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Tony Robbins: REPROGRAMMING MIND ( Tony Robbins Inspiration )

Tony Robbins: REPROGRAMMING MIND ( Tony Robbins Inspiration )

Tell me what the fuck this up I see some
of you going getting in my head you’re I get in your head you’re right dad but
when you get in your head what does that really mean that means you’re believing
the most limiting thoughts and you have to remember we all have a
two-million-year-old brain and it’s not designed to make you happy it’s designed
to make you survive so it’s always looking for what’s wrong then we played
the game look for Brown and you also saw beige it and called it brown just to
feel successful I said look for red you saw burgundy you
called it red so you could get more scores whatever you’re looking for seek
and ye shall what fine says that in a very good book called a good book and
you don’t have to be religious to understand this that this is a fact of
life so if you and I are gonna really take things to a different level we got
to see what could mess it up so the mind could mess it up but what aspect of the
mind what what makes us start to believe those thoughts what’s the emotion that
messes up what is it it’s absolutely fear but there’s more than this every
day of our lives we live in a world that is incredibly complex it is no more
stressful than world war two when none of us in this room probably remember
that time but it looked like democracy was disappearing and the Germans we’re
gonna win it one stage that’s stressful being in a foxhole is stressful you’re
not making as much money as you want or being a little overweight or someone
calling you names online that shit is not stressful we’re making it stressful
we’ve lost perspective who’s with me on this AI so what’s really useful I think
today is for us to figure out what messes us up and one of the biggest
thing that messes up is expectation right when we say the other day trade
your expectations for appreciation and your whole life changes because when
you’re expecting things and it doesn’t happen you get upset so that first day
also is all about what if you lived your life and you made a decision and the
decision was life is too short to suffer it’s too short to be stressed pissed off
fearful worried who’s with me on the set but our minds our survival software is
always looking for it’s wrong our job is to create the happiness and the only way
you do that is you draw a line in the sand and say I’m not gonna suffer I’m
gonna be honest I start to feel that stress I’m gonna breathe and I’m gonna
realize we’re the only creatures on the planet that can think of thought and
become angry drink the fart and become playful think of thought and be worried
think of thought and feel loved that’s we can change that’s why we can change
how fast but you have to take control and train this brain if you don’t train
this brain it’ll use you instead of you using it you have to identify with your
heart or your soul or your spirit and spit at the brain as I said in China the
heart is the Emperor it is the highest energy it’s the thing that is worshipped
because when you were born there was no brain your heart started beating and
there wasn’t a brain in you as a fetus he has its own intelligence it produces
hormones that strengthen your bones it is the strongest force in your immune
system this is the ticket this is what we get caught up in we want to use the
head and heart together and then we have the power of both of them
so to do that though we got to give up the expectation that people are going to
behave the way we want them to because what are the chances if you have if your
happiness is depend upon everyone around you your mother behaving the way you
think she should your father your brother your sister your co-workers your
employees what are the chances everybody living the way you think they should on
a zero to 100% scale what are the chances so why would we allow this to be
because it’s just a bad habit and it’s like my buddy Mike here with his
daughter instead of trying to control her he decides I’m gonna learn from her
I’m gonna love her I’m a brony and that pulls her closer instead of pushing her
further away instead of working on them we’re gonna work on us if I want to
change you the fastest way I can change you is changed me because we’re in a
cybernetic loop if I respond if Dad responds totally different than she can
predict she doesn’t know how to deal with that anymore now you left me
now your love can penetrate her instead of the story in each other’s minds when
he was talking to me on that first day about her he was in his head how many
saw that and then he left his head and got in his heart and that’s when a
penetrator you look at mama you’re smiling from the ear Diego nodding heads
on yeah that’s cool and look at my stomach’s mama’s face cuz he can feel
the difference so today we wanted to do our best to catch ourselves with our
head to get back on our heart and then here’s the biggest thing you need you
don’t want to make the assumption that says now I’ve done three days and I’m
done this is the beginning not the end who’s with me on this side now it
doesn’t have to be the beginning with me if you want to do more than me come to
master University or you gonna do with someone else but you got to keep growing
if you don’t keep growing noticeable matter and you can have tremendous few
months or half a year a year but why would you settle for six months because
he went to the program I remember one time I had a friend years ago really
good friend of mine it came to this seminar and he loved it he was unfired
he went back and he lost 32 pounds and change his business got closer to his
wife and then he ran into some challenges and one of us this had to
this is one of his businesses and then their kid had some challenges and he and
his wife got stressed about and they started being stressed with each other
in reaction to the environment and slowly you know I was like six seven
eight months in and I never say hey tell and I love that seminar but dude it
didn’t last it was great for six months I said asshole
I said who made you think you could do some for three days and would even last
six months I said do you think I just like did three days and I’ve been this
way for the last forty no I said forty years ago I started a journey that has
never ended and so we need a daily practice all right who’s up for here say
I and so I want to show you how I do this for me and I want you to create
your own system based on it so if you’re not gonna get lasting results you got to
