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Top 15 Mysterious People Found Frozen in Time

Top 15 Mysterious People Found Frozen in Time

15. The Beautiful Mummy
It’s hard to imagine a mummy being described as beautiful. But that’s exactly how archeologists described
one mummy that they uncovered in a Chinese graveyard in 2003. With her pitch perfect skin, hair, and eyelashes,
she became known as the Beauty of Xiaohe. This region offers up some of the finest naturally
preserved mummies of all times, because of their air quality and freeze-drying nature. That’s what kept her so beautiful, even
a millennium after she passed. The woman was surrounded by pouches of herbs
and was in a wooden boat. Judging by her felt wool hat, she is believed
to be a priestess and village leader. Frozen in time, the woman’s epic history
remains a mystery. 14. Lady Xin Zhui
2,000 years after her reign, this queen would reemerge from the past when her tomb was unearthed
from its burial place in China. The Lady had passed away in 163 BCE, but even
after these 2,000 years hidden away, her brain and other internal organs were 100% intact. She is considered to be the best-preserved
mummy ever uncovered, with a complete medical profile compiled by archaeologists. Her real name was Xin Zhui, but most call
her Lady Dai or the “Diva Mummy.” With such a complete medical profile, the
autopsy showed a number of health issues, including lower back pain, clogged arteries,
heart issues, and being overweight. The body of this ancient woman offers great
insights into the time and the individual, herself. See – creepy mummies aren’t always a bad
thing. 13. Itigilov
In 1927, at 75 years old, this Russian monk knew he was nearing his passing, and he asked
his fellow lamas to start his rites and meditation ceremonies. They didn’t want to do it, because his heart
was still beating, so this monk chose to meditate in solitude. His solitude wasn’t long, as other monks
joined him until his last breath. In his final testament, Itigilov requested
that he be put sitting in lotus posture, as he was in his final moments. His request was granted, and he was placed
in this position in a pine box. He now has a devoted following. Some believe he is living still, but in a
nirvana-like state. Others consider him one of Russia’s most
sacred Buddhist objects. His body continues to be on display, is sometimes
kept outside, and receives no special preservative treatment. A miracle? Maybe. Or perhaps Itigilov is just in deep meditation. 12. The Croatian Woman
Preserved people are one thing; those who are found having passed away long ago in place
are another. 42 years after Hedviga Golik was reported
missing, she was found where she’d last been: relaxing in her favorite armchair in
front of her black-and-white TV with a cup of tea. Born in 1924, Hedviga is believed to have
passed in 1966 at only 42 years old. She was reported missing, but most neighbors
simply thought she’d moved away. The solution to her case was a bit delayed. Seeing that no one was using the flat, tenants
had been hounding the authorities since 1970. City services even requested that someone
look into the flat, but nothing was ever done. Hedviga was only discovered when her flat
was broken into by police, who were sent there in 2008 to find out who owned the place. The officers on the scene described it as
like stepping back in time. Not a stone had been unturned in the place
for more than four decades. Cobwebs filled the joint. And everything was as Hedviga had left it,
right down to the very last drop of tea in her cup. Although Hedviga is presumably not as well
preserved as many on this list, her apartment was certainly frozen in another era. And it’s a mystery how the young woman’s
passing went undiscovered for so long. 11. Man of the Hole
The so-called “Man of the Hole” is exactly what you’d expect him to be: a man who,
basically, lived in holes. Also known as the Last Tribesman or the Loneliest
Man on Earth, this unidentified man was found in 1996 to be living solo in the Amazon rainforest. The Man of the Hole is frozen in time, as
the last living member of his tribe. Although, which tribe or which language he
speaks are both a complete mystery. He was discovered on a swathe of land enveloped
in cattle ranches, where he built homes of straw, and big leaves, under which he dug
narrow and deep holes to live in – hence, his nickname. He didn’t stay put in a single hole; he’d
continuously abandon one for another. Some think that the man hid in these holes
and also trapped animals there, in order to eat. Did the discovery of this solitary man bring
him out of his hole and into the modern world? No. In fact, the man will shoot an arrow at you
if you venture too close to his territory, which a governmental protection agency for
indigenous peoples – has designated. Individuals or organizations cannot build
or trespass on the 42.5 square miles of his territory. The mysterious man, frozen in the past, will
live there forevermore…or at least until he meets his maker or his fellow long lost
tribesmen. 10. Arctic Civilization Mummies
Have you ever wondered what might be buried beneath the permafrost of Siberia or other
areas of the Arctic? You might guess Wooly Mammoths and other prehistoric
creatures…but you might not guess that mummified people of an ancient Arctic civilization might
quite literally be frozen in time in the ice. That’s just what some archeologists discovered
in the Siberian permafrost, which crosses the Polar circle on the coast of the Arctic
Ocean. Two centuries-old people – those of a baby
