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Tinnitus Treatment – Causes and treatment of tinnitus

Tinnitus Treatment – Causes and treatment of tinnitus

In the UK six million people experience sounds
for which there is no external source. These people have tinnitus. The symptoms of tinnitus
are often described as ringing, buzzing or whistling sounds that are perceived within
the ears or the head. However, it is not the ear that is responsible.
Instead, the causes for the tinnitus can be found in the brain. The brain is made up from a huge number of
active nerve areas which all have different roles. Sound information is processed via
a very specific brain area known as the auditory cortex. The auditory cortex is divided up into areas
that are responsible for processing different pitches in a similar way in which keys would
be arranged on a piano. Anything which causes us to lose our hearing
can have the effect of disrupting this internal keyboard. This could be caused by medication, loud noises
or just the natural ageing process. Due to this disruption, there is a reduction
of activity in the keyboard areas affected by hearing loss and the nerves that make up
the area can start to fire spontaneously. This is called neural synchronisation. Or to put it in another way, if the ear no
longer talks to the auditory centre then the nerve cells in the auditory centre begin to
chatter in an overactive and unregulated way. It is this abnormal overactivity which causes
us to perceive the tinnitus signal. Over time this abnormal activity becomes permanent. Modern imaging procedures enable us to ‘see’
evidence of the abnormal neural synchrony within the auditory part of the brain. This abnormal neural synchrony does not remain
limited to the auditory centre. Brainwave measurements have shown that brain areas regulating
attention, emotions and stress are also affected. The faulty signals in all these areas together
allow the tinnitus tone to invade into our consciousness. This interaction of brain areas influences
the individual level of distress and anxiety experienced by each person as well as the
perceived volume and invasiveness of the tinnitus. Is there a way to reduce and reverse the neural
synchrony which is related to tinnitus? The neuroscientific answer to this question
has been discovered by doctors and scientists of the Jülich Research Centre near Cologne
Germany. It is called Acoustic Coordinated Reset CR®
Neuromodulation. Treatment with Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation
targets the exact cause of the problem. This innovative treatment is designed to reduce
hyperactivity in the specific regions of the brain that are responsible for generating
the tinnitus sound. Acoustic CR Neuromodulation uses a complex
mathematical algorithm to create a personalised sound prescription for each patient. The series
of tones created are transmitted to the nerve cells in the brain of the patient in such
a way that the cells abnormal synchrony is disrupted and hyperactivity is reduced. In Acoustic CR Neuromodulation the synchronous
nerve cell network is first stimulated actively from the outside by single tones that are
spatially and temporally staggered. These force the nerve cells into subgroups, each
with its own new rhythm. 4 tones are used to deliver this gentle targeted
stimulation to the hearing centre of the brain. There are short pauses between the stimulation
signals in order to remodel the nerve network. If repeated regularly and often enough, these
stimulation signals will reduce the hyperactivity to such an extent that the abnormal neural
synchrony will be permanently reversed. Acoustic CR Neuromodulation tones consist
of individually measured and specifically calculated acoustic impulses which are transformed
in the brain into corresponding electrical stimuli. The acoustic tones are generated by a small,
matchbox size device — the ANM Neurostimulator — and administered to the tinnitus patient
via medical headphones. Worn for about 4 to 6 hours a day, the device is comfortable and
inconspicuous, allowing the treatment to be easily integrated into the patient’s daily
routine. How can the stimulating Acoustic CR Neuromodulation
signals be targeted to the correct brain area? The signals are targeted by taking advantage
of the keyboard-like structure of the auditory centre: The area of the auditory centre that is generating
the tinnitus is found by determining the exact individual pitch of the patient’s tinnitus
shown here as the brighter patch on the keyboard. Now the Acoustic CR Neuromodulation signal
can be guided selectively to the right place in the keyboard.
Here it produces the desired reversal in neural synchrony. This effect can be measured. Brainwave recordings have demonstrated beneficial
changes in electrical activity in the areas responsible for hearing, conscious awareness
and emotion after just 12 weeks of treatment. Brainwave measurements reveal a significant
increase in the abnormally decreased alpha band activity, as well as a relevant reduction
in the abnormally elevated delta and gamma bands. So it can be said that the interacting hearing,
consciousness and emotion networks affected by tinnitus are influenced in a positive and
sustainable way by treatment with Acoustic CR Neuromodulation. Now with the help of The Tinnitus Clinic and
Acoustic CR Neuromodulation, patients in the UK can look forward to a future where something
other than tinnitus is the focus of their day.

