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Tips for Hiring a Video Editor for Youtube (Budgeting, Briefing, and more!)

Tips for Hiring a Video Editor for Youtube (Budgeting, Briefing, and more!)

What’s up everyone. Welcome back to my channel, the number one
place for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. In today’s video, I want to tackle a topic
that I don’t see talked about enough here on the platform and that is advice on hiring
your very first video editor for Youtube. Now if you are watching this video, I’m assuming
that you are a youtuber and if you’re a utuber then you should know exactly how long it takes
to create a video from the moment that you actually conceptualize the video to the moment
that you filmed the video and to the moment where you actually edit the video. This process can take a whole day depending
on how many videos that you actually need to produce. That’s why hiring and video editor is one
of the number one things that most video creators actually outsource because for many of us,
video editing is not within our zone of genius and even if you think you’re good at video
editing, oftentimes there’s someone out there that can actually level up your videos even
more. For example on my channel right here for a
very long time, for over half a year I was editing my own videos through [inaudible]
movie and then eventually final cut pro. Now was I great at it? Not really, but I was decent enough to get
by. However, the moment that I actually started
making money on Youtube, I then reinvested that money back into outsourcing and actually
hiring an expert video editor to do my videos and since then the quality of my videos have
truly gotten better and not only this cause my watch time has increased as well, but more
importantly by hiring a video editor, I now have way more time to produce the content
and stay within my zone of genius. That’s why for those of you who are watching,
if you are in a place where you feel ready enough to actually outsource this to someone
else and you have the means to do it, then make sure you keep on watching because I’m
going to share with you my top tips and advice on hiring your very first video editor from
budgeting to what to expect and the things that I recommend that you do in order to make
sure that your videos are the best that they can be. So if you’re interested in all of this, then
keep on watching. Now, the number one thing that I want to talk
about before I dive into the actual tips and strategies of hiring your very first video
editor is to answer the question that many people ask me, and that is, Vanessa, how do
I know when I’m actually ready to hire a video editor for my youtube channel? Well, my answer to this is it’s very subjective
and it really depends on your needs. For many people, they hire a video editor
the moment that they start making money off of youtube and they realize that youtube is
actually a career that they want to pursue. And then on the other hand, there’s also plenty
of people who hire video editors right from the get go. A lot of people who work full time jobs generally
what they like to do is actually take a portion of their paycheck in order to invest in outsourcing
to a video editor so that they could have more time to create videos. So that’s why the answer is very, very subjective
and it’s very personal to the person. So while I can’t really speak for anyone else
but myself, I might as well share with you guys why decided to hire a video editor and
when was the right time for me. I don’t just do youtube, but I’m also running
my coaching business on the side as well. And therefore the moment that I realized that
I wanted to do two videos a week on youtube instead of just one video a week, I realized
my whole life was consumed with either filming or with editing. Not only this, by that point I had already
gained an audience and people were already giving me feedback on things that they’d like
to see on my channel, things that they like to see me improve on and that’s what I knew
that I could no longer be a one woman show because there was an actual audience relying
on me to be consistent on youtube and if I was still chasing my tail, trying to film,
trying to edit videos, trying to do everything while running my business, it would probably
compromise my consistency. Then when I realized that I was spending majority
of my time editing videos and not doing income producing things in my business, that’s when
I knew I had a problem. And then lastly, because I had the income
to actually invest in this, I knew that I was ready. Now again, for you it might be completely
different. However, I do have to say that there are a
lot of video editors out there that are actually a lot more affordable than you think. So if you do have that extra side cash, I
highly recommend investing in outsourcing in video editing. Now, speaking of income, let’s just dive right
into the very first tip that I have for you and that is know your budget. Like I said earlier, hiring a video editor,
does it need to break the bank and nowadays it’s actually so easy to find video editors
on websites such as upwork or Fiverr or you can even do what I did and hire within your
own community. When I hired my video editor Alaina over at
Crete in a late, she was actually someone that was already watching my videos and all
I had to do was post in my own Facebook group, the fearless boss network, asking for video
editors and she was the one that really fit the bill. Not only this beyond just my Facebook group,
you can join other freelancing Facebook groups and connect with other video editors or other
entrepreneurs that can refer you to video editors that they recommend. Really the possibilities are endless, so please
don’t think that it’s super hard to find a video editor. Now, regardless of which platform you choose
to hire your video editor, just know that the price ranges can really vary. Even a quick search on upwork, we’ll show
you that video editors can go as low as 10 to $15 an hour all the way up to hundreds
if not thousands of dollars an hour as well. Not only this, how you pay, the video editor
can vary too. You can pay hourly like we just saw or you
can pay by video, meaning that you’re paying about maybe $50 to $200 to $300 a video depending
on the rates that that video editor is proposing. And the beauty of this is that you’re not
necessarily paying for that person’s time. Meaning that if they had a lot of back and
forth on the video, then they’re not really charging you for that and all you’re really
