to make the great content I'm already doing!

  9. I think the thing that I love the most about my Patron community is really encouraging their role as executive producer. I recently launched a podcast, and the months I spent gearing up for it involved keeping the Patrons involved each step of the way, asking for feedback, getting opinions, and really taking into account everything they have to say. The new podcast in many ways is a reflection of the care and time my Patrons put into helping me produce it.

  10. Awesome ideas! I'm new to this I'm only at about 110 subscribers. I was just wondering when I should start up a patreon?

  11. Oooh! Oooh! I just thought of a great perk! Maybe offer to do car washes for those who donate an X-amount of dineros.., but in Uh-Merican money instead. Of course, this should be done by those only rich enough to buy a cloning machine. I know. Drawbacks kinda suck bricks. (sorry Tim – this stuff just kinda runs through my brain – I can't help it. Its probably has to do with brain farts or old age or both)

  12. These are great ideas and thanks for sharing what NOT to do with Patreon! It’s always good to learn from someone else’s experience.

  13. I am working on a patreon account right now. It is hard since I am mainly a vlogger who rescues cats. This video has been helpful, really helpful. I think I was focusing too much on physical perks like stickers and shirts. To have this be worthwhile for me I need to be able to use the funds they donate not on rewards but on helping animals in need. So maybe exclusive content showing how they helped spay a cat or pay for emergency treatment? I like the idea of shout outs too 🙂

  14. Thank you so much for the awesome ideas. I had thought about opening a patreon in the past but had no idea what perks to offer my viewers/supporters. These were amazing ideas!

  15. Thank you for the ideas! If I ever open up a Patreon in the future, I'll have some things in mind now to get me started to offer value.

  16. Thank you!! I’ve been feeling guilty that I haven’t been offering enough to my patrons. Thanks for these ideas 🙌🏼

  17. Hi Tim. I have a question if you have time…
    If I use a copyright free sound effect from the YouTube Audio Library, (for example a sound effect of Crickets) would I be allowed to loop this audio only and create a 10 hour relaxing loop (video). The additional terms and conditions say the following "By downloading music from this library, you agree that you will not:

    Make available, distribute or perform the music files from this library separately from videos and other content into which you have incorporated these music files (e.g., standalone distribution of these files is not permitted)."

    Would this count as a standalone distribution, even though I have edited it into a 10 hour loop. I hope this makes sense Tim and thanks again for everything you do.

  18. I love your videos, but the sound on your mic is not great. Just saying! Thanks for all of the help you are awesome!

  19. AWESOME TIPS TIM! This really inspired me to come up with an idea how to even start my Patreon page. Thanks 🙂

  20. I make lego models so I could offer free instructions for models when they are released and also access to private live builds

  21. I've spent the last 5/6 months researching. So far, you have some of the best information.
    Thank you!

  22. Like always you give such great advise, and for myself and being 1 that is new to this I love your thoughts and advice Thank You Tim

  23. I havent really shared my patreon lately because I was not sure what to offer. been checking other channel's perks, so I came out with mine… but i have no patreons yet, since I havent shared it.haha.. I dunno, I'm just quiet shy to ask them to help me out though there are some subscribers who offered to pay my ticket, and hotel stay and such.

  24. Thanks for another great video. I'm just wondering, when is it a good time to start Patreon as I'm only a small channel with 204 subs that do guess the movies, where me and my sons act out scenes hoping you can guess. We do games and other things too but still only new to all this. Thanks

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