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Tips on how to write a winning job advertisement

Tips on how to write a winning job advertisement

– Hi, are you a CEO or a hiring manager struggling to find the
very best possible talent, for your business? In this video I would
like to share with you, four tips to help you find
the very best possible talent. My name is Jeff Wood, I’m a
Specialist Senior Executive Recruiter in the South East Queensland, Northern New South Wales region, and I’d like to help you identify ways for you to attract the
very best possible talent. My four tips would include, Research. Very important in writing a
well written advertisement is to lock yourself away
from all distractions and to take the time to
really thing about exactly the type of person you’re
looking to attract. Secondly, Sell the Sizzle. By this I mean for the first
part of your advertisement, you need to be able to attract
the person’s attention. By this I mean well written first bullet points are vitally important. They include things such as fast moving consumer goods business, emerging business, ASX
listed, newly created role, attractive salary package
with good benefits, training available. These are all important points in attracting the very
best possible talent. Three: Marketing Very important with an
organization that is looking to attract the very best possible person is by actually putting
together a well written first paragraph on just who they are, and what their brand and
business is all about. If I’m a Senior Executive
looking to find a new role, I would like to know that I’m
applying for an organization that is either well known or has a product or service that is tangible,
and one that is emerging. They are very important key points. Four, and probably one of
the least expected things, but get feedback from your Executives or other people within your business that really can provide
you with some input into what they think
about the advertisement. Even if it’s a small
point it can be useful in making sure that you have
a well written advertisement that targets your market. One thing I’d like to add
which is vitally important, is having an up to date job description. Too often do I see in
the market candidates who actually have received a job description, which is one, out of date but two, doesn’t actually include all
of what their actual job is. This is extremely important
to have an up to date job description that actually has the key responsibilities embodied in it. I hope you’ve got some real
value out of these tips to help you attract the
very best possible talent. I’ve created a template of a well written advertisement for you. If you would like a copy
please drop me a comment below. Have a great day!

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