do some things regularly the first thing I call this emergent coaching the first
thing that I do still myself is I schedule myself at least twice a year
sometimes three times a year to go to an event of some sort where I can make
myself better psychologically emotionally
relationship finances something I call an event blast-off because most people
learn a language in high school and college who learned the language at high
school in college let me show show hands how many of you don’t speak a fucking
word of it now let me see your hands what happened you spent years but you
did it like one hour a day five days a week
immersion is the way to learn when you’re breathing like we’re doing here
all night all day it’s not comfortable but it’s unbelievably fulfilling how
many experience here right now say ah you got to get over or your mind going I
can’t do this it’s too hard and all that shit you got to push yourself through
when you feel exhausted and say there’s a second win of me I’m gonna find it but
if you go for immersion you will master things ten times faster than you will do
in a little hour a day or once a week or something like that I mean think about
it this seminar is 50 hours of the course of the week if we can four days
four hours I can make this so much easier let’s do an hour a week for a
year I’ll get two weeks off it’ll be easy would we get the same result yes or
no no way so I’ll give an example my wife and I and we have an extended
family member of mine and they marry an area the three of us travel together
marries my right arm and so I drag marry with his two cos he’s part of our family
we just recently finished the date with destiny which is my most powerful
seminar six days and nights and it’s an experience of
some grads that they really cool but it’s one of my favorite things to do on
earth but it’s not an easy thing on my body as you might imagine and it’s
incredibly fulfilling but at the end of it my body is complete toast as you can
imagine and we were in Australia and the Gold Coast and I scheduled already some
Aziz here huh nice to see you guys and I I scheduled because my life is so full
there was only like one week I could do this and so I scheduled to go to this
place in Sedona Arizona with this man for 39 years has been a neurological
expert about how to wire your brain for alpha states Delta states if you’re
familiar with those but alphas the expertise and I wanted its graves my
life is I want to take another level so I have more to give for my family for my
friends for you for myself so we go for seven days
nice and this is what it was like you got up first thing in morning 6:30 and
you spent an hour and a half getting your brain wired with this glue shit and
they put like 180 these electrodes on your head my wife looks so attractive
and so did I it was amazing and then after wiring you up with this group
which by the way takes forever to get out afterwards
oh there’s why we don’t see the good you see just our hair afterwards but the
bottom line is we go in then you go in individual rooms like I want to be with
my family right I want to be with my wife or with my family and I got to go
in this dark little room that has no light and all that and it’s freezing
cold it must be my Karma for the shit I did
you people on a regular basis right and and sure enough I’m there for 14 hours
in this room you get one break sometimes to run the restroom and the entire time
you are learning to think and how you think these electrodes create sounds and
you learn how to put yourself in the zone of alpha but it’s a batch it’s
horrible I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody that wants easy experiences but
I’d recommend to anybody that wants to grow immensely and by the the first
thing I’m like who do I gotta shoot to get out of this thing oh it’s me I’m
going to did this shit but by the end of the week all three of us were able to go
into this state of alpha and if you’re familiar doubtful the best way I can
describe alpha is there’s no problem that can’t be solved in alpha because
every problem that we have was created by us destruction of the environment to
the pissed-off myths that you may have and since we create the problems any
problem of human crates we can solve but you can’t do with the same level of
thinking that got you there so the science of it and you can’t cheat this
thing measures you and then you take this freaking test with 300 questions
three times a day the same effing test and takes forever and while you’re
answering it these electrodes are seeing what you’re doing and then the guy sits
down with you it’s called Sigma’s and he goes well
this is 2 Sigma this is even this is 10 Sigma’s and the more Sigma says how far
you are off from what you wrote from what was really going on in your nervous
system so I was like you know like you know said something to me like that I
was demanding I’m like what the fuck I’m not the man
what are you talking about right but I guess I guess I was right and you
learned then how to let go those old patterns create new ones so my point is
I’m doing OK in my life I’m not exactly hurting I’m having the most beautiful
life I could possibly have a beautiful mission a beautiful family beautiful
children grandchildren beautiful experience to live in life and yet I’m
not willing to settle for that because I’m here to deliver more for everyone I
love including myself and so what I do is I schedule it because listen to me
when you talk about shit it’s a dream when you envision it it’s exciting when
you plan it it’s possible when you schedule it it’s real when this event
became real is when you enrolled yourself before that it was an idea and
there’s lots of people intended to be here intended I’ve been never locked it
in so I lock it in advance cuz if I hadn’t locked it in after date with
destiny there’s no way I got a plane flown all the way there and then put
myself in a room for seven days and nights but I’m grateful I did and I only
did it because I already locked in place so I encourage you to number one figure
out at least twice a year what are you gonna go to it’s gonna make you grow and
expand how do you feel like these last couple days have been some of the most
growth you have in a couple of days here to say I then why settle for this one
time again I’m happy to do it with you I have other programs if you want to
come but you’re not limited to me I don’t care where you go but before you
leave here you should schedule what’s next you know why because how many were
