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Top 15 iPhone & iPad Adventure Games [ad]

Top 15 iPhone & iPad Adventure Games [ad]

– [Announcer] This video is
sponsored by Bossa Studios. The team that want to let you guys know they are holding a 24-hour
livestream on Twitch right now where they are revealing more
about their upcoming game, “The Bradwell Conspiracy”. The link to the livestream
is in the video description. Come watch and chat with me and the team. Anyway, back to the video. Out of all the gaming genres available on iPhone and iPads,
adventure is my go-to. So today I want to share
some of my personal favorite ones that I am currently playing or looking forward to. Number 15, we have “Dear Esther”. Coming later in 2019, The
Chinese Room are porting their first person narrative adventure, “Dear Esther” to iOS and iPadOS. Playing on mobile may
provide a more intimate and personal experience when compared to the original PC and console version. The gameplay here is minimal. You have no real purpose and there are zero guns and no puzzles. Really, “Dear Esther” is
an experimental video game or a piece of interactive
visual storytelling. The story is of a shipwrecked
castaway on a remote island. As you travel, you’ll
be listening to a man reading letters to his
deceased wife, Esther. Different audio fragments are revealed and lines on the walls
as you progress further, giving light clues to what’s going on. Number 14 is “Life is Strange”. Here we have a five-part episode game that focuses on the aspects of story-based choice and consequences. “Life is strange” allows
players to rewind time which can affect the past,
present, and the future. The rewinding gameplay
mechanic is very unique and sets the game apart from
others in the same genre. It has a fantastic story featuring a main protagonist known as Max. There is nice voice acting too and well-done hand-painted visuals. The only thing that sets
this game back on iOS is the touchscreen controls. They can be uncomfortable at times. Controller support would really fix this, but it has not been implemented. Anyway, the game can be played offline and the first chapter is free, but you’ll have to pay for
the following four episodes. – What are you doing? Come on, put that thing down! – Don’t ever tell me what to do. I’m so sick of people
trying to control me! – [Announcer] Episode 13, we have “Ink, Mountains and Mystery”. This game blows me away. It’s packed with so many amazing features and all of this is for free. There are no in-app purchases or ads. It is a premium experience
for free, again. It’s a wonderful point and click adventure that brings delightful music, lush graphics, and great dialogue. It follows a young Monk who desperately wants to become a renowned painter. Together with a hybrid sidekick, or a boy with cat ears and a tail, you’ll jump into many famous paintings and go on great adventures. Plus, in April 2019, the game was updated with enhanced graphics,
powered by the Metal framework and it is now supported
for up to 120 frames on third gen iPad Pros. I’m not sure why they’re
giving this gem away for free because I would have easily paid for it. Number 12 is “Forgotten Anne”. “Forgotten Anne” is a
great cinematic adventure that includes storytelling
and platforming. It’s set in a world that
is filled with Forgotlings which are everyday
objects, brought to life, each with their own quirky personalities. The story starts out with a big explosion caused by a rebellion. Playing as Anne, the enforcer,
you need to keep order in the Forgotten Lands
and hunt down the rebels, talk to characters, run, leap,
and soar across environments, solve puzzles and discover new powers. “Forgotten Anne” supports controllers, iCloud backup, and can be played offline. It offers a free trial,
then you’ll have to pay for the full game. – Ah, remember me as a hero! – [Announcer] Number 11, we have “Bendy and The Ink Machine”. If you’re looking for a
great first-person horror adventure for your iPhone or iPad, “Bendy and the Ink Machine”
is my recommendation for you. It brings a growing sense
of dread and despair throughout all five chapters here. Plus, its animation
style is meant to evoke the safety and joy of
your childhood memories. It’s very unsettling. Just a few notes on the iOS version. It requires a recent iPhone or iPad because older devices may
have performance issues. To add on, the game only has
partial controller support. It is limited to gameplay only. Menu interaction must be
done via the touchscreen. It’s a paid game and
is a little expensive, but remember, it offers five chapters, so you’re gonna be playing for a while. It’s worth it. Number 10, we have “Florence”. “Florence” is an exceptional mobile game that would not work on any other platform but on a touchscreen. It’s an interactive storybook that shows the life of a young woman, Florence. You will follow her life from work, sleep, going on social media, and her love life. Everything that would be
normally considered mundane in real-life is creatively
turned into mini-games or just really nice looking things. I don’t know. It’s one of the best games I’ve
seen to take full advantage of iPhone’s haptic feedback too. It immerses you even
further into the story. “Florence” is a hidden
gem on the App Store, and really should be installed on your iPhone or iPad right now. It also supports iCloud backup
and can be played offline. Number nine is “Gone Home”. Originally released back
in 2013, in late 2018, “Gone Home” arrived on iOS devices. It follows a young woman named Katie, who has arrived home to find
her house completely empty. It’s up to the player to walk around and unravel why everyone
just got up and left. Now, the game does focus
more on art and exploration, and some may consider it
just a walking simulator. However, I don’t really agree with this. The game does have a story, characters, voice acting, and
addresses themes of love, LGBT, family, isolation and more. It’s not for everyone, I get that, but if you like exploration games, you should really consider it. Number eight we have
“Very Little Nightmares”. In 2019, Bandai Namco
Entertainment brought us a new “Little Nightmares” Game for iOS. It’s a small adaption for mobile bringing a more mobile level structure, the visuals are quite
