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Top 15 Encoded Messages in Live Broadcasts

Top 15 Encoded Messages in Live Broadcasts

15. “RATS”
While subliminal messaging in advertising and elsewhere is illegal in many countries,
the US does not have specific laws against it. The use of subliminal messaging in advertising
is decided by federal law enforcement. Being as such, what kind of ads might benefit
from subliminal messaging? Certainly product ads…but what about political ads?
Political groups always have an agenda: usually that the opposition is WRONG and their party
is RIGHT. So, it’s not a big stretch to think that political parties may have tested
out some subliminal messaging in their ads. That’s what Al Gore accused George W. Bush’s
campaign managers of doing during the contentious 2000 presidential election.
Gore claims that an attack ad that was put out by the Republican campaign managers used
subliminal messaging. According to Gore, the ad misrepresented the healthcare policies
that he put out and was also created to tarnish his reputation.
In the video, Gore claims that the word “RATS” flashes on the screen for a brief moment,
prior to the ad’s message that reads, “Bureaucrats.” Was Bush and company hoping that subliminal
message would sink in, and that voters would consider Gore amongst the rats and crooks
in Washington? 14. An Unexpected Message
When you see ads on race cars, you probably don’t take them in much. After all, you’re
watching the sport, not consciously absorbing the advertising.
But one company found a way around that. The “Marlboro Man” was banned from TV,
due to an attempt to cut out this type of advertising, after the general public realized
smoking is not in fact good for your health. But, one of America’s top brands, weren’t
interested in Americans cutting back. So they sought a way to continue advertising: subliminal
messaging. Before the mid-90s, these brands covered race
cars, bumper to bumper. But Europe had banned this kind of company sponsored. And as the
millennium turned on their advertising, Formula 1 turned with it.
‘Marlboro’, however, wasn’t interested in disappearing. Instead, they decided to
sneak their brand onto race cars not using their typical logo, but rather a design in
the style of a barcode. As the race cars sped around the tracks, traveling at speeds of
up to 200 miles per hour, the design could be recognized for what it was.
The regulatory organizations were not fooled though. European lawmakers came under pressure
by the European Public Health Commission, and they eventually banned the company’s
shrewd subliminal messaging too. 13. Live Walmart Intercom Broadcast
Have you ever wondered what the live broadcasts of encoded messages over the intercom at Walmart
mean? Redditor LucentNargacuga has the answer.
This person claims to work at Walmart and – spoiler alert – all of the secret Walmart
codes are kept on the back of their Walmart badges. The codes are as follows:
Code white means there’s been an accident. You might hear a code white if there’s a spill
on aisle five. Code blue is for a bomb threat. If you hear
code blue called over the intercom, get out of the Walmart.
Code red is for a fire. Again, hightail it out of there.
Code black is for bad weather. If a storm is brewing – like a tornado, flooding, or
a hurricane – this is the code that might be called in the store.
Code green means there’s a hostage situation underway. One of the scarier codes to be heard
over the intercom, I would think. Code orange is for chemical mishaps. Perhaps
a spill of some sort. Code Adam means there’s a missing child. On
this one, keep your eyes peeled so that you might help find him or her.
Code brown is for a shooting situation. Again, you might want to get out of dodge on this
one. So, now that you know all the Walmart codes,
keep your eyes and ears peeled at the superstore if you wish to be in-the-know about what’s
going on around you. 12. The Air Horn
The Air Horn was first heard in 2017, and Russia is the location it’s being broadcast
from. It’s believed to be a new Russian military network.
The frequency is 4020, and the Marker is Enigma. The
only information available for The Air Horn is that it is a “typical multivibrator-based
marker generator” and is likely created with special equipment.
It’s a Monolith-AC system used to transmit control signals for central command remotely.
While this Air Horn is quite obviously an encoded message of some kind, what that encoded
message is, we can only guess. 11. Egyptian Muppet
Abla Fahita is an Egyptian ‘Muppet’. She’s a felt puppet who appeared on a Vodafone commercial
in Egypt. But is she secretly a radical?
The puppet is being accused of broadcasting encoded messages to anti-government organizations
in Egypt. As the Egyptian military government began a wide-scale suppression of opposition
resistance against those in power, the puppet was called out by the government for being
a terrorist agent for the Muslim Brotherhood, a banned movement in Egypt that supported
the ousted President Morsi. Abla Fahita was said to have delivered encoded bomb threats
in the Vodafone commercial. How might a puppet deliver these threats?