looking forward to this for a long time and very excited about this I’m curious
how many were quite scared about this shit by the way I’m curious but here’s
what’s interesting after you achieve a goal if you ever done this worked your
ass off achieve the goal and you feel good and then there’s kind of a drop
because we need something compelling to be going after so we keep growing so I
always write before I achieve a goal I immediately set what the next thing is
and I lock it in my schedule because otherwise there’s that drop and if I
have the next thing it’s like you’re going from peak to peak as opposed to
peak to drop the beat drop how many fall I’m talking about here say hi and the
other thing I’ve learned that taught this to all my children and one time my
daughter was talking means just like dad you know you’re so brilliant and I said
you’re absolutely right and I said honey you know I am a smart
human being I’ve worked hard to be a smart human being but probably my
greatest gift is I do not let opportunities scape my grasp if there’s
an opportunity and it scares me if there’s an opportunity and I don’t the
time if there’s opportunity the money and the early days in my life they’re
all free of that I did have time the money and I was fearful I make myself do
it because I know that if I don’t get
myself to do that I’m not gonna keep growing
my teacher Jim Rohn used to teach me this he said Tony if you really want
have an amazing life you got to learn to stretch yourself I said well I did
stretch myself he goes well let me give you my philosophy of stretching he said
stretching means if you find yourself saying I can’t do something then you
must say I must do it immediately and do it with no hesitancy because if you
hesitate it’s like the firewalk if you went up the firewalk most you got up
there made your move and rock somebody got up there like fuck fuck fuck fuck oh
shit shit Oh Oh what am I doing here and the longer you wait the what it is
harder it is she just train yourself to just do it instinctively push yourself
so if I say I can’t than I must now we first told me this I said well I can’t I
must as I can’t jump off a cliff that I must be said know be intelligent but he
said if you find yourself saying I can’t do something I don’t want to do
something but you know if you made yourself do it you’re gonna be a better
human being than you must do it don’t hesitate do it immediately and so some
people say well that’s not a very safe life that’s not a very secure life if
you want security go to prison if you want freedom this is how you live right
so once you’ve got events where you’re gonna make huge growth the next thing
you want to do throw up the number twos you really want to get yourself a coach
or a mentor why do you want to coach your mentor you’re smart well I got a
series of mentors I’ve got three men in my life who are the smartest humans I
know some of most successful people in the world in business spiritually
emotionally well-developed they’re eighteen to twenty years my senior and
guess what I come to them all the time for accountability and feedback because
as much as I notified myself you don’t do brain surgery on yourself
even if you’re grain brain surgeon he doesn’t make sense
you need some feedback from the outside because you’re still in it and so
getting a coach is critical and I get paid a million dollars a year to coach
someone and I only take on seven clients and I got now a five year waiting list
so I’m not looking for any coaching clients but I’ve trained all of my
coaches to do the same things I do and they don’t try to million-dollar here
not even gloves so you can use our coaches if you want or someone else but
what you don’t want to do is have a friend be your coach why I’ll give an
example a few years back I was on this talk show that’s in the morning a
moments in the name but it has a bunch of ladies what’s the name of the view
that’s right I won’t mention it and I was on the view and it was some Barbara
Walters was still on and I was a brilliant amazing lady and they had me
on in January and I was doing a piece on new year new life how to transform your
energy in your body and when I was done talking his little seven-minute segments
all four or five women it was 5 woman followed me into the green room
literally during the break and they said listen before the TV comes back on we
want to do this you know tell us more how do we do this and we want to do this
together and when they said they want to do it together I was like hold it I said
can I be direct with you on this I said Barbara you know how much I respect you
and all of you but can I be direct they said well yeah I said well I respect you
you’re some of the best in the world we do as journalists I said you have an
incredible show number one to show you’ve been in years Barbara your role
model for anyone who wants to be successful man or woman but there’s an
area of your life none of you have mastered your body I’m not being harsh I
have to tell the truth because the truth is how you get to the things to change
and you should have seen him look around at me like oh my god I just said what
I didn’t say they’re fat I said you haven’t mastered this area life and I
said here’s the problem if you guys get together now and none of you’ve mastered
this area and you’re all friends you’ll do this for two or three days but about
the third or fourth day in one he’s going to go I want to go to Starbucks
you never mocha smokers something-something fuck whatever that
shit’s gone right and someone’s casino we got to work on the go but like hey we
just stop for a few minutes and then someone else to say well we can stop for
a few minutes and then you’re fucked cuz you’ll break the pattern I said have you
ever done this before and he starts shaking hands they said it’s Apple times
I said don’t do this together I know you love each other that’s why you shouldn’t
do it together get a professional when you go I want a mocha smoke little shut
the fuck up and you need someone who’s not gonna listen to your bullshit and
it’s gonna push you until you develop the discipline to develop the skill even
then they’re gonna know the little things the two millimeter things you
don’t know that could save you a decade how many father say I so don’t get a
good coach get an outstanding one and the problem is I created the coaching
industry before I came along no one called myself a coach in this industry
there wasn’t this industry you had to be a therapist and you got approved by
insurance and I came along and said these therapists are sitting down with