different, more cartoony, and it’s not nearly as scary. It will still keep you unsettled throughout your playtime though. You’ll have to guide this young girl through each room and avoid
enemies, solve puzzles, and unveil the mysteries and
secrets of this strange house. If you enjoyed the original
game, I would really suggest checking out this prequel experience. Number seven is “Bully,
Anniversary Edition”. Despite the fact that
Rockstar’s game “Bully” is rather old now, it’s
still a terrific game, and it wasn’t too long ago that
it actually arrived on iOS. You play as a 15 year
old who must navigate the social ladder of the corrupt and crumbling school, Bulworth Academy. It plays a bit like GTA in some respects. It’s somewhat open world
with jobs to go on, people to meet, and small mini-games. Plus the iOS version
has enhanced graphics, improved lighting and texture effects and the controls have been, well obviously redesigned for touch gameplay, but you can play with a
controller if you want. – You seem to be making yourself quite comfortable here, my boy. – I’m just tryin’ to fit in. – By fighting, by making
a nuisance of yourself? That is not the Bulworth way, boy. – [Announcer] Number
six, we have “Inside”. “Inside” is one of the most
depressing games on this list, and is no easy task to complete. Now there is a story here, but it’s not meant to
be entirely understood. It’s probably just a metaphor and perhaps it’s up to you to interpret what it means. Overall, “Inside” has a very dark tone, incredible visuals,
powered by the Metal API, top-notch sound-design, and
very intricate gameplay. Apple also loved this
game awarding the team, Apple Design Award Winner
of 2018, so good job. “Inside” also supports controllers and runs at 60HZ on 2018 iPad Pros, and 30HZ on other iPads and iPhones. Remember, “Inside”
offers a free short demo, but you can unlock the full game, once you’ve completed the demo. Number five is “Old Man’s Journey”. Sometimes the best games
don’t require any words. That’s what you get with
“Old Man’s Journey”. It follows a man, in his later years who decides to leave his home, after receiving a letter
containing sad news. While you play, flashbacks
occur that will explain his past life and give some insights into why he is really
going on this long journey. It’s a powerful and emotional narrative told through imagery,
and I love how you can manipulate the landscapes to move around. It’s really quite special. Bear in mind though
it’s quite a slow game, which some will love, and some may not. “Old Man’s Journey” was also awarded the Apple Design Award winner for 2017, which is another good achievement. It can be played offline, supports iCloud backup and haptic feedback. Number four we have “Gris”. Like the game before, “Gris”
has almost no dialogue, but also doesn’t focus on
action, blood, death, et cetera. “Gris” is a symbolic
experience showing the pain that a young girl is
feeling in her real life. It’s really all about
going on a big journey across stunning locations,
and as you play, the surroundings become
more and more intriguing, bringing different colors and unique environmental challenges. Because of these challenges,
the game will provide you with the new abilities as you play, to better navigate around. Anyway, “Gris” supports controllers, can be played offline
and has iCloud backup. (banging) Number three is “Journey” “Journey” was originally
created by Thatgamecompany and published to iOS by
Annapurna Interactive in 2019. It’s very similar to
Thatgamecompany’s new game, “Sky: Children of Light”, but for me, “Journey” offers a premium
package, and a real purpose. Players can make their
way to a distant mountain and skim across dunes, scale snowy cliffs, and explore ancient ruins. While traveling, you may
encounter another person too. And what I love about
this, is that you can build up a friendship, without speaking and without knowing virtually anything about the other person,
and when you disconnect, you kind of wonder what
will happen to your buddy. It’s really unique and it’s just so cool. Anyway the game supports haptic feedback, can be played offline and it is supported for up to 120 frames
on third gen iPad Pros and supports iCloud backup. Number two, we have “The Gardens Between”. Here we have a story about two friends who fall into a world that is full of their childhood memories. It’s shows themes of creativity
in the minds of children, but also growth, loss
and most importantly, the significance of good friendships. I’d also have to say “The Gardens Between” has one of the most
elegant control systems on a touchscreen that I’ve ever seen. In my opinion it plays best on mobile, compared to console or PC
because of the touchscreen, enhanced even more with
great haptic feedback. “The Gardens Between” can
be played in landscape and portrait mode too,
supports controllers, supports Bluetooth keyboards on iPads, and runs at 60HZ on 2018 iPad Pros, and 30HZ on other iPads and iPhones, and has iCloud backup. It’s really packed to the brim. Number one, we have “The
Bradwell Conspiracy”. Coming very soon, around
the week commencing the 7th of October, “The
Bradwell Conspiracy” is an immersive first-person narrative. Bossa Studios have been kind and approached me to sponsor this video so that they can share some
features about this game. What I love most about
“The Bradwell Conspiracy” is the NPC relationship, powered by a photographic
messaging system. Since your character can’t talk, you’ll take photos with
your in-game glasses, and then the NPC will respond based on what you’ve shared. There is also a 3D-printing
gameplay mechanic, which can be used to solve puzzles. And as some of you may already know, it’s one of the first games to be released on Apple Arcade, so it will be playable across iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. What’s also great is that it will support PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S controllers. Thank you so much to
Bossa Studios for sharing some exclusive features on the game and for sponsoring the channel. I really do appreciate
it, and I’ve been super, super excited to play this game since it was initially teased. What adventure games do you enjoy playing on your iPhone or iPad, and why? Let me know in the comments. If you enjoyed the video,
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