100 thoughts on “Tinnitus Treatment – Causes and treatment of tinnitus

  1. I have been going through this problem for 6 years it's very irritating somtimes when it gets worse it started when I was taking pain killers and other high potency medicine for my kidney stone problem I'm glad that there is a cure for this tentenattis

  2. Well I have several questions:
    1) Are there any plans for FDA approval here in the USA?
    2) Have there been any trial studies conducted in the USA?
    3) If so, where were the results published for my review?
    4) Does this treatment help Multiple Sclerosis patients? 
    Thank You

  3. I have ringing in my ears 24/7, it is driving me crazy. It has gotten so bad I can’t sleep or concentrate at work. I hope you guys open a clinic in the US.

  4. A study was done with 66 patients and published in Canada. 75% of patients noticed improvement after 22 weeks with a reduction averaging around 1/3 less sound. Decent results, but not apparently a cure http://pubmedcentralcanada.ca/pmcc/articles/PMC4362296/

  5. I'm 26 and my both eras are ringing in 4 different tunes since my birth. I can't understand someone who's few steps away. I have to get close to talk someone. I can't explain my feelings 😢😢😢. And people says I'm acting like I haven't hear them 😓

  6. please I need help. this sound is very irritating. can't lead a normal life. this has been going on fo 3 days. I've scratched on google I didn't find any solution. can't sleep and study. I'm from Bangladesh

  7. I'm only 14 and it started happening when I was 10 11 or 12 but I wasn't listening to loud noises I don't know if it's tinitus or something

  8. Where can I get one from.. even if it lowers the volume I will be happy but would be fantastic to hear silence.. stress and loud noises definately doesn't help

  9. Wow, this makes a lot of sense. I recently went to an ENT doctor here in the US seeking help for my tinnitus. Nice guy but basically said he couldn't help me and I just have to learn to live with it. This looks like something I'd like to try.

  10. If this treatment legitimately works then it should be made available to doctors throughout the world. There are too many people, like me, suffering daily from tinnitus. It affects my mood, my job performance, my enjoyment of life – it is always there and always distracting, annoying, frustrating, infuriating – it greatly diminishes my quality of life. There are too many people in the world who need help to keep this as a regional treatment if it really works.

  11. I have my from a real bad could that transfer the infection from my sinus to my ear, miserable times back then, did not want to live with that for the rest of my life , the good news is that we can get used to and have a normal life, my noise is 24/7 but it only shows up when I think about it. I sleep well ,some times I forget that I have this condition, just want to encourage to all the ones that just got ringing on the ear that you really get used to.

  12. I have had t for over a year now that came on suddenly with no apparent cause.I had a hearing check and they say I had reduced hearing of high frequencies in my right ear.I live in the USA .Why haven't you opened businesses over here?

  13. I have tinnitus for five years now, in the beginning is almost drove me insane… but I've learnt to live with it and to be honest there are times I don't even notice the ringing.

  14. I have had tinnitus for all of my life. I do not remember ever being without it. I have never heard of it being "cured."

  15. My wife suffering from tinnitus rt ear since 3 year consult 5 ent but their is no specific treatment for tinnitus they said if there is any possibility of relief??

  16. I knew it, it's not in my ears, but inside my brain. The sound wasn't from ears after all. Get out your MP3 players and DIY (Do it yourself).

  17. Im suffering from is since 21 feb, 2018… Im consultanting with doctors, taking pills… No sign of improvement… (From India)

  18. i know how it feels to get that ringing sound all day along, irritating and stressful, it started in mid feb, i really got tensed and eventually told my mummy about this, next day me and my dad went to the doctor, i was getting goose bumps , really scared of what if i had to deal with it all life, but my doctor explained me that tinnitus is not a disease, it is a symptom of various other ear related problems, we just have to know about the main problem and treating it, would get us rid of tinnitus, at last it came out that in my case it was due to blockage of ear canal by ear wax for longer time, i got my ear canal cleaned, painful, for a week i took medicines and now it is march and that sound is going day by day, now i can barely hear it, doctor said it will be completely gone in some days……..

