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Tips for mobile advertising success

Tips for mobile advertising success

Mobile advertising accounts for more
than half of global ad spend but are the ads breaking through? Based on the survey
of more than 500 Facebook ads, we reveal our 8 principles of successful mobile
advertising. 1 – reveal your brand in the first 3 seconds. You’ll be rewarded with
higher brand recall. 2 – show your brand for at least 50% of the ad but ensure
it’s integrated into the storyline. That’s another way to help consumers
remember what brand was advertised. 3 – get your message across fast. Fail to
communicate your message quickly and you’ll experience lower message recall
amongst consumers. 4 – be concise. Less is definitely more. Shorter ads have better
break through. 5 – make your brand visible. It might seem obvious but a significant
number of videos in our study fail to clearly display their brand. Put simply:
if you don’t make your brand prominent and visible, your investment in mobile
advertising will be wasted. 6 – show your product in use for categories where
that’s relevant. This helps consumers to understand what
they’re watching, your products’ benefits and to see how it might fit their lives.
7 – make your ad easy to understand. Ads that are not easily understood will not
generate interest in your brand. 8 – design for silence. The majority of mobile ads
are watched without sound. Your ad must work as well silent as it does on full
volume. Follow these eight golden rules to maximize mobile advertising for your
brands and business. This is a short summary of our extensive research in
this area.

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