people for seven years and I can wipe out that phobia in twenty minutes or an
hour and so I went around and I said I gotta figure Who I am I’m not a
motivator I never was you know I’m not a guru what am i I thought was an athlete
who influenced me the most of my coaches and many of them were not as good as I
was but I’m in the game I’m in the forest they’re outside of it they could
see things to give me cues and they cared about me so I said that’s all that
forget about Lennox I’m a coach I love people I’m not better than they are but
I’m gonna see things they can’t see because this is my focus all right and
so I did that and for many years they call myself a coach no one did I
remember I was on Larry King Live and I just started coaching President Clinton
because what is this coaching thing you’re not a coach you know coach
athletes I said well I actually I do but I said no here’s what I mean by coach
and is about to give it up and like well in the next six months everybody was a
coach therapists are calm self coaches Financial Planner Stockholm self
coaches became a term of art now I hate it you know I there’s no standard by
anybody say they’re calling self a coach and we go out there and do it they go to
some class some idiot teaches them three skills they’ve never produced the
fucking result in their life and they’re a coach so I feel like they created a
bastard industry and so like any industry there’s good and bad
you gotta find somebody’s outstanding don’t settle for somebody’s good and
don’t settle some because you like them because why came is a nice thing you
need somebody who has the skill to get you them who’s with me on this AI and
why do we want to coach so you measure at least twice a month some of you three
times a month because if you don’t measure you can’t manage what you don’t
measure does that make sense and you gotta measure it and it’s easy
with your children with your life with your businesses you’re gonna get caught
up you need somebody helping you to stay on target for what you want for your
life how many follow say ah and it’s cheap most coaching is inexpensive in
the people over charge don’t go to them but get somebody’s really great and then
finally thirdly and this is what I want to show you this morning
you need a daily practice and a daily practice that’s gonna put you in the
best state possible regularly and so there’s two parts of the nearly practice
what is you want to feed your mind every day for at least 30 minutes and when I
say feed your mind my teacher Jim Rohn used to say miss a meal but don’t miss
reading for 30 minutes and I don’t mean reading the web or your social media
bullshit or Twitter I mean reading a real book that you’ve selected because
it’s gonna make you grow spiritually mentally emotionally financially
something that makes you think something that gives you a strategy not some a
cute little blog posts that you can read in five minutes I mean something that’s
gonna make you not be mental candy some that’s gonna produce a different result
because our lives are the result of the input input a bunch of garbage you get
garbage out so I I would like never miss reading and then I started listening to
audios when I was really up and the great thing about audios is you can do
what I call net time no extra time so the biggest challenge we have is what am
I gonna read what am I gonna do this women do all these things the answer is
it doesn’t take any extra time if you use net time you can do it while you’re
cleaning the house while you’re working out one for a walk when you’re driving
in your car she’d be your new University we’re feeding your mother because if you
don’t feed your mind weeds grow automatically you have to work on
growing weeds they’re gonna be there if you don’t do something to replace it so
every day 30 minutes of either audio or a book something that’s gonna make you
grow it’ll feed your mind it’ll keep the momentum going so this won’t be just the
one burst this will be the one that got you going and then you keep the momentum
by doing this and then finally and most importantly many people the most silly
question I’m asked in the media all the time for 40 years is don’t you have bad
days don’t you get upset don’t these things happen of course but I said I
don’t stay there I’ve trained myself like an athlete change their muscles I
train my emotional muscles which by the way I think your emotional spiritual
muscles are the most important ones get courage unused does it grow or shrink
which one safe unemployed unused does it grow or diminishe diminishes passion
unexpressed does it expand or shrink so the most important muscles that change
your life are those mental emotional spiritual muscles if we develop them
more we’re gonna experience more so the way I do that is to a process I call
priming and this is the part that I really want you to get because it’s
really simple most of us have you ever thought seen someone do something and
thought to yourself what the f is wrong with this idiot who’s ever have those
thought how many have you ever done something yourself and thought what the
f am i doing okay many times we think we’re thinking our own thoughts when
we’re not we’ve been trying by the environment to think a certain way and
we don’t even realize it now sometimes that’s done consciously by marketers or
advertisers that’s a simplistic example but a more powerful example is what
happens in your daily life so let me give you a couple examples so you become
aware of the power of priming and then I want to show you how you can consciously
prime your own mind and body and emotion so you naturally go where you want to go
as opposed to hoping you go there so some of the studies on priming have
shown that what you think of your thoughts actually got there because
something in the environment that you’re no longer noticing so an example this
would be they did a study and they took two actors and they both approached a
hundred people each and the actors were designed to do the exact same thing they
walk up to people they have the same facial expression and they say well your
singers kiss me could you hold this to me for one second when I grab my phone
and they hand you this cup of coffee and then they reach in their pocket to get
their phone for two seconds they put it back real fast they go thank you so much
and they take it back and every time they did it exactly the same way with
all the people 200 people hundred each each person did a hundred people but