In the commercial, the puppet talks on the phone, asking how to retrieve her husband’s
SIM card after he passed away. She said it was lost at a shopping mall, and perhaps a
sniffer dog could find it. The words, “sniffer dog,” were suggested by some to be an encoded
message broadcast to those people involved listening, charging them to attack a shopping
mall. Some conspiracy theorists also see symbolic
secret messages in the background of the ad, suggesting that a cactus-tree with Christmas
ornaments near Fahita suggest an attack on Christianity, with the ornaments being bombs.
As horrible acts rocked Egypt after the popular 2013 uprising, the government’s paranoia grew.
While Vodafone insisted that such allegations against their puppet were “mere imagination,”
it grew enough for Fahita to be required to justify herself in a Skype interview with
the nation’s CBC network, stating that she was only a “comedic character.”
Others mock the investigation into the puppet, with some tweeting #FreeFahita.
However, the Egyptian Ministry Of Interior is not interested in being mocked, and they
put out the following statement: “We do not know whether these are true symbols
or fake symbols in order to confuse the state’s apparatus; either way, it is against the law.
The administrators of Abla Fahita should be questioned according to the law, and we are
waiting the prosecution’s warrant to arrest those administrators and those who cooperated
with them.” Whether the words and symbols in this commercial
were an encoded message or not, the Egyptian government is taking them very seriously. 10. Chinese Robot
The People’s Liberation Army Air Force allegedly use a station called Chinese Robot that’s
been active since 2000. They use the station in two speeds: original
and slow, the latter of which started to be used in January, 2013.
Transmissions are given speedily in Mandarin and are often spoken in 20- to 36-digit sequences.
There are no set schedules for these transmissions, and it seems, they are often given on two
random frequencies not at the same time. The two broadcasts may be given at the same
speed or at different speeds, and they often use differing sidebands to send their encoded
messages. 9. Scientists to Aliens: Are You Intelligent?
Is there life out there? Are we alone in the universe?
These are the questions that SETI astronomer and scientists want answered. While getting
the answers to these questions may seem a wild stretch, perhaps extraterrestrial communication
is not so far away. In fact, capabilities are available right
now, and scientists have broadcast a message using the encoded message system of radio
waves called “Sonar Calling GJ273b”. The Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence International
(METI) organization notes that it might take 25 years for intelligent life to respond…if
they even receive the message. The message to the extraterrestrials included
details on humankind’s understanding of time, as well as info on basic science and math.
The purpose of this was to ensure that the extraterrestrials were “intelligent” and could
understand humans in the way we might understand them.
The message was sent from Norway’s Eiscat transmitter toward GJ 273, a red dwarf star.
GJ 273 is at a distance of twelve light-years (approximately 70.56 trillion miles) from
Earth. METI chose this exoplanet, due to it being visible from the northern hemisphere.
Some bigwigs, including Stephen Hawking, caution the scientific community against initiating
contact with extraterrestrials. This is not the first encoded message shot
into space; one was sent in 1974 to the M13 star cluster, which is 25,000 light-years
away. No response yet. 8. Reality TV Secret Messages
Other purportedly encoded messages spotted in live broadcasts involve the contestants,
Rebekah Vardy and Dennis Wise, on the reality TV show, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of
Here. Some viewers spotted these two contestants
sending “secret messages” to their kids while they were thousands of miles away from them
for three weeks in a jungle. According to some, when Dennis – a former
football player – and Rebekah are onscreen, they often appear with encoded messages to
their families. Rebekah has a blatant encoded message that
doesn’t take a genius to crack – a heart alongside the letter “u” drawn with charcoal on
her jungle hat. Most viewers consider this to be a message to her children and her husband,
Jamie, back home. But Dennis’ messages are more encoded.
When they come into camp for the live show sets, he touches his chest over his heart.
Many think this is to send his love back to his family.
While the contestants are not allowed to communicate with their families, which is part of the
challenge, these two contestants seem to have found a way to send encoded messages anyway.
Makes you wonder how many more subtle personal messages may be appearing on reality TV shows. 7. “Obey the Government”
The national anthem is probably the last place you’d look for encoded messages. But one 60s
broadcast of the US National Anthem was allegedly riddled with subliminal messages.
Consider the era: the 60s was the height of Cold War paranoia. It was also the decade
of numerous political assassinations (such as the Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King, Jr.),
as well as a time when mind control was of particular interest as youth uprisings were
alive and well. This was also a period when television stations
closed out their broadcasts with the national anthem playing over patriotic themes: think
soldiers, flags, etc. These sign-offs were expected, but what probably wasn’t expected
was encoded messages hidden in this theme. What sort of messages were found there?
