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Toontown Ad: Doing Things Differently

Toontown Ad: Doing Things Differently

Ever wonder what it’d be like to live life
as a Toon? You could catch some fish, play some games,
or run some errands… But here in TOONTOWN, we do things a little
bit differently!

100 thoughts on “Toontown Ad: Doing Things Differently

  1. I saw the TTR team show this at Omgcon 2016. They are doing a lot more new stuff, not spoiling it though. I think the song in this video is catchy.

  2. I wanna do the field offices already… ; – ;
    Oh well, if I can wait for Doodles then I can wait for the offices too.

  3. is it ttr staff who made the song??/
    if no give me the link for the original song
    or the name
    because is so catchy

  4. I wish they did a Remastered HD version for consoles with more minigames it would defenetly blow the market even if its a Free To Play.

  5. does anyone know whether or not a mobile app version of this game would be possible and if so would they ever do it?

  6. Everyone else is amazed and here I am in disbelief that someone used train tracks on a twoface.

    Nah, I'm just kidding. I'm really glad the TTR staff is working very hard on his project for us! Y'all are awesome.

  7. The best thing about this ad is that Joey condones the usage of a level 7 trap gag against a level 6 Two Face.

  8. I'm glad you carried on toontown for the community after Disney shut it down, because if you didn't a large part of my childhood would have been taken away from me x

  9. Everyones talking about the Lawbot field offices, but I'm just thinking about the fact that he used a level 7 gag on a level 6 cog at 0:53

  10. wait a sec… if the lawbot field office are from legal eagles there will be legal eagles start walking around the streets?

  11. Hey, ToonTown rewritten, why wont u add more colors and options like fellowship, Altis, or Dessert Storm?
    what i mean, why not Starter Gag choose, or Black, gray and white, and that fun stuff? ik rewritten wants to be like the most close to the original, but why not making stuff.. quite more interesting. like adding Ubers (max Laff), the only thing i like from Rewritten right now is that them are gonna add new Species, thats all, i reached like 17 laff and i got bored. in fellowship if im not wrong, i reached like +30 laff and stopped playing, and Dessert Storm, i dont really remember..

    Username: TestSubject740
    Main Toon: Captain Chipper

    Thanks for reading 🙂

  12. can you make toontown toys! Yes i would love to do a toontown cog battle and making storys with toontown toys!
    so please this is my biggest dream.Make toontown toys and i got some ideas
    toontown cog and toon 2 figure pack – $6.00
    this 2 pack will include a cog figure and a toon figure including extra items like gags and cog attacks

    all the cogs collection- $30.00
    this pack will have every single type of cog in the game might be more expensive
    sellbot building – $27.00
    this will be a sellbot building other buildings can be made in time
    and this building will be 3 story
    and it will be easy to remove the floors so you could make storys of inside of the building
    the ceo – $11.00
    this will be the ceo wheels will be rollable like a toy car
    comes with 2 big cheeses 2 toons the ceo
    1 skelecog and a cog dining table

    and if you wont sell them with $ its alright i tried to use the pound symbol but it came out with a hastag and we wouldnt have to use panda3d to make our own cog storys i dont think you might be reading this but please please make toontown toys

  13. I'm positive that the rewinding clock in the logo is basically just saying that it's sort of throwing us back in time when toontown online was a thing.

  14. WOW I completely forgot about this game too bad there is no virtual reality reboot for it that would be cool is there still anyone even active on this game anymore?

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