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Time Traveler Took This Video in The Year 2045

Time Traveler Took This Video in The Year 2045

[Music] I need to make this quick I do not have long before they need to leave they’re tracking me and they know where I am right now I need to make this quick and I need to show you something that I have what I need to show you this my story I know this is gonna be hard to believe for those of you who have not experiences yourself you will find this incredibly hard to believe when I can assure you that I am telling the truth and nothing but the truth because you deserve to know I’m sorry I’m sorry to know what’s going on behind closed doors my travel exists and with help from the public and go into the future and come back do you understand how big of a deal this is we keep going to the future yet its name hidden from the general public I do not have long I need to show you what I have I need to show you I’m from the Year 2045 I’m a scientist and I worked on the machines that were developed to be released to the public and it is released to the public in the year 2028 in the year 2045 humans and robots are converging into one we are living as one artificial intelligence governs the entire world there are no longer countries in the year 2028 I have done a vlog you’re looking for me right now you need to understand this this may be my these may be my final moments you do not understand the danger and I am in I have a video from the Year 2045 and I am going to show it to you I have a video in the future in the future we have no privacy the future is not necessarily bad I believe in you what is going on I am a scientist and I work that said people working on machines found that in the past it was covered up and so with the alien technology these have reverse-engineered alien technology in the future spacecraft at Groom Lake but would you may know as area 51 have been reverse-engineered that if it made instance positive that we as humans have been using I’m sorry to imported we’re then kept secret senses [Music] we are going to be one these are the final years for Humanity as we know it you the people deserve to know I do not know I do not know if anything can be done if I knew I would tell you there are time machines we have the general public and I have been sent to 2018 to work on these machines like I said I am a scientist from the Year 2045 in the year 2045 I worked on these machines I trapped up the machine that I built this is no government like you know this is a world government we ask the people live as one in the future but this is about to change yet again when we start converging with robots I need to show you something this is a video from the Year 2045 five parts and you can see the megacity in the future most of humanity lives in these mega cities these gigantic cities that you can barely comprehend exist in the future and they take out most of earth and people live within them overpopulation is an issue in the future there aren’t too many people we’re sending something to Mars but now we’re going to start offloading upgrades to computers do the people deserve to know thank you for listening I have to leave thank you thank you [Music]

100 thoughts on “Time Traveler Took This Video in The Year 2045

  1. After leaving, the man agreed to send us the raw video via email. That video, along with an analysis from an expert should be up soon!

  2. He's from the future an using a samsung tab. Shouldn't he have like a more futuristic divice a glass phone or a holographic watch or something

  3. Are those clothes from the future of did you have to scrounge for them when you got back?
    Would love to see what kind of haircut you are sporting from the future.
    Are there still Flat Earther's in the future?
    Who wins the 2020 Super Bowl? I wanna place a futures bet in Vegas . . . no pun intended.
    So many questions . . . .

  4. If this so called scientist why has he not got a better way to show his video clip. He spends most of the time apologizing but no actual real evidence and why has he not got a better tablet or a device from his time . Too many question for me to be answered before I can start to believe what he has to say .

  5. Why there's a notch on iPad and we don't even no that which company's tap he have because in now a day theres a besellesd desplay then also in year 2045 have notched in year 45 we have holographic 4D smarts phone not like this

  6. I must confess I watch these videos out of sheer curiosity to see how much BS these bad actors- or possibly people who suffer some sort of illness- can concoct to draw attention.

  7. These time travelers really need to start making YouTube channels and they can be like TIME MACHINE TOUR!!

  8. Io vengo dal 2036 fatte sono venuto a darvi una notizia sconvolgente…
    La Russia attaccherà l'america il giorno 14 settembre del 2020 succederà una grande catastrofe climatiche a causa della bomba nucleare dovete cambiare presidente prima che sia troppo tardi…
    Un saluto dal 2036…

  9. I wanna know why are all of these time travelers coming from the year 1945 … Is that a bad year n they trying to fix something or what? Cuz they all say they came from that year..everyone I've watched so far

  10. It is proven that a time machine which can port a matter has never been invented.

    However teleportation of soul/thought/mind is something which time has to prove, even though that is the case it has never been able to communicate with a known person in the history.

  11. What a joke. It's sad that people make money from this crap. What happened to getting a real job that contributes to society? Thanks Apex TV, that's all we need in this world is more lazy people.

  12. For not having a lot of time he rambles on and on, He is trying to remain anonymous even though he is being "tracked" and it would not really matter to show his face if they know his location, I have seen better acting done in an elementary school play.

  13. If it was really from the future why is the video on a Samsung tablet and not a more advanced tablet phone or computer

  14. After babbling for so long , he has no time to speak so much n shows a 2 second low quality fake video !!
    I think he's saying
    " in the future, there are many crazy men like me !! So whatch out !! "

  15. Why do so many time travelers cry so much.. here's a tissue! Yes, time travel is being explored, not feeling you are part of that. We know all this about reverse engineering for decades…old news!!! Consider Method Acting!!!