fifty of those people they gave hot coffee tip fifty the people they gave
iced coffee tip now listen to this this is mind boggling
after 35 to 45 minutes roughly a person walks by outdoors or at the mall
wherever they did this they have a check for a clipboard and they go scuse me um
we’ll give you twenty dollars if you’ll give us three minutes of your time to
read these three paragraphs and answer two questions ninety-five seven people
do it 20 bucks three minutes all good and they read these three paragraphs
which is this story about this main protagonist and then the two questions
are tell us what’s the first emotion that you linked to the main character
and what’s the second one those the two questions when they do this with people
they had a hot coffee to 80% of the people eighty-one percent to be exact
roughly 80 81 say that the person they read the story about is generous and
warm sometimes they had that word loving but generous and warm is always there
the people have exact same presentation 34 40 minutes earlier who are given iced
coffee eighty percent is a 1% difference which is statistically irrelevant eighty
percent of them say the person is cold and uncaring and the only different is
thirty five to four minutes earlier somebody hands you a hot or cold cup of
coffee that’s wild isn’t it I’ll give you
another example you know in America many of your 72 countries here but in America
a lot of people see individuals that come from Asia as being superior in
science and math and there’s a different mindset in those countries about science
and math and when those people come here they work incredibly hard an incredibly
focused they believe and the belief structure is they do really well if
you’re Asian now in our culture in the past many
times people have been focused on the fact that if you are a man you do well
with math and science but if you’re a woman it’s just not your cup of tea
you’re not quite as strong in it and there’s no basis for that whatsoever but
it’s a cultural anchor that people have begun to believe in so here’s what’s
interesting they took the math part of the SAT test and they took a group of
women at Harvard and all they did to change the test has changed the first
question of the test on half the test they said what’s your gender on the
other half the tests they said what is your nationality right what’s your
ethnicity well interesting when they’re asked what their sex was and they’re all
women they performed 11% lower and if they are asked what is your ethnicity
and they said Asian they were 11% higher a 22% difference between the two and the
only difference was the first question was asked because it primed you either
for your higher level of skill based on your conditioning or a lower level of
skill based on social conditioning how many phone right there’s a million
studies like this another interesting one that’s really simple is they did an
ad where they show the IBM logo and the Apple logo and they also did this with
the commercial I don’t know if you remember the commercial think
differently than Apple made years ago so had people watch the commercials in both
cases afterwards they were given a creativity test the people that watched
the 30-second Apple commercial versus IBM scored 20 percent higher
consistently across the board and all they saw was 30 seconds about thinking
differently that is the power of priming so my point
is really simple if you’re gonna get the results that you deserve and that you
want you want to prime yourself for success prime yourself for love prime
yourself for courage rather than hope that you show up that
way based on the triggers of your environment does this make sense
and so I prime myself every single day for a minimum of 10 minutes it’s the
first thing I do in the morning and I’d like to show you how you do it and have
you do it so you can have a daily discipline and if you do this every day
if you keep once or twice a year get yourself to an immersion experience it
makes you grow you get yourself a coach where twice a month 30 minutes even
you’re just staying on target of measuring and you read 30 minutes a day
hear an audio 30 minutes a day and you start with priming then this won’t be a
three six twelve month thing this will be a lifetime thing does that make sense
so you’re not gonna get a lifetime results unless you’re lucky by one
experience but you can certainly happen to use this as the blast-off and then
you have a daily discipline to keep the momentum Gong so how are we gonna prime
well let me give you a story first a simple example first was one of my boys
my second youngest son’s name is Josh love him to death amazing kid and Josh
came to live with me when his five years old never I told you I was 24 and
instantly I got married to have been married twice before with kids from two
different husbands and she wasn’t living with her kids and so I met her fell in
love with her brought her into my life and then saw sad she was without her
kids so I brought her kids away from both the other husbands they were happy
to give him to us and I adopted them as ours and so I’m 24 and I got a 17 year
old son because she was 13 years my senior an 11 year old daughter of 5 year
old and one on the way well Josh was the five year old and josh is just such a
sweet really incredibly great kid but one of the challenges for Josh was he
was afraid to even walk down the driveway to get to the bus I’m mr. fear
and the power rip shit open and my son can’t walk down to the bottom of the
strength and so I had to kind of try to figure out how to deal with this how to
figure it all out and figure what I was going to do to try and make this thing
happen to make a change and so one of the things that happened was I started
to realize that I needed to train his nervous system to have courage instead
of hoping it showed up I got a really train it and I started doing these
things with him and I watched him before my eyes changed become more confident
key more strong and all I was doing was getting to program his own mind prime
himself just really simple little things to do and then one day Josh came home
and he was laughing uncontrollably I like over nothing and then I came in the
room and there was a new friend with him and this kid you know you know anybody
that’s not really funny but they think they are
I don’t know so like this somebody who cracks himself up you know I mean and
this kid was cracking himself up he wasn’t funny but he laughed so hard I
found myself laughing at his silly jokes right and Josh laughing so much so when
he left I said to Josh that kid he’s your friend