paying for is the end product versus if you’re paying hourly, you are paying for the time
that it takes that person to create the video. So that is something that you really want
to keep in mind when you’re thinking about your budget. Now at this point in the video, you might
be wondering which one is better, is hourly better or is paying by video better? Or what should the benchmark or baseline be
for video editing in terms of pricing and the answer, again, really it depends and that’s
why when you are looking towards your budget and hiring your video editor, you want to
ask yourself these key questions that can also mutely change the price and change which
method makes more sense to you, whether it’s being charged hourly or charged by video. With that being said, the first question that
you might want to ask yourself when you’re thinking about your budget isn’t, how many
videos do you actually meet? Now if you’re doing one video a week on youtube,
then you know every month you’re going to need a forward videos. If you’re like me and you do two videos a
week, then you know you’re going to need eight videos and depending on the volume of the
videos that you need, it might change whether or not hourly will make sense for you or if
being charged by video will make more sense to you. For example, if you have a lot of videos that
you need per month, maybe you need eight, maybe you need 12 maybe you need, I don’t
know, 20 then you know that perhaps being charged hourly doesn’t make as much sense
to you because there’s probably going to be a lot of back and forth and there’s probably
going to be a lot of time needed from that video editor to create those videos, especially
as that big of a volume and therefore there’s going to be a lot of hours that are going
to be required and therefore it might cost more for you. Where on the flip side, if you actually choose
to be charged by video, depending on whether or not you can find a video editor that offers
that, then at least you can budget appropriately. For me, I know exactly how much I’m compensating
Elena every single month because she charges me by video and I don’t have to worry on the
hours and making sure that my budget is sustained. So that’s why I personally prefer paying by
video. But for you it might be completely different
depending on how many videos that you actually need. If you only need two to four videos a month,
then maybe hourly makes more sense to you because that person probably doesn’t have
that much volume and therefore they’re not going to have a crazy amount of hours. That’s why for you, you really got to do the
math and make sure that you’re comparing rates to make sure what makes sense for you and
your budget. Now the next question that you might want
to ask yourself when you’re thinking about your budget is on average, how long are your
videos? For example, if your videos are five to 10
minutes long all the time, then I highly suggest that you actually choose the hourly route
because it’s probably not going to take that long of a time or that video editor to string
all the clips together versus if every single time your videos are about 15 2030 minutes
long, then you might want to consider the by video route because the longer your videos
are, the longer of a time it might take that video editor to actually do the work. So that’s something that you also want to
consider when you’re thinking about your budget. This leads me to the last thing that you might
want to consider when you’re thinking about your budget for a video editor and that is
how complex are your videos in the first place. For example, if your videos have a lot of
B roll and it has a lot of complex footage that you require your video editor to comb
through and string into one coherent video, then you should expect that that video editor
is probably going to charge you a lot more. Especially if you are someone that wants a
lot of crazy animations and a lot of features versus if you have simple sit down videos
like I do that are pretty straightforward to string together, then you’re probably going
to be charged a lot less so you definitely want to consider how complex your videos are
because that is going to change the rate in which that video editor will be quoting you. Now at this point in the video, I really shared
a lot of my perspectives as the client and as someone who has shopped around, but you
do have to understand that I am not the expert. I’m not a video editor and neither are you. That’s why my next tip for you is to do your
due diligence. Shop around and do trial runs. Something that you need to know is that even
with Alaina, my current video editor, she wasn’t the first person that I worked with
and I had actually tested other video editors prior to committing on actually hiring them
and even with Alaina before I actually signed the final contract of us working together,
I actually allowed her to do multiple tests on my videos just to make sure that we were
indeed the right fit. Doing our due diligence, shopping around and
actually doing trial runs with these video editors before you commit to actually hiring
them on full time is really important because you not only want to know their rates and
compare them, but you also want to see whether or not it’s worth it. You want to see if their quality is actually
good, whether or not their style aligns with yours and how fast that they actually pump
out these videos. If your video editor is Mia and doesn’t get
back to you in two to three weeks, then that’s a problem. Especially when you’re a youtuber. You really need to pump up videos fast and
if you’re a video editor doesn’t really match the pace that you’re expecting them to be
at, then you’re going to have a problem and that’s why it’s really important that you’re
testing these video editors out before you actually commit in signing contracts. Now to help you out on what to look out for
when you’re testing out these video editors, here are a couple of things. Do they follow instructions easily? For example, if you tell them to do something,
do they actually do it? Another thing to consider is if they do make
a mistake, do they only make that mistake once and is it a forgivable mistake? Oftentimes if they can’t follow instructions,
there’s going to be a lot of mistakes and if they’re mistakes that you already pointed
out to them and they’re not fixing it, then that’s an issue versus if they do make a mistake
and it’s a forgivable mistake, make sure that they don’t do it again. You really want to test out and understand
whether or not your video editor has attention to detail and listens to your feedback. Another thing to consider is how much back