  19. I been having a ocean sound in my left ear for 3years I'm tired of hearning it. When my husband says something to me I have him to repeat what he said & everyone to they all get mad I just want to hear clear again

  20. I have tinitus but luckily it doesn't bother me. Whenever I remember that I have it, I can hear the ringing. But otherwise I just tune it out. I've gotten used to it. It's only a little annoying when it's really quiet around.

  21. Is this available in the U.S at all? Because my tinnitus is a constant high frequency tone and it's getting to the point where I wanna just kill myself because it's a constant never ending thing.

  22. Please god I hope I can get one in ireland iv had my tin for yrs day in day out but the last Yr it has just got so much worse its louder higher clicking sound gushing its just unreal will I ever have peace. its so bad I feel like going to ER if I could just knock myself out I would tryed everything nothing works

  23. Okay, so….How can I obtain this magical cure??? I'm 32 and Im researching this after it just started in me last night. I live in America tho, so let me guess??? Without a major insurance coverage plan I'll have too suffer the rest of my life???

  24. Ight so i woke up today with the feeling a poppen ear and a more buzzing sound like a car on a highway. I went out today to a attraction park and rn I feel like my ear is full of water and I hear constant blood flowing. But I also had some high peeps earlier when i just returned. Does someone know if this is tinnitus or something else? (Too much ear wax in my ear or a cold)

  25. I live right near a four lane road and have tinnitus, shit happens. Wonder if us tinnitus folks could stay in an isolation chamber longer than those without. Hmmm

  26. This will not work in advanced cases like mine.  I have at least 6 frequencies of noise plus swishing, and both ears are different.  To the best of my knowledge there is no sound generator that can duplicate all these frequencies.

  27. Mine makes me feel sick, it gets worse when I go to bed at night, strange thing is in the morning it goes away but then by mid afternoon it starts coming back again.

  28. Tinnitus sucks but it’s hard to tell during the morning so you can really only notice it at night which is the only hard part about having it. Luckily my tinnitus isn’t as chronic as some others I got it via ear infection and I still have all of high school to go through with it but it’s fine as long as I try to take my mind off it. The only thing that truly annoys me is the fact I can never really focus like when the teacher is talking I hear them but I don’t listen. There is one thing keeping me going though and it’s that the ongoing studies in Michigan right now are proving to be effective but it won’t be mainstream until after I graduate in 2021 so I’m just trying my hardest to hold out until then.

  29. I really just want to give up now. There are no amounts of words that can describe how depressing this has been. Tried oral steroids and all sorts.

  30. Tinnitus is so annoyinggggggg it’s driving me insane !!!! I don’t know what to do with myself if the most annoying thing especially when I’m trying to sleep

  31. I have been struggling with tinnitus for about one year now. Strang thing is I'm only 22 and got it out of knowere. I have no clue what caused it. I havent been exposed to loud sounds or anything. Im Thinking of seeing a doctor for it, i hope its not permanant but from what i hear it doesn't sound good. :/

  32. I'm also suffering since last 2 yrs before the sound was mild but off late it has increased …..
    I'm trying some yoga techniques which may help some people. Just relax and do some breathing exercises and try to remove a humming sound keeping your mouth closed like hmmmmmmm as loud as you can.. try it may be it maybe helpfully do it 8 to 10 reps..