I said make him your friend for life he goes why dad I said because if you hang
out with him who you spend time with us who you become and you’re around him
there’s so much more playful you just have so much more joy you so much you
have so much laughter and that young boy my son is 36 9 3 grandkids with him and
his best friend is still that young boy is now also 36 years old and Josh is and to this day Josh is funny as shit
when he was a little kid like he’s seven or eight years old he stole this dirty
jokes book and memorized every frickin joke in the damn thing and he got so
much reward for it and his buddy was like that but to this day if I want to
laugh you know josh is my partner a couple of my companies and he’s not my
partner I have four kids none of my others are partners with me I love them
all equally but he shows up differently and part of it is things that stress
other people out he breaks the pattern with his own laughter his beautifully
around him great time any problem so I’ll give you another example of priming
when I first started about my date with destiny seminar decades ago I I did the
seminar in my own house at a place called the Del Mar castle and there were
about I don’t know 38 39 people to seminar a little different now as you
can see and I was delivering like my heart and soul into this particular
program and gradually I started looking around and going man I can’t keep doing
this my house there’s not enough room when I got some 100 people I had to move
it but I wanted to keep it and you know I lived in Del Mar California it’s on
the beach and I said well there’s a hotel on the beach and well it’s a
really nice hotel called lubbers LeBaron we’ll go down the birds will do it there
and they have a room that’ll hold 150 people which is a giant seminar for me
at those days and when they didn’t count on I thought this is great people work
on their beliefs and their goals and values and then go outside and they can
sit on the beach during the breaks breathe the fresh air but what didn’t
think about is right there in Del Mar on the beach there’s a train station and so
somehow my little brain didn’t figure this out till it’s too late
I’m in the middle of a seminar and someone is sharing this emotional
experience this one was raped and she’s going through it all and I’m stepping in
to help her and I’ll see her in this fricking rain a train whistle sir and
they do it like five times so nobody misses the train and so every time start
taki interrupted again and people are getting pissed off and it was happening
so often because there’s so many trains that at one point I realized I know the
schedule whenever able to be pissed off 8:30 a.m. 10:15 11:30 12:00 10:00
they’re gonna be best it’s gonna come so I turn the audience
and I said we gotta have a schedule for being pissed off right now and I’d like
us to train ourselves to feel differently how many of you have
something in your life or someone who can trigger you at times annoy you it
could be a family member you love but they have this little thing they do it
could be husband or wife it could be your kids it could be a cobra how many
got one of these say I said what if we trained ourselves so the same stimulus
that was making us angry we trained our nervous system just using basic science
neuroscience trained our nervous systems so the same stimulus makes us feel great
and people look to me like this is bullshit what are you talking about I
said here’s what I want to do since the trains gonna come a dozen times a day
and we have three more days together perhaps we should enjoy the train how
many of you when you’re a kid when you heard a train you wanted to see the
Train maybe count the number of cars or run down to be close to it how many how
many were excited when you saw a train raise your hand say hi now you’re on the
way to work or a meeting and the train comes in your way
freaking track I’ll give you a clue the train didn’t change so the question is I
said what if every time the train comes we train ourselves to celebrate to feel
good to enjoy I said so here’s one ask you to do every title your train I don’t
care from the middle the most important conversation of your life I don’t care
for her we’re doing something but you think it’s so important if you’re tired
I don’t give all the books on your chair I want you to instantly just drop
everything and I want you to jump and start to celebrate like a little kid
like it’s the greatest gift of your life and then we’re gonna end with a low clap
and then we’re gonna laugh hysterically into our chair and if you can’t laugh I
want you to fake laugh into your chair because most of you know if you fake
laugh what starts to happen real laughter comes right and then you water
your self to last more easily just like with Josh I wanted people wouldn’t be
nice to laugh easier you didn’t have to have everything be perfectly funny for
you to have a good time because mostly it doesn’t have to be perfectly bad for
you to be pissed off so train it so I got it would agree
and we did it for every time the train came and some people are gonna freaking
train that won’t work you gotta go it’s a trap you got to be like a little kid
and pretty soon people look forward to the Train
and by the way will this be useful to train yourself around a person in your
life or a situation yes or no so I don’t have a train nearby but I haven’t
reported a special train whistle and I’m gonna ask you for the rest of today no
matter how tired we are I’m a hard-working no matter what we’re in the
middle of if we hear that train with so we’re gonna jump up and we’re gonna
celebrate like little kids make noise have fun well clap will do the well clap
and then we’re going to have historically to our chair make the point
of somebody else and laugh at them while we’re doing it to train our nervous
system who’s willing to go for it go for it yes if that feels good
say yes yes say yes so that’s priming can we pry myself to
feel good yes or no what if you knew you would never have a really important
conversation with your kid or your spouse or your loved one and you’re
starting to feel a little tension because you don’t want to deal with this
cuz you love them you don’t do the bullshit potato you got to in this state
of being primed about it how’s it gonna go but if you primed yourself a laughter
or joy or playfulness and now you’re gonna be with them and somebody goes no that’ll fuck with him real quick love it
they don’t to deal with you enjoying yourself so we are in charge here’s the
