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Tommy Lynn Sells – The Mind of a Psychopath | Nightline | ABC News

Tommy Lynn Sells - The Mind of a Psychopath | Nightline | ABC News

48 thoughts on “Tommy Lynn Sells – The Mind of a Psychopath | Nightline | ABC News

  1. Americans don't understand why migrant caravans exist.
    Having psychopath neighbors is the norm in Latin countries.
    Visit the non tourist parts. It is literally Mad Max.

  2. There were survivors who were abused that didn't grow up to be killers. So give me a break! Such as a pathetic excuse from a pathetic animal. God took care of him.

  3. The US is the biggest global producer of serial killers. Cerebral hard-wiring (psychopath) maybe part, but the US has no more psychopathic genes than any other country: it's society that creates them (sociopath). TV with it's death porn 'programs' and 'series,' like this one that doesn't even care enough to give this killer his correct sociopath label, is a root cause: kill, consume, kill, consume, that's entertainment! Add to this the unfit parent and unwanted child stuck in front of the TV…the fledgling sociopath learns to fly flitting from Ellen to Crime TV. Personally, I don't think Trump is anti-abortion because he cares about babies, it's more about protecting the next generation of sociopaths.

  4. Woooow that has got to be the biggest NIGHTMARE Ever!! Waking up in the middle of the night and watching an old scary man slicing your friend's throat!!???!

  5. Around the age of 14 he started killing?… So then how old was he when he first he had his first experience w drugs?

  6. What repulses me more than all of that are the ones who would see him as a victim of his cerebral wiring.
    PET scans typically display decreased amygdala activity in parallel to a concentrated activity in their frontal cortex which is theorized to be involved in DELIBERATELY inhibiting any emotional activity.

    Those are not animals.
    Parasites, feeding of the pain of humans as a commodity. There'd better be a hell…

  7. I've yet to read about a psychopath that wasn't subject to sever abuse as a child. This guy is no different, as he admitted to being abused as a child. Unless these "experts" perform full brain scans before said abuse occurs, they have no reason whatsoever to assume some people are born this way. All evidence points to psychopathy manifesting as a result of environmental experience (which physically changes brain structure in maturing physiology), not genetic anomalies.

  8. K he reminds me of my uncle. But my uncle is a bit nicer and hasn't intentionally killed someone. (He was drunk driving as a teen and 2 ppl died). But the way he talks..like the head and coconut example. My uncle would say it like that too. He has a mental illness and is an alcoholic and drug addict.

  9. He said something I would have trouble accepting. That they were wired/born to kill. I believe we can have many trainings in life and then we choose our path. But I also believe that we are wired from birth to act a certain personality. Anyways, the mind will always be hard to understand.

  10. Woman beaten …man shot …ladies and gentlemen , boys and girls ..he was a fruitcake a piece of shit pussay …couldn't beat a man knew he was weak used a gun but beat a woman and baby bare hands ….fat pussycat

  11. I'd beat the shit out of him …he has hate and I have a love for beating the shit out of those who hurt the innocent .

  12. This bloke is just a cold hearted viscious offender no remourse, i know some people don't like it but some serial killers are saved in the next life Jesus power can forgive anyone who seeks him like maybe Edmund Kemper and Ted Bundy they are honest have identified their evil and sought forgiveness only the Lord knows if its sincere, i think so. But then the likes of this guy a narcissistic prick like Arthur Shawcross are only perhaps the tip of the iceberg of nutcases, there are many murderous psychopaths out there in the world so evil the every day person can not comprehend or believe that they do what they do and they are free causing emence heart ache and pain. Watch Hostel it goes on its very real…

  13. And we the tax payers spend over $70,000 a year so this fuck can get three hot meals a day, a bed to sleep in, health care, dental care, internet access, cable television, cellphone service, and a psychologist to list to his problems.
    And many believe the death penalty is unjust.

  14. I still believe that he is the one that killed Dara Lee Rotier kids. I hope I spelled her name correct. She is on death row for it.

  15. Isn't it funny how these so called killers always target woman and kids……hang them all or let the prison guards beat them to death.

  16. This guy is telling the police how he got in the house, what he did while he is in the house, the method in how he killed them, knowing this guy may have killer others …. he’s freely waking around the house…..

    Black kid gets pulled over and twenty cops jet from the Dublin Donuts and already have their guns out…. wtf?

  17. My step father is verbally similar to Tommy. He is verbally very condescending. He lacks conscience, he lacks guilt, he lacks remorse.

  18. Not all psychopaths are murderers. I'm a psychopath, and it's hard to act normal, and like you care. But I'm a CEO of a big fortune 500 company.

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