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Tips For Ads on Facebook 2019 (Ads on Instagram Too) ​

Tips For Ads on Facebook 2019 (Ads on Instagram Too) ​

the entire shot that I just did was
balancing uh the camera on top of this bottle of French wine and I’m not going
to drink I have recorded this video twice now
right now I’m in Paris I tried recording this for the first time in Bangalore I’m
literally filming this video in Bangalore India
so yeah let’s get this done and it was boring one of the best ways to improve
your facebook ads is to take a second look at the image recording this again
and it’s a video about images and how important they are when you’re
advertising so think about it this way any time you are browsing Facebook or
Instagram the only time the only time you stop and actually look at an image
that’s an ad is when it’s displaying something that’s interesting or catches
your eye I want to teach you some tips on how to make sure that you’re doing
that with your ads it is going to help you it’s gonna help you get the absolute
most out of your Facebook ads it’ll help you pay less in terms of how many people
you get in front of for the same amount of dollars and it’ll just make your ads
feel cohesive and less forced so while we’re in Paris let’s get into these tips
you might guess filming in the store was not a great idea because I just started
whispering so sorry about that ads they need to feel the spoke they need to feel
like you created this ad specifically for this reason for this audience people
can just like feel it in the air when something doesn’t feel right what
somebody feels out of place also just a quick tip there is no max on
the resolution that you can upload for images on Facebook there’s a reason that
they didn’t include a max resolution even here on the Facebook guide for
images uploaded you can see it says upload the highest resolution source
image that meets the requirement there is no max resolution the ire res
basically the better your ad has like the higher likelihood your ad has a
scoring well and getting displayed more often so just upload the largest images
that you could possibly get carousel ads so if you guys don’t know you can add
multiple images to your ads and it’s called a carousel so people can swipe
through your asses on either Facebook or Instagram if you aren’t using carousel
ads you should do it first of all it’s free it does not add any charge it
doesn’t add any cost to your ad keep using this thing it doesn’t cost you any
more to do but the thing that happens is when you’re curating your ads and trying
to make them perfect and convey exactly the right thing and you’re like you know
all over your products trying to show everything about it
what ends up happening is you trying to emphasize everything turns out that you
emphasize nothing at all so use carousel ads crop really tight in on the one
thing you want to emphasize on the main picture and then separate out the other
things that you want to focus on for the rest of the images throughout the
carousel the next tip is all about text so here’s a poster here’s just a poster
I came on it’s a great example this would not work as an ad on Facebook way
too much text on your image okay so the way things work with ads on Facebook is
completely different than that this would get rejected on Facebook you want
to have well you if you have to have text which basically you should just try
to remove all all text or image entirely but if you have to have something you
need to have less than 20% of the image covered in text I’ll display sort of a
way that they measure that but basically even with that or less than 20% text
you’re still probably going to get dinged and in terms of the volume of
people that gets shown your ad so it ultimately think of it this way when you
add text to your image it’s gonna cost you more and the reason is people don’t
really care to see that they won’t see images that are compelling that are
interesting thing about how it’s a beautiful image on Instagram that’s what
you want to be displaying as an ad next tip I’m in front of a movie theater
right now and it’s actually closed because again
there’s some political stuff going on here with yellow vests these are the
live pictures of the June AG or yellow vest movement but it’s still the perfect
point to make which is tell a story with your image you want to show people using
your product okay don’t just show the product itself
depending on what you sell what are the benefits of your product
and show people benefiting from that thing what is the value tell a story
with an image that shows people not just the product is but what it can do for
them by the way there’s a bunch of broken glass here apparently there was
like some riots last week or something I’m not sure but yeah this is all from
from the political stuff all right got too cold outside so finishing the rest
of the video here my hotel room okay so the next tip is something I found while
researching this video and I obviously I’ve never used it before but like I’m
wondering why it’s called creative hub literally Facebook has made this to show
you exactly what to do in order to be successful with Facebook Ads you can
actually use it to mock up your own ads if you want to but you could also just
do what I would do and copy everyone else just go through your creative hub
and check out all the sort of things that they posted as like this is what
works you can also take any of those samples and send them to your phone as a
notification and then view the ad as it is on your phone it’s cool it’s actually
really really cool check out creative hub seriously go through there and drill
into what people are doing that are successful ads you can even drill into
like the comments and the likes on ads that are already out there buy
successful brands and do it your way like take that information and sprinkle
it into your own ads and the last tip that I have is set a goal for your ads I
know this is sort of like basic seeming almost like a throwaway but it’s not you
need to think about what you’re trying to convey from the beginning from the
inception of the it has to match up well you what you put
in front of people as they’re scrolling through looking at their family looking
at their friends it needs to feel like it’s an ad that is some part of their
social fabric so to speak if you’re trying to drive awareness as the goal
you need to do it in a way that when people scroll through they’re gonna get
that contextual message in a way that makes sense with all the other content
that they’re flowing through so for example if you have like a cause based
products you know capitalism with a cause then help you know tell us use the
other tip of telling a story with your image but make sure that it also conveys
awareness as the purpose of the like what is the story that you’re telling
we’ll make sure that the story you’re telling is about driving awareness for
your cause that is a completely different image than what you would show
if you are trying to drive conversions on your website two separate goals if
you’re trying to drive conversion rate on your website do something like show a
promotion versus show your cause two separate things so this should help kick
off your 2019 with some awesome ad ideas do not get stagnant just keep it ready
keep trying stuff and if you have follow-up questions seriously hit me up
in the comments been appreciating the comments that I’ve got on the rest of
the videos and you know some mash blew through one point I don’t know how much
more of these videos I’m gonna be making or like when or how or exactly why I’m
sort of figuring that stuff out creatively so let me know what you would
like to see our way you’d find helpful what things out there are you not able
to figure out what hacks would you like answers to of how to do them and I’ll
consider that stuff motivate motivation that’s it does motivate me to make more
stuff so make more content so with that one piece goodbye

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  1. I'm watching this right from Bangalore, India. Good content Antonio! It's your 2nd video I'm watching. 😁 Subbed!

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