point life changes the moment you make the decision that you’re a hundred
percent responsible for your experience of life not responsible like a heavy
response able if you’re responsible you’re able to respond you’re going
respond and be able to do that if you own yourself and if you know people can
do anything but still you’re the authority of what it means to you
you’re the authority of your own emotions
use authority of your own actions who’s with me on the CI and blaming other
people which the human mind is always looking to do will never make you happy
never make you fulfilled never bring you closer to people never make you grow so
when you’re willing to take that level responsibility where you’re like making
judgments and you go on that person is such a bullshit of such a liar one of
the things I always do is I do a reversal mat and go you’re such a
bullshitter you’re so sorry no I’m not where are you a bullshitter well it did
bullshit about that once who’s ever said something and after you said it fuck
yourself what I just said was total bullshit
how many men fought this how many heard someone else say something about
yourself well they just said it’s fucking bullshit
see if you can see it in someone else they can see it you better to just own
it let go cuz that’s what the mind does if we look the mind run us we’re gonna
have a tough time this mind serves me I don’t negotiate with the remember I told
you I don’t say well I’ll do this well maybe we can do it maybe we’ll jump in
the water now it’s like it knows I’m not hearing negotiate when I say it we do it
that’s what we want to train ourselves to do that who’s up for that say I so
the first step to that would be priming so let me show you exactly what I do for
10 minutes by the way my son he people around him enough he laughs so much he
is a priming to other people when he shows up in the room cuz around Josh
enough and they know at any moment Josh could crack them up and there’s an
unconscious anticipation of it does that make sense so either some stressful
they’re almost done their ads of josh is gonna do something of this nature it’s
an incredible skill it’s an incredible gift
so here’s how I pride myself I do three things first before I do the three
things whenever you want to make a change or improve something the first
place you want to prove it is in your mental emotional state if you do
something from the pissed off state from an exhausted state from a frustrated
state from a weak state you won’t matter what you do the thoughts are weak when
you’re in a weak place the actions are weak
so the first thing we’re going to do is I’m going to show you a simple breathing
pattern and the breathing pattern if you’re familiar with yoga it’s like
Breath of Fire it’s similar to Breath of Fire
that’s a movement here’s what’s going to look like is this you’re gonna sit up in
your chair with energy I’ll show you what we’ll do and then we’ll do it we’re
gonna raise your hands up as we take the air in and then you’re gonna blow it up
only gonna blow it out your notes now to do that if there’s anything in there it
may show up coming out of your body so if it does just wipe it on your neighbor
it’s not a problem whatsoever so if you do have some Kleenex you might want to
grab your Kleenex if you got some just in case something happens
cuz you’re gonna be blowing up that nose strong in fact if you have some tissue
or a sleeve or something now’s the time to use it
so here’s we’re gonna do you’re gonna take the breath in your hands are gonna
go where up and then actually hence go up like this and we’re gonna do that
over and over again for 30 breaths all cannonballed you three sets of ten
you’re gonna do this with your eyes closed then you’re gonna drop your hands
down palms up on your weight on your legs and you’re just gonna feel whatever
you feel you might notice some tingling you might notice a sense of peace you
might just feel relaxed and then we’ll do another three sets of 10 another
thirty will relax and then another so there are three sets of 30 3 sets of 10
10 10 10 10 10 10 – 10 with a break between when you’re done with that
you’re ready to prime because I put you in stage priming is three options it’s
done in ten minutes you can do more than ten and many of you will enjoy it so
much you’ll go longer but the reason I do 10 minutes of priming is I wanted to
come up with a daily discipline there was no excuse not to do if you don’t
have 10 fucking minutes for your lives you don’t have a life who’s with me on
this say I and by the way when you get on the airplane what’s the first thing
they teach you when they get on the airplane
they say okay here’s how to put your seat belt as if you don’t know and then
they say in the result of the loss of oxygen what’s gonna happen these masks
can drop down they have oxygen and the first thing you do is grab it and put it
on your child it’s the first thing you got to do let’s amp they tell you what
do they tell you put on yourself you selfish bastard what are you talking
about why do they tell you to do that because if you don’t take care of you
you can’t take care of them and what a good metaphor for our lives
yes give it up for that piece as well so we’re priming taking care of
ourselves we can take everybody else – is it make sense so what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna do our three sets of ten three sets of ten three sets of ten then
with our eyes closed the first three and a third minutes of the ten minutes is
we’re gonna focus on three experiences in our life that we can feel deeply
grateful for three of them and we’re not going to think I’m like oh this this
this we’re taking one at a time spend about a minute each and step into that
moment in your life that you could feel grateful for it could be a little thing
or a big thing it doesn’t matter what matters is that you go there you know if
I ask you what’s it like to be on a roller coaster and you remember time
you’re in a roller coaster and you picture yourself in a roller coaster
over there you’re gonna give me a very different feedback than if I get you to
imagine the moment you’re going over the edge and you’re in the front seat then
you’re gonna show me a different result you want your gratitude to be in the
front seat not an intellectual gratitude out there so I take three minutes a
minute each I come up with something different every time I think of a moment
that I could feel so grateful for a blessed moment a beautiful moment a
loving moment a sacred moment and I step in and feel it and flood myself with a
