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Top 10 Scariest Ads Ever

Top 10 Scariest Ads Ever

Is it just me or does that actually make you
not want to buy that phone. I would think that little haunted girl would
come find me. And thats so crazy that the samsung phones
use to look like that. “Show image of the phone: and that first
ad what the heck did we just watch. Well hows it going you guys I am your host
for this one Landon Do Not Sing and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video. If you guys missed our last video click right
over here, and also in the comment section let me know what is something that scares
you. For me its some of these commericals I am
about to show you. Lets see if you can make it all the way through
this video. I dare you. Also stay tune till the end of this video
for a bonus clip. Ok so this right here is the top 10 scariest
ads ever. So lets start this video strong at number
10 with an ad that was so scary it was actually pulled of from Youtube’s pre roll and mid
roll advertisements. The ad was for the movie the Nun. holy shit. If that’s not scary I have no idea what
it. The jump scare seemed to scare way to many
people on Youtubes platform and people were complaining about it forcing Youtube to drop
the advertisement. The movie still did extremely good especially
for a budget of only 22 million dollars. The most brought in over 365 million not bad
for profitability. Number 9. We have a playstation ad from europe that
will haunt your dreams tonight. at the end of the ad it says do not underestimate
the power of playstation. Not sure if playstation is try to send subliminal
messages or what, but I am kinda afraid to what playstation means by do not underestimate
the power of them. What are they capable of doing is my question. Also why does that person look like an alien? I was reading the comments on this video that
was uploaded onto youtube and someone said, shes hot please tell me she is real. Alright moving right along to number 8. You guys did see this ad at the intro of this
video well to remind you again here it is. I don’t know what scarier the ghost girl
or the fact phone bills are super high. Imagine watching this on tv, not sure after
watching this ad you would go OMG I need that phone. After I watched that I was looking for a tissue
because my ears were bleeding. And I don’t know what it is with this company
but they seem to have a trend on how they want to advertise their company phones for
4. Well at number 7, take a look at this one. you just dont expect that from a commercial
especially from a phone company. Imagine apple did something like this. Moving right along into Number 6. This is probably going to be the weirdest
thing you’ve seen all day. Is this real life right now what is even going
on right now. I am so damn confused can someone explain
this. Who actor signed up to do this. So far we’ve seen the weirdest part of the
commercial well the scary part is up next. stop right there, he eats what. what commerical is this for there is no way
anyone would guess what it is. And i guess we can’t ask why this person
eats little babies because they gave us the answer. Not that we needed to know. Number 5. that was the creepiest ad for Fragile Childhood. It’s an ad campaign for alcholics. The ad was demostrating how children see us
when we are drunk and it affects them. So as creepy as it was, once you put context
into the commercial you realize it all makes sense. An Evil Smile Doll demon baby is up next at
number 4. I am not sure you would want to bring into
your house, or buy for your kid. I think the commerical was spot on with the
creepyness, it for sure freaked me out. The only thing that sucks with that doll is
I don’t think holy water is included with it. Moving into number 3. You guys will not believe what the kinder
surprise commercials use to be like so I will just show you. I bet if you play that backwards the guy is
yelling for help. Well I guess that was one surprise I wasn’t
expecting. Number 2. I think my ears are bleeding again and I think
I never want to drive again. What the heck is it with scary car ad commericals. This ad has a bit of a back ground story to
it. The ad was from a car advertisement from the
UK I think the jump scare was created for the internet but its possible it was suppose
to be added into this commerical as well. But the scary part is the commerical was never
aired and thats because in this exact same location just a year before someone actually
died and in this car ad people claim to see a ghost in the ad and you can hear wispering
as well. I guess the car company didn’t want to mess
around with the non- living so they didn’t air it. Finally at number 1 we have another car related
commerical. This one has a very powerful message to it. this ad was put out in winnipeg canada. And it was an ad campaign to have drivers
slow down because its very dangerous. I know after watching that one I might be
getting a ticket for going to slow. Well there you guys have it thanks so much
for watching. I will see you all in the next video.

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Scariest Ads Ever

  1. More Scary Vids 👇 😨

  2. The only ads that scare me are public service announcements from Britain or Australia. Mostly just the foreign ones. They're so addicting tho.

    #1 is my favorite actually. I love the song. Also it made me cry. I like emotional PSAs

  3. #10- That wasn't the commercial for The Nun that was pulled from Youtube. The one pulled from Youtube had a black screen with the volume going down, which made people turn the volume up, then the nun's face appeared with a jumpscare.
    # 2- That wasn't a car commercial. It was a commercial for an energy drink. It was supposed to say something like "can you feel your heart racing now?" It did air, as well as other commercials with similar jumpscares, just not in America.

  4. The fact that you are still using a name for yourself that people have used to take the piiiss out of you, scared me!!? Stop it you are not called landon do not sing! 😐

  5. £59.99 is only 106 C$! How is that a scary price for a phone when a loaf of bread is 2 1/2 C$ on average and 12 eggs can be up to 4 1/2C$? You can get this phone for the same price as 42 loaves of bread or 280 eggs!!! 😁

  6. Landon the nun ad u put in was wrong, the one ppl were complaining it has the volume setting for tablets, it would play on pc and everything else, then the jumpscare would happen. Ppl have uploaded the clip of the ad with warnings on it

  7. The little baby’s ice cream video was cut to say “I eat little baby’s” but it really says “I eat little baby’s ice cream”

  8. number 3 became a meme in my family. chocadoobie's a nickname for our cat too, but we changed it a bit to match his name

  9. For little babies, the person cut it, he said little babies ice cream, which is the company, and it's also why he's covered in ice cream

  10. Omg, that first intro ad scared the the living sheet out of me. I lived through this…thank goodness.

  11. Okay I thought the “scary car commercial” was aired and it was a German advertisement for an energy drink? It was pulled off the air due to critics thinking it was too scary??

  12. When I was seven my parents scared me with the scary car ad and I didn’t come out of my room for like 2-3 days ;-;

  13. number six is just so sick and disturbing and Scary I cant put this right in my head. its just crazy

  14. The Little Baby’s Ice Cream ad was edited because I saw the original video and he said he eats Little Baby’s Ice Cream. He didn’t say he eats little babies. Unless there’s another meaning behind it then… oof.

  15. The walgreens ad that runs now about saving your skin is scary. I see it on me-tv late at night they show 4 or 5 people. They dim the lights on there face. Its scary at night.

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