and forth is there. If there are multiple back and forth, meaning
that you constantly have to review their work, then that’s also an issue. For example with me in Elena or Alena and
I, we only have one review because nails it every single time and that is something that
I really value in a video editor I do not like to have multiple back and forth. Now obviously this is also responsibility
that I have to take on my end and being a really great communicator and later on in
this video I’m going to show you step by step how to actually brief your video editor to
ensure that there is not that much back and forth. But remember these are things that you really
want to consider when you are testing out your video editor. And last but not least, another thing that
you want to consider when you’re testing out these video editors is do they take creative
risks? You’re hiring and you’re investing in experts
for a reason and you want to make sure that that video editor is also injecting their
own creativity into your videos. There must be a noticeable difference in terms
of quality when it comes to your videos because you’re not hiring experts to stay the same. You’re hiring experts to really have a visible
level up and if that video editor is only maintaining the things that you already were
doing yourself, then you probably want to find a video editor that’s probably going
to take way more creative risks and actually implements and integrates that even consults
you on things to add onto your videos that will actually make them stronger. Now obviously these are awesome things that
you want to look out for when you are testing out your video editor. However, you must also understand that you
are also responsible for the success of your channel and for the success of the end result
of your videos. And this all comes down to clear communication. Now, something that you should know about
me is that before I became a youtuber and a business owner, I used to be a brand manager
at a corporation where I was in charge of working with multiple third party suppliers. And what I learned from that experience is
that if you are not clear in communicating with these third party suppliers, then there’s
going to be a lot more back and forth and the more back and forth that you create, the
more money and time that you’re actually going to be spending. So if you want to save money and also save
time, especially if you are being charged hourly, you want to make sure that you are
really clear in your communication and in your instructions of what you want in the
final result for your video. That’s why creating a video brief is going
to be super helpful to ensure that your video editor is equipped with the right tools to
actually create the best video for your channel. Now instead of me telling you and walking
you through this video brief verbally, let me just share my screen and show you exactly
how I communicate with Alaina on exactly what I want in my videos to ensure that we only
have one review and one review only. Since implementing this video brief that I’ve
created and developed for my team, it’s been a lot more easier and a lot more efficient
to ensure that the videos are always up to the standard that I like and I’m also not
wasting Elena’s time as well. With the constant back and forth in the back
and forth is definitely something that you want to avoid. So without me babbling on for too long, let
me just share my screen and walk you through the brief. All right guys. So right now we are looking at a Google doc
where I put my entire brief for a video to share with Alaina. Now each Google doc serves as one video. So this one specifically is all about how
to batch content for youtube. As you can see, I have three columns right
here is the clip that I’m referencing and if you guys are familiar with my channel or
what I’ve taught you guys is that I film my videos in chunks. So it’s actually multiple clips that are strung
together. So here I’ll actually reference the click. Then I will tell her exactly what type of
text I’m looking for or what I want to appear on the screen. And then on the side here, this is where I
put my notes. For example, in this clip I wanted Elena to
put a picture of herself or I wanted her to find a way to make this specific clip more
engaging because I had a lot of texts that was showing up over here. I also wanted her to show a picture of a calendar
and I just gave her the link of what photo I wanted to use. So this is a way that I actually communicate
with Elena. And so far it’s been really, really effective. Not only am I really telling her specifically
what I want to see, but I’m also guiding her for anything that she might need to know of
as she’s editing this clip and this is a lot more simpler than Elena just winging it and
us having a lot of back and forth so I highly recommend this method. If you are working with a video editor and
you want to make sure that you are saving time and that you’re also managing expectations. With that being said, let’s just move right
on into the video now. As you can see, there are a lot of little
things to consider when you’re hiring your very first video editor and I really hope
that all these lessons helped you avoid any of the future frustrations that you might
face because I definitely faced them five to six months ago when I was trying to hire
my very first editor. Now with that being said, I understand that
not everyone is in the financial position to invest in this type of service. That’s why I want you to click the notification
bell because in my next video I’m going to share with you some tips and advice on how
you can save money as a new entrepreneur. Saving money is something that is really important,
especially if you are in the beginning stages of building your business and the more that
you can save, the more things that you can invest in, such as a video editor, better
software mentorship, and all of that. So if you are someone who’s interested to
learn how I managed to save enough money to invest in these things, then I want you to
hit the notification bell because in the next video we’re going to cover all of that. In the meantime, while you wait for that video,
I post a lot of videos on entrepreneurship, content creation and coaching. So make sure you check out these two videos
that I have here as well. As always, guys, I appreciate you. I hope you guys have a great day, a great
week, and a great life, and I will see you in the next one. Bye guys.

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