  17. The reason these "time travelers" want there face and voice disguise is because I don't want to be recognized by anybody who knows them and will say, oh yeah I know that guy he's batshit crazy.

  18. A sharp knife has a point to its truth, then this man. Yes I know this, the Montauk Project told us of this. That we have time machines called the looking glass of reversed alien technology, then the Germans stuck gyros inside the alien crafts to keep it stable in our own atmosphere. The dark web vlogs, tells us about real life looking human robots. How do you masturebate a robot anyway? I guess you just pull it to bits.

  19. I love that he doesn't have time and he's being tracked but he took the time to set up the camera and casually walk into the frame and sit down.

  20. Seriously? samsung s2 tablet in the future? I guess you need to apply for a better job bro, acting is not for you. Go to your mom and get fed.

  21. Owh…
    Here i am..
    From the future..
    And i met with you..
    And watch you when record that..
    I stand beside you..

    Nice try..nice joke..
    And you got my 8 minute..
    Please guys.. like and share..!!
    Don't forget to subscribe

  22. They know where I am…They're tracking me, I dont have much time. Well get on with it then, stop crying and show us what you got. This guy is the WORST actor i've ever seen. Here is the video that you cant see much of at all. It looked like a clip from Back to the Future II.

  23. Why is his face blurred if he is from the future? He said they know where he is, he is in a hurry because they chase him and yet he has the time to blur hos face before uploading to YT…. seems strange to me…..

  24. i think this people are the one we can see above the sky known as ALIENS navigating the earth thru their cocoons known as "UFO"