According to vigilantcitizen.com: “TRUST THE US GOVERNMENT”
“DO NOT QUESTION GOVERNMENT” These encoded messages are slipped in so quickly
that the subconscious mind absorbs them without knowing and without dissecting.
According to author Steve Jacobson, who wrote Mind Control in the United States: “Subliminal
perception is a deliberate process created by communications technicians, by which you
receive and respond to information and instructions without being consciously aware of the instructions.”
While some research concludes that subliminal messaging does not work, other research is
contrary. However, either way, the purpose of the subliminal messages in this video seems
clear: obey the US government and consume more products.
The quotes about NAOMI and ULTRA may be referring to two CIA projects, MKNAOMI and MKULTRA.
MKNAOMI involved biological warfare, while MKULTRA involved mind control. Both were kept
secret from the general public. So, was this actual proof of the US government
taking these experiments further by plugging their subliminal messages into television
broadcasts. Some might say, “of course it is”; but others
think the video is a hoax. The video was uploaded to YouTube in 2009, and no conclusive evidence
is available to confirm its authenticity. The uploader, claimed to have found the film
reel from a local television station in Alabama, after which it took viewers two years to discover
the subliminal messages. So, is it real or fake? You decide. 6. “Mainsail Out”
The US Air Force transmits coded messages to aircrafts across the globe via a network
of transmitters, using a High Frequency Global Communications System (or HFGCS). The operation
codes are used for air-to-ground communication as well, and the coded traffic on this system
is called Emergency Action Messages (EAM), although this title is inaccurate, as most
of the messages are not an emergency. The coded traffic on this system often is
composed of long number and letter combinations, sent out quite often, sometimes twice every
hour. When the encoded message is broadcast across the system, the operator repeats the
message’s first six characters three times, and then says, “Stand by.” After this repetition,
the entire message is broadcast, after which the operator states, “I say again” and the
entire message is repeated. The message is completed by the air base from which it came
and the word “out.” This final word differs from that given from
July 2013 to April 2015. Rather than finishing with “out,” the collective encoded call sign
for the network’s ground stations was “Mainsail,” so “Mainsail out” was how every message was
closed. Moreover, the “skyking” call sign on this
system was delivered by the Army Material Command and Army Contracting Command of the
United States Strategic Command. These messages are given priority to cut into any on-air
traffic. The “skyking” call sign is delivered to missile crews and aircraft belonging to
the Single Integrated Operation Plan. The encoded message is sent in the following way:
“Skyking, Skyking, do not answer” followed by an ID of three-character length, a verbal
timestamp, and an authentication code of two characters – all of this recited twice,
and intersected by the phrase, “I say again.” Live broadcasts of these encoded messages
may be easy enough to interpret for those in-the-know; but for us normal people, skyking
sounds pretty intense. 5. Whalesong
Broadcast from two different sources in England and the US, the Whalesong is a numbers station.
Whalesong is named as such, because it sounds like whales singing. It’s also called the
Backwards Music station, because – you guessed it – it also sounds like music played backwards.
This numbers station, basically, is a combination of distorted voices and strange tones, likely
hiding encoded messages. What these broadcasted encoded messages could be, we don’t know…but
whatever they are, it probably has nothing to do with whales. 4. “Mr. Skylight”
Lost at sea? Mr. Skylight is an emergency code word for
seafaring vessels, which might be used over the P.A. system when something goes wrong.
For instance, on September 28th, 1994, when the MS Estonia used it.
The MS Estonia was crossing the Baltic Sea, from Tallinn, Estonia to Stockholm, Sweden.
With 989 people on board, the ferry hit some rough waves resulting from strong winds, but
the weather was described as “normally bad” by the on-scene commander who made the rescue
effort, meaning the Baltic Sea often experiences such autumn weather, which usually didn’t
disrupt ferry crossings at sea. The ferry was also tracked by radar, traveling at a
normal speed, so speeding was not an issue that sad and fateful day.
It was at around 1 AM that a loud bang sounded, as a strong wave hit the bow doors. An inspection
of the ramp and visor indicator lights revealed no issues. But there were issues: water was
flooding into the vehicle deck and the ferry’s four engines soon cut out.
