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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Official Announce Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Official Announce Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[MUSIC PLAYING] MAN: I am a ghost. An elite soldier. Trained to strike my enemies
before they know I exist. Death stalks me but I survive,
overcoming any obstacle. Never surrendering. And with my brothers
and sisters at my side there is no fight we fear. [MUSIC PLAYING] [WHIRRING] [MUSIC PLAYING] [GUN SHOTS] Ah! [GUN SHOTS] MAN: We are ghosts. We aren’t afraid of death. [GUN SHOTS] [MUSIC PLAYING] So when you take the life of my
brothers, when you provoke me, it doesn’t matter
how powerful you are. I will burn your
world to the ground. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m a ghost too. I would expect nothing less. [MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER: Available
October 4th. Preorder now for
guaranteed beta access.

100 thoughts on “Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Official Announce Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. As long as they dont do what they did to Wildlands. I just need one game with the perfect Expansion, an open world, customization and story. I'd buy it. Time to go back to Singleplayer Experience. Honestly, I am upgrading my Pc just to play this.

  2. It's better if they added mor gore or when you shoot him there will be holes In him or when you shoot him on the head there will be a hole or if you shot him with a desert eagle or shotgun or a sniper his head will explode

  3. This looks amazing, but some things to keep in mind.

    Drone fights can be annoying, use them sparingly.
    Can we have better AI? just played a mission where a mission critical npc decided to stop following me and stood in a fucking field.

  4. -Your Wildlands crew gets killed
    -Hunted by a ex-ghost
    -Tech finally more advanced than your own
    -Survival is more important than ever

    Ubisoft is really trying to pull us into the story and I think it working!!

  5. Ghost recon wildlands was and still 4 me one of the best games, no question but it, and hopefully breakpoint equals it. Can't wait till play with it.

  6. UBISOFT!! Ghost recon is an outstanding game, I tell you that, and, personally, found it the best of all. so keep it up guys and keep Ghost Recon game series coming with no end to ensure ur fans' top-notch entertainment .. God bless you all.

  7. If im correct it will release around the same time as COD modern warfare.. if so its smarter to release it sooner or later. Cause it doesnt desirve a low sell. GR wildlands was awsome.

  8. Welp time to call Rainbow. "Hello can you send the drone yelling guy and mr.steal your drone guy thank you."

  9. I'll bring the gasoline and a box of matches, we got some world burning to do…
    Auroa = Long Cloud. That is exactly how Walkers world will end, as a huge puff of smoke.

  10. I can't wait for gears 5 , ghostrecon breakpoint ,borderland3 ,outerworld , Watchdog legeion and starwars jedi fallen order.These are game I am excited for .

  11. Someone please share this idea in the ubisoft gr breakpoint forum is to add more use to the AI well this Is the idea when you are in a vehicle and you sit on passenger seat one AI automatic get on the driver seat. and the option to mark were you want to go and the AI Is going to get you to that position and when you are seat the options of shoot from passenger seat AND the options to tell the AI to stop or continue driving

  12. Just finished wildlands, got plat Trohpy and just loved the game! I hope this one is going to be that good or even better 🔥

  13. The gameplay for the Alpha was astonishing cant wait till the game comes out definitely getting this game.

  14. Good job Ubisoft, you've made ghost recon a fucking looter shooter. I can't wait to constantly change clothing and weapons Everytime I get something new!

  15. Huh what, did he say when you kill my brothers?? So his squad died or Kozak??
    Still playing Wildlands so dont comment please

  16. Wtf is up with MERCENARIES MODE on wildlands…NEVER played a single match and can't get into one….wtf!?!?!??? I just want the outfit

  17. I swear on everything if this game turns out to be garbage I'm never buying ubisoft again….


  18. Alright, although everyone is so sick and tired of hearing people talk about it..

    .. can you imagine if Ghost Recon did their take on a battle royale game mode?

  19. I just seen the thumbnail for this showing the actor that was in walking dead and the punisher which is maybe why he got his face put on this game somehow but that actor really ruins it for me and I think was a big mistake I would feel like a looser just playing as him. Good job GOST recon ………………. I’m only 1out of millions that feel this way and that they ruined the game with a cheap actors face

  20. why do all these games have this liberal propaganda there are no women in these types of missions and there is a reason for that.

  21. You have to give the weapons more real sound and get as fast as possible away from the way it feels to shoot… MORE REAL ACTION ON THE SNIPER ATLEAST AND REAL SOUND AND NO BULLET DROP… This will just be for the wildlands players it will not get new players to stick around for dlc's in a year… rescue this before its too late please… history graph everything seems so nice… but if you dont fix this its just gonna get called wildlands… for a JOKE of a makeup game old game whit new makeup…. dont be such dicks pls..

  22. So ghost recon wildlands and breakpoint have nothing to do with each other – Like if you play wildlands, nothing transferred to breakpoints. It 2 different. games?

  23. Tencent has call of duty mobile for phones. Your next big step would be to take ghost recon to mobile. I guarantee its gonna be a huge hit. Thinking about it just gives me the chicken skin lol

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