and an adult – were uncovered there, where they’d been wrapped in copper along with
fur, tree bark, and textile materials. The infant, who was possibly six months old,
judging from its size, had been wrapped with pieces of copper kettle, while the 5 foot
7 inch adult had been wrapped with copper plates. Why copper? Likely because the people might be preserved
with its antimicrobial properties. The region’s permafrost, with its average
yearly temp being 21.7°F or -5 degrees C, also served as a natural refrigerator that
aided this preservation. The pair of mysterious folks will be studied
in a lab, the studies of which include historical analysis, forensics, and genetic testing. Not much is known about the inhabitants of
the region, so once the examination of the two is complete, the archeological community
may have a somewhat clearer picture of who once existed here. Until then, these people will remain frozen
in time. 9. Casts of Pompeii
This list would be remiss without an entry about the famed city of Pompeii. Pompeii flourished from the 6th century BC
until its destruction. When a nearby volcano erupted in 79 AD, the
civilization and its entire city was frozen in time. Today, a visit to Pompeii is a walk through
a centuries-old complex, once buried and then dug up for all to behold. Mosaic tiles still cover the walls and floors,
statues still stand, paint stays permanently on the walls. All of this is incredible to witness, but
the most incredible and horrifying pieces are the casts of Pompeii – the townspeople
are frozen in time. Many of them likely passed from the 572 degree
F or 300 degree C gas cloud emitted from the volcano, rather than from the hot lava that
would eventually erupt. Their faces are frozen in terror, as the hot
cloud of ash finally ensnares them. The people were softened or ossified by the
heat, as they were buried in stone and ash, preserved for future civilizations to uncover. Pompeii was rediscovered in the 16th century,
but excavation waited until the 18th century, when scientists were able to detect and extract
the people intact. The casts are often displayed to the public,
rather than the ossified people. 8. Green Boots
Mount Everest – the highest mountain in the world – is one of the greatest feats
for many of the world’s greatest mountain climbers. At around 29,000 feet, Everest is regularly
challenged not only by professional climbers, but by those amateurs simply looking for a
thrill, hoping to check Goliath off their bucket lists. That’s why, as most people who’ve read
up on climbing Mount Everest know, the Goliath is riddled with people – around 200, to
be exact – of those challengers who didn’t make it out. While many of these people have been identified
and accounted for, as expeditions know those they were responsible for who didn’t come
back, there is one person up on the mountain that remains a mystery. A landmark known as “Green Boots” found
his eternal resting place on the mountain outside a limestone cave sometime in 2001. He was situated up there, lying on his right
side, his face covered and unidentifiable until at least 2014, when he was mysteriously
removed. His lime-colored boots were the only identifying
factor, the only clue to who he might have been. The mystery will forever remain frozen in
time, however, as the body was either removed for burial or otherwise whitewashed from the
mountainside. 7. Siberian Princess
Yet another discovery of a mysterious person found frozen in time was uncovered, again,
in the Siberian permafrost. This one is no ordinary ancient citizen, however;
she’s known as a Princess. The Princess was discovered in the Mountains
in a border area near the crossroads between Mongolia and Russia, as well as Kazakhstan
and China. Two men were discovered near the princess,
and they’re believed to be warriors. The princess, herself, was a well respected
warrior too, with incredibly intricate tattoos. The warrior men alongside her were also tatted
up. These tats, frozen in time, have been described
as phenomenal and incredible. The tattoos aren’t the only remarkable feature
of this princess. The 25 year old was also dressed to the nines
and was surrounded by ornaments of gold, bronze, wood, and felt, as well as a meal of horse
and sheep meat. She and the warriors are believed to be members
of people, who were alive and kicking around the 5th century BC. 6. The Maiden of the Mountain
Whether frozen by circumstance, natural or unnatural, people preserved through the ages
can bring the modern world some insight into what life was like during that person’s
era, how they may have passed away, and even some historical insight into diseases of the
past. The 500-year-old Incan mummy found frozen
in the ice of an Incan burial platform in 1999 proved a petri dish for all three. Also known as “The Maiden,” she was discovered
buried at 22,000 feet in a volcano. One of the expedition members, US archeologist,
Johan Reinhard, said, “The doctors have been shaking their heads and saying they sure
don’t look 500 years old but as if they’d [passed] a few weeks ago.” He admitted that the mummy’s hands gave
him a chill, because they appeared like those of a living person. No doubt these hands would give you chills
too. 5. The Child Mummy
Those who’ve lost a child might understand Mario Lombardo’s misery completely. After he lost his two-year-old daughter, Rosalia,
to pneumonia in 1920, he was so devastated that he wanted to preserve her little image
for eternity. The techniques used were fortified by keeping
Rosalia in a catacomb in a glass coffin atop a wooden pedestal. After some time, they placed her in a sealed