  25. I am actually from the future but i don't have the time machine, the leader actually deleted the show because he hated the show since he was a kid, he was a kid who always was against different opinions, he said that if he didn't become a leader, humans would be turned into robots.
    He also said he was born on a small country in june 15 2006, named stefan b., he is already born, and i'm trying not to meet his younger self, it could cause teachers to panic, they would think i terminated him, he also said he would be planning to take over the world in 1941 with time travel, i used to take pictures of historical events, but i got stuck in 2013, some guy stole it, and it was taken by the goverment in 1941, i can't take it because it was actually the first time machine the leader got, he cloned it and i was the reasson the time machine existed in the first place.
    Everyone in 2222 had the same opinions, ever since 2045, during the great death of different opinions, everyone were forced to have the same opinions, the ones who refused got hypnotized, i follow the leader's rules, i don't want to change it, i don't want to break the rules, the rules don't exist yet, and i'll be fired if i come back with "evil man's opinion" like he calls it.
    I can't spoil future movies, because people don't want spoilers, so i'm not going to spoil star wars 9, i haven't seen star wars in a long time, i don't remember how many star wars movies there are…
    But in the present there are 8 and 2 solo movies, and 1 movie coming making 9 movies or 11.
    I think the original trilogy was renamed "the midquel trilogy", i don't know when, but there wouldn't be emoji movie 2, kids in 2222 played with time machines, in schools, there were machines that put memmories into kids to be smart, if kids were naughty, they would be punished and be forced to watch the worst movie made from the very old days…
    Foodfight, the most feared movie ever, but kids around the world burned the copies of foodfight, and deleted the movie from the web, it could never be made again, so kids then were smart since birth at that point, kids didn't go to school, they went to a kid house, they could do anything they wanted, some of them were playing outside wearing nothing, many did that, there were no one but kids there, they didn't do anything that the leader hated, they did never get to know what it was.
    The leader was in a school for kids with disability, but he had none.
    He was immortal because of a immortality milk.
    You could be alive, if you drink the immortality milk, and the world will be less dangerous, no pain exist, everything is soft, everyone has same opinions, everyone can do easy jobs, and robots do the hard jobs, everyone has no disability, no more racists, no more gay people, no more disgusting food, no more baby shows everyone is happy, and the nature is under the city, because ww3, plants and trees growing on ruined buildings, fresh water, deserts, snowy deserts, forrests, jungles, lakes, waterfalls and more natural features, only under the new style advanced hi-tech society with buildings everywhere, no more nights, no more sleeps, the school machines from the drawing from the 1800's predictions for 2000's would be a thing, no more bullies, english is mostly used, the leader doesn't talk to the citizens, but only his family and friends.
    The citizens don't think he's mute, that is disrespectful to him, the leader just doesn't talk to strangers, and he let's his friend who was a leader of the leader and the other friend do it, he is the warning, the rule teller and more.
    The friend is a cool buisness man, but the other friend is the founder of a real life jurassic park that has real dinosaurs from the 3 dino eras and it's on an island, the dinosaurs are smart, and can talk, also there are many animals there, it was once on the island in the original earth, but ww3, and it was moved up, the island is big, and is the only place that has sea animals and wild animals and most farm animals.
    Cows were in the city and the island, there are human buildings in the place, it is called, "town 50", some say it exist since 1941, but that's because it is based on the one in the stories, it was found by a man in 1941.
    Pets, humans and cows live in the overcity, the undercity has the other animals, but all of them turned into dinosaurs, except apes, who turned into cavemen, and then the flinstones became a reality.
    The last ape was a famous ape in town 50, but he was from the undercity, he was called "abe ape", he then became a human, and he was arrested for being nude, everyone thought he was a random person who broke the rules, and that abe went missing, but he said he was abe, then he was checked, then it said it was him.
    He was renamed "Abraham Apeson", they created that last name because they didn't find a name related to apes, there was only chimp, but that's another ape species.
    There are many custom names in the future.
    You could be called donald duck, but it would be donald duckson or duckward…
    The babies can chose their names, by pointing at a picture of an item, building, coutry, city, animal, custom entirely, planet and classic.
    In many counties.
    So what could you be called? It could be for example…
    English countries: Lego Batman 27
    (i used my username because you can…)
    Other: Lego Batman 27 Someone son
    My name is unknown.
    It could be lego batman 27, or other, i would tell you, it could be found by parents, and i'll never be named what i'm named.
    And the future is much cooler than the present, i wish i could get back my time machine, and go to my time.
    And there is more…
    Music from 1890-1961 were only available, some songs from the 60's, like spider-man, batman and marvel superheroes were available, all frank songs, but no modern, i have heard modern music, they sound pretty awful, the future had only jazz, swing, 50's rock, ragtime, barbershop, THE song(the songs that were created in the 1800's that were sung, like the laughing song and stuff…), country and pop from 1890's to 1950's.
    The anthem was made out of all these styles.
    Lego was the most played toy in the future, WWIII ended weirdly, the trash island was north korea, north korea was nuked by the USA, and kim jong un only died, the citizens moved to south korea, but then kim's living family member ruled south korea, and rebuilt north korea, then WWIV started, the family member brought back evil leaders from previous wars, hitler hypnotized the german army, and turned them into nazis, and ruled every countries in europe except the united kingdom and iceland, they were already powerful, iceland was powerful because the leader.
    Stalin hypnotized the russian army, and made russia communist, and renamed it "super soviet union", and the flag hat the hammer and that still, but it was now bigger.
    Russia ruled all of asia, except for korea.
    Many empires came, and ancient egypt ruled all of africa, australia was ruled by USA.
    USA ruled all of america, and united kingdom too.
    But no one could vote for a new president for the usa.
    Every presidents of america came, but trump became president again, and made USA evil.
    It was a very big war, then trump was taken, and trump became a nazi.
    Ronald became a president again, and made USA good again, and they took all trash existing.
    Korea was nuked, and then USA dropped all the trash the korea.
    Then they burned it, and then hitler and stalin teamed up, and used a giant wind to blow the fire, but the fire went to antartica, and everyone paniced, the crisis, the chaos, global warming began, soviet nazi union drowned, the leader built a city on top of the earth.
    And then cities were lifted up, then some buildings were left, the sewers broke appart, and animals were stuck in the destroyed earth, only animals not stuck were cows, humans and pets.
    In 2045, the leader saw that no country had rulers, the rulers all retired, so the leader took over the whole world.
    The earth had cities everywhere, and the old one had nature everywhere.
    The leader freezed every bad leaders ever.
    Korea was burned again, and the trash got turned into dust, but there were also bombs, so korea exploded, and became a hole.
    Then the hole turned into a mountain, and it got so tall, it broke some part of the new earth, there was a bomb factory there, and it exploded.
    Animals became so wild, they became dinosaurs.
    But apes became humans, and they were cavemen.
    They attacked the humans over them, the new earth, but they had stones and sticks.
    The army arrrested the cavemen, the cavemen hurt people, and were naked.
    The police asked why they did this, but they spoke caveman.
    The cavemen were early humans, they escaped, and wrote a book about this, but modern humans were new under the new earth, so they beated up the early humans, the modern humans made this into a story, and built a modern looking caveman city.
    Their advanced life had no wars because they hated the ones over them instead of others, they made a city with nature, made out of future objects, buildings from the old earth years, and more, they also found objects that fell from the overworld to the underworld.
    They made flying cars.
    But then god did magic, and turned the earth into 2 earths.
    All the planets were owned by new earth, and had cities, so the leader owned the old earth.
    And i saw many timelines.
    I then got stuck in 2013.
    Any questions?

  26. NEIN! NEIN! das ist nicht wahr, woher weiß er das? Warum sind Menschen heute solche Lügner wie er? Nur für Ansichten, Geld, Gewinn? Gierige Person

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