A female spoke across the P.A. system at that point, saying in Estonian, “Alarm, alarm,
there is alarm on the ship.” An internal alarm was delivered to the crew, after which a lifeboat
alarm was sent. The internal alarm included this code language broadcasted live across
the P.A. system: “Mr Skylight to Number One and Two.” This code phrase sites that crew
must seal the hull by shutting the watertight doors.
“Mayday” was also communicated to the crew. The radio operator of Silja Europa was contacted.
Estonia’s location was not provided to the operator before the electricity cut out. A
while later, power returned, and their location was communicated, after which the Estonia
disappeared from radar. Paul Baker, a University of Lancaster linguist,
said of these on-board codes, “I can see very good reasons for having these codes.
It may be that people are unsure when they’re giving the code so there’s no point upsetting
[members of the public].” In this case, however, there was plenty of
reason to be upset. And perhaps earlier warning could have prepared the members of the public
and saved many a life. 3. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Not only is the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot the name of Wilco’s 2001 album, it’s also yet another
numbers station. This one, however, is thought to be operated by The Mossad. It began broadcasting
in the ‘60s, sending transmissions 24/7. Also called E10, this numbers station originated
in Tel Aviv in its time and is said to have been run by Israeli intelligence. The encoded
messages were made by a woman and were made in the phonetic alphabet.
The broadcasts dwindled in 2010 and cut out altogether on March 1, 2011. 2. Twitter
Twitter doesn’t want to be left out of live broadcasting encoded messages. And some believe
live tweeting is the future of numbers stations. Some of these so-called “numbers stations”
can be found @numberstations, @googuns, @xzv-94, and @TruthTrain14. All four of these accounts
tweet sequences of letters and numbers in periods of hours to minutes. And nobody knows
why. Well, some suspect @TruthTrain14 is a numbers
station set up by the G O P to evade Super Pac rules, but what are the others doing…?
Are they sending encoded messages? Or is this just spam?
No one knows. But if you’re intrepid enough in decoding these number and letter sequences,
maybe you’ll be the one to find out. And if you are, you’d better watch your
back. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
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we upload every Tuesday and Saturday. 1. Hostage Rescue Code
When FARC guerillas kidnapped soldiers in the Colombian army – some of whom had been
hostages for ten years – , Colonel Jose Espejo had to find a way to communicate with
them. He contacted his friend, an advertising executive named Juan Carlos Ortiz, to help
him. Ortiz, himself, had issues with the FARC guerillas,
otherwise known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, a group of government-opposed
Communists who wanted labor reforms. And they were armed. FARC threatened him and his family
for putting out an anti-drug ad, which was one of the markets from which they profited.
He was transferred by his ad agency to America. When Colonel called him, he requested ideas
on how to convey an encoded message that help was on the way to the Colombian hostages.
FARC’s M.O. was to take the lives of all the hostages the moment they saw military intervention.
So they needed to let these hostages know that they should be ready, as an escape was
imminent. But how to do it?
The message would have to evade the FARC and be understood by the captured soldiers. The
message had to be one of hope, prompting the captives to escape. They knew captives thought
they’d parish if they tried to escape into the jungle, so they wanted to convey that
troops were standing by. They decided the best way to do this was to
use Morse code in an advertisement. FARC guerrillas were peasants, and it was doubtful that they’d
know Morse code, while many soldiers were taught it in basic training. They decided
to input the code in a song in a way that no one who didn’t know Morse Code could ever
detect it. In the process of writing the song, they discovered
they could fit approximately twenty words in Morse Code into a normal song length without
disrupting the beat. So, they coded the following message: “19
people rescued. You are next. Don’t lose hope.”
The encoded message would be broadcast across radio stations. The lyrics before the Morse
Code begins were, “Listen to this message, brother.” The code was blended into the beat,
but the process wasn’t seamless. “It was difficult because Morse code is not
a musical beat,” Portela, the music producer, said. “Sometimes it was too obvious, other
times the code was not understood, and we had to hide it three times in the song to
make sure the message was received.” They titled the song, “Better Days,” and Ortiz
described it as “a song of freedom.” Now, to broadcast it. Luckily, the radio stations
in the jungle regions where the guerrillas held the hostages were controlled by the government,
so this wasn’t so difficult. “Better Days” was broadcast on more than 130 stations. 3
million people heard it. And the encoded message worked. The code was
heard in the song and passed on to other hostages. Some hostages escaped and gave the army more
information, which allowed the army to negotiate a release of additional hostages.
As more hostages were released, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos greeted them:
“Welcome to liberty, soldiers and policemen of Colombia. Freedom has been very delayed,
but now it is yours, to the delight of the whole country.”

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