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Tips on how to apply to MA Advertising

Tips on how to apply to MA Advertising

If you do one thing before you press
submit, go and look at the contemporary news, look at the business-to-business
press, find a story that’s happened today and say something about it. Prove that you are as up-to-date with the industry as we are on the course. Applying is really
easy, we ask you for two things we ask you for a personal statement and what’s
called a portfolio. For MA advertising the personal statement is really
important because it’s where you show us your commitment to the course.T he course is about the future, the course is about the industry, so your personal statement
should be about the future and about the industry. We’re a very future facing
course we’re a very industry focused course and we’re looking for your
statement to show how you engage with the contemporary issues in advertising.
When it comes to your portfolio all we’re looking for is one piece of work
but again that piece of work should demonstrate how connected you are to the
challenges the industry faces, your thoughts about future of strategy and
creativity, so we ask you for one piece of work, a title – which is the brand or
the brief that you are working towards, and then a short explanation of why you
think that piece of work is relevant to the contemporary industry. Although our
title is advertising we know that advertising now covers multiple media,
multiple technologies, multiple ways of thinking and communicating, so the sort
of work we want to see in your portfolio and the work that you send us to look at
can cover any technology any media, any space, it can be printed can be outdoor
it can be mobile it can be augmented reality, virtual reality, again we don’t
care what we want to see is work that is about the future of advertising.

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