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Tony Romo – Skechers Big Game “Easy” ad

Tony Romo – Skechers Big Game “Easy” ad

I like to make my life easy romo mode
good luck with that one yes so I wear Skechers slip-ons they’re effortless you
can just slip them on and off and they’re incredibly comfortable Skechers
air-cool memory foam skechers your slip ons for those who like things easily
thanks hover tray slip into easy comfort with Skechers slip ons try them in
relaxed and wide fit

20 thoughts on “Tony Romo – Skechers Big Game “Easy” ad

  1. I really like this commercial. Simple, clean, funny, easy to understand, and none of the usual perversion and bad music most others have.

  2. Tony Romo is the best part of any NFL telecast. He has a great personality, KNOWS THE GAME & RULES and is intelligent.
    Tony & Jim Nantz are the best pair in the booth for any NFL games and joe 1/2 a buck and dry as styrofoam Aikman are boring.

  3. Saw this commecial. Had to find it. It's one of my favorites now.

    Edit: I'm seriously considering buying these shoes just because of this one commecial.

  4. seems to loop on the top of the shoe needs to be removed some how my dad's middle toe got caught in the loop and then as his foot landed on the base of the shoe and snapped his toe and at angle because of the loop

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