gratitude now if you remember why we use gratitude sounds corny right but why
from a scientific perspective remember what I showed you the other day when
someone’s frustrated when they’re angry we can measure your EKG in your ECG we
can see what your heart and your brain are both doing and they are all over the
place they don’t match they’re jagged remember the image but when you breathe
in your heart and you put focus in your heart where focus goes energy and so
what happens is you get unified and all of a sudden the brain and the heart
become one tracing energy it’s crazy that’s the flow State
so when you’re grateful gratitude is the antidote to the two emotions that mess
up most people’s lives what are they anger and what fear those
are two Biggie’s you cannot be grateful and angry
simultaneously that’s the beauty of them it’s the antidote to anger
you can’t be fearful and grateful simultaneously so the more you cultivate
and prime yourself for gratitude the more you can push through anger and fear
very quickly does that make sense so again it’s scientific this is not like
positive thinking bullshit it’s about what actually changes biochemistry and
what will get you to wire and fire a new set of patterns that are more elegant
more rewarding more impactful than the ones that society will condition you to
do if you let it okay so three minutes a minute each and by the way when I do it
I usually pick two strong ones and then I pick something really simple and I
make myself really feel the gratitude like the wind on my face or the smell of
the ocean if I’m doing it outside by my house or the look on one of my
children’s faces and I’ll just fill that up and the reason is if all you do is
get grateful about big things you’re gonna miss most of life you know the
guys that the astronauts that went to the moon think about that journey think
about as a child these guys dreamed of being an astronaut they competed with
hundreds of thousands of people and then a few of these guys get on that rocket
and go to the moon imagine you walk on the moon you look back and you see that
picture we’ve all seen of the blue-green earth it’s so beautiful and it’s not a
photograph they were the ones they’re seeing it talked about an experience and
then they face their fears and come in they land successfully in the ocean and
they’re rescued and then there’s a ticker tape parade in New York they
shake the president’s hand and now what do you do you’re 32 years old and you
walked on the fucking moon what do you do now for adventure and if you study
the astronauts Buzz Aldrin all these guys had a chance to interview most us
not all but three of them almost all of them wrote about describe what happened
to them they no longer had a compelling future I don’t have an adventure I
walked on the moon everything else is small by nature and as a result they got
depressed most of them abused alcohol and drugs why because they’re looking
for adventure on a moon run and they missed the adventure in a smile so I
train myself daily pry myself to find those little
things that are so beautiful and feel them because the my field and the more I
can give that to someone else the more I can move that direction the more I can
enjoy as well it’s putting the mask on me first who’s with me on this ai okay
so that’s after we do our breathing step one of the three steps first the
breathing then the three steps one gratitude
three minutes roughly a minute each three different moments you can feel
grateful for and feel it enjoy it savor it living it next three in the
third minutes second things are going to do is you’re gonna feel the energy in
you and do a prayer or a blessing now I know many of you are not religious I’m
not suggesting you need to be but almost all of us know there’s a power in love
you know if God was love and we didn’t come up with all the other names for God
you wouldn’t have much argument between people so I imagine that what you’re
gonna do is imagine energy of God the universe whatever you want imagine
coming down into you like a white light and breathing it down in through your
body down your legs into the earth and then coming back up and out again so
it’s and it comes back up and you have to do this with your hands but I’m
trying to show you what the feeling is and while you’re doing this what are you
gonna do during those three minutes is you’re gonna give thanks it’s like a
prayer saying heal my body my mind my emotions strengthen me make me the best
I can be strengthen my love my passion my courage whatever it is that you value
in yourself and you feel that happening of the three minutes I do that for about
a minute and a half and the other minute half I then take that energy through me
and I send it in a circle around to my children to my family to my friends to
my co-workers to my associates to my partners to the people I meet on the
street to my clients and so it’s taking the energy now you might sound like
Lulu’s stuff but the idea of allowing your nervous system to heal and
strengthen just the focus of that alone for you is strong and sending to others
as well so you can think it’s all bullshit but try it and decide based on
the experience if you do in a while I think you’re gonna find
it’ll a deep in that sense of gratitude because it becomes not only gratitude
but he strengthening and a gift to those you
love the last three minutes I call three to thrive you’re gonna think of three
things that you really want to accomplish or achieve but instead of
like hoping it happens or thinking about it happening you’re gonna step in your
mind and experience it as if it’s done you’re gonna see it or feel it breathe
it celebrate it like you’ve already achieved the goal what you’re doing is
training your reticular activating system and we talked about this the
other day the part of your brain that notices things when you did you know
before you bought that car outfit you never noticed them now you buy that car
outfit those cars and outfits are everywhere how come because your Ras now
that you own one says this is important I need to pay attention to this well
when you get clear what you want and you see this done and feel it and create it
in your mind and your heart and you celebrate it there’s a sense of
certainty then there’s your body and your reticular activating system starts
to go to work on making it happen so you spent a minute each one of those so
basically three minutes each three to 30 minutes each and we’re done all right
how many want to try

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