glass chamber full of nitrogen gas. She now lies frozen in time in the catacombs
of Palermo, Sicily. 4. John Torrington
In 1846, John Torrington – a sailor of Sir John Franklin’s failed Arctic expedition
– passed away on Beechley Island in Canada. He was just one of many passings during the
expedition. Torrington’s was one of the three preserved
people found there over a century later. The area’s freezing temps are to thank for
the well-preserved people. Although Torrington’s name is known, the
rest of his identity remains a mystery. Any historical record of the man is nonexistent. All anyone knows is that he was a stoker on
the HMS Terror, one of the two ships of Franklin’s expedition, and that 20-year-old Torrington
may have been the expedition’s first passing. Digging through the frozen permafrost to uncover
Torrington was a struggle, but finally, five feet under, they hit upon the coffin. The hand-written plaque nailed to his coffin
reads that he passed on January 1st, 1846. Surprising, considering the circumstances,
the young man’s coffin was very well designed, with white linen trim, blue fabric, and mahogany. The coffin took a long while to open, as it
had been frozen into place, and the lid solidly iced closed and nailed shut. Once they got the lid open, they used hot
water to melt the ice below, after which they first viewed Torrington’s body. His body was wrapped with linen strips, and
his face was covered in fabric. He wore a grey button-up shirt. His toes and hands were very life-like, while
his skin, though somewhat leathery, had not decayed whatsoever. When they removed the fabric from his face,
the man was staring straight at them, his gaze frozen in time. 3. The Wet Mummy
A construction worker in China was plugging away with his backhoe in March 2012, preparing
the foundation for a new road, when suddenly, he happened upon something more than dirt
and rock. A 600-year-old mummy from the Ming Dynasty
was discovered in a watery tomb belowground smack dab in the center of town. The mummy was remarkably well-preserved, five
feet tall, and found in fine clothing and jewelry, which included a ginormous jade ring
and a silver hairpin in her hair. A silver Exorcism Coin was found on her resting
place, commonly placed there to defend against evil spirits. Why is this mummy so well preserved? Victor Mair, an archaeologist from the University
of Pennsylvania, said, “Wet mummies survive so well because of the anaerobic conditions
of their [resting places].” But he believes the preservation of this mummy
wasn’t purposeful. “I don’t know of any evidence that Chinese
ever intentionally mummified,” Mair said, crediting the mummification to the “right
environment.” Whether nature or nurture preserved the Wet
Mummy, she is now frozen in time at her state. 2. Evita
If you were alive in Argentina during the 1940s-50s, you would know how important Eva
Perón – aka Evita – was to the Argentinian people. As film director, Fabienne Rousso-Lenoir,
puts it: “In all of Latin America, only one other woman has aroused an emotion, devotion
and faith comparable to those awakened by [Mary]. In many homes, the image of Evita is on the
wall next to [Mary].” Being akin to the Mother of God, it’s no
wonder that this national treasure and first lady of President Juan Perón was so idolized
that, instead of placing her in the ground, they decided to preserve her after she passed
away in 1952. A renowned anatomy professor, Dr. Pedro Ana,
performed the preservation to perfection. In fact, the doctor had done such a good job
preserving Evita’s body that the new government ended up taking her and stashing it away in
Italy, where according to legend, the body’s caretaker fell in love with it and was driven
insane. Sometime in the 1970’s, Evita’s remains
were returned to her home country, where she was rightfully buried. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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In August 1942, a Swiss couple – Marcelin, a shoemaker, and Francine, a schoolteacher,
ages 40 and 37, respectively – mysteriously disappeared near the Alps. No one knew what had happened to them. Strolling and singing, the couple had gone
to a nearby meadow to milk their cows, never to be seen or heard from again. They left behind six children. The family had no people to bury. But 75 years later, in 2012, the mystery was
solved. A maintenance worker discovered the pair,
frozen and well-preserved in a glacier that had receded. Located at 8,500 feet above sea level, the
glacier is surrounded by a number of ski resorts and, each year, it loses about a meter of
ice. One of the resort directors, said in a Radio
Television Swisse interview, “From afar, it looked like small rocks, but there were
too many in the same place.” Nearing the place, he found decades-old boots,
a glass bottle, watches, mess kits, and backpacks. Looking closer, they recovered the couple
who were frozen in time – in the era of the 1940s – wearing the clothes in vogue
during that period. It’s believed that the couple had fallen
into the glacier’s crevice. The people were transferred from the Alps
for further inspection. The youngest of the six children left behind
and now 79 years old, said that the children had forever been in search for their parents. “We thought that we could give them the
[ceremony] they deserved one day,” she said. She also said that she felt a “deep sense
of calm” about the find, because the mystery was now solved. While this mystery is no more, who knows how
many other people are hidden in the ice?

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