  33. I'm waiting for the day the loud whistling in my left ear can stop. I can't imagine living another 40 years with this and I've only had it 6 months

  34. I recently developed tinnitus, it started very soft then I came down with sinus congestion with severed headaches, for 6 days I took medication. After I recovered from the sinus congestion then I realized that this sound got louder in my head, it wasn’t temporary. The medication worsened my situation. I hear this sound day and at night, but when I’m focused doing something its like it’s gone. I forget the sound. Before all of this I had a vertigo sensation, the stuff of sci-fi. That’s when the small sound started. I should have seen a doctor, maybe they could have done something. I think my condition is connected to meniere decease. It loud in stereo, and my hearing is normal from low to abstract sounds. But the sound matches some of the unofficial sound test. But I heard this sound in the past, and it left, but this time it’s taking its time

  35. I have lived with this for 7 years, in all honesty, in the beginning I had huge Anxiety, but in Time what really happens is your Subconscious gradually stops paying attention to it and life goes on ! For all who suffer don't despair , you will be ok, trust me you will. Things that my audiologist recommended did help, i.e., Stop Caffeine, stop MSG food and High Salt, Lose Weight.  

    What helped the Most was Reaffirming My Belief in Jesus and Trusting in God! I know all this sounds ridiculous, but I went from severe anxiety over this to Peace and Relaxtion, I'm ok. One other thing to note, a lot of Tinnitus is Loud Noise Related and thats very true for me, but also Hereditary Hearing loss is also a Factor, So seek Professional Advice, it will relax you! Your not going crazy, your not insane! One last thing, keep your music Low, enjoy it reasonably ! Life will go on you will be ok, just takes some time….


  36. Have had tinnitus for 3 years now, it's buzzing none stop. From when I awake till, when I fall asleep.. If stressed, will get worse- and turn into a migraine. blurry vision etc. When, have to close eyes and keep calm. Till it passes. Have learnt to not stress about it, and accept the noise as normal. This way, keeps it under control. Though would luv to go to a clinic, for treatment. Have used meds for it, which never worked. Good luck and wellness to all of us tinnitus folk:)

  37. I just found this. I have have tinnitus for 30 years or more. When younger I had such sensitive hearing. I could hear things no one else could. And now I can nearly hear anything. My sound is “i describe as whit noise”. Like the noise of a tv channel that lost its signal. In both ears. All the time, 24/7. Loud. I guess I need to travel to the U.K..

  38. I really think we should start spreading knowledge, and educating kids to take care of their ears as much as possible, and as soon as possible. Because mine started at a concert just 4 days ago, it was my favorite band so I’m not tooo bummed about it but of course I still am. Up until then, I’ve been around loud music for a large number of my younger years. I’m 22, and I’ve spent the last 6-8 years or so playing or listening to loud music all the time. I would put in my earphones and play then at max volume, thinking it was cool. My parents kept warning me not to do it but my stubborn ass didn’t listen. And I knew for the last few years that my hearing had gotten pretty bad and had been limiting my ears to loud noises a little bit more but I never thought something like this could occur. So I went to the concert, no ear plugs (god I wish I had them now), and stood right at the left center of the barricade right in front of the speakers. When I got home and was preparing to go to sleep, I noticed the ringing in my ear. I thought it was just the routine ringing after a concert, but it wasn’t. It stayed the next day. And the next day. And the ringing is still here on the fourth day and I don’t think it’s going anywhere.

    So if you’re a parent, or is planning to become a parent, please take precautions for your children and protect their ears. If I had known damages done to my ears were permanent, maybe I would have changed my approach to music. Maybe I would have started wearing earplugs.

    For those who are here but do not have tinnitus, good. Stay away from loud noises. It’s not worth it.

  39. Sucks having this when you can't sleep right and messes up your whole life.i have had to lose alot of sleep and still do and made my vision a little bad.
    One thing I notice that helps was when some days I wake up and I hear things too loud and it completely blurs out the ringing.
    Maybe very small surgical hearing aids can help in the future.

  40. This just started happening to me 2 days ago at the worst possible time as I have exams starting a less than 2 weeks. Is there anyway that a patient from Canada can acquire the devices that help even if it means coming to the UK?
    Please let me know.

  41. 1:50 oh boy, probably what's going on in my brain
    I can't fall asleep -_- it just keeps going
    It all started 10 years ago with a brain injury/trauma

  42. I have this now! Its in my left ear!!!!! Im 34. I cannot sleep!!!!! I want to bang my head or somebody will slap me till i knock out because i havent sleep for 2 days now..

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