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Tim Hortons Vegan Advertisement

Tim Hortons Vegan Advertisement

hi everyone Michael Lanfield here and thank you for joining me currently and brentd ontario canada and
i want to show you something that I found really incredible but let’s see if we can do this Tim
Hortons 100% plant-based beyond meat sausage so I wanted to talk a little bit
about this and just my thoughts only got the whole matter of plant-based meat
alternatives and these companies now offering vegan options now they say
plant-based so you really don’t know if it’s a hundred percent vegan or not now
you can ask them and though a couple points in my life when I went to get
beyond meat burger at an W I asked them if it’s grilled or cooked on the same on
the same fryer as the meat and the lady said no and I checked online and I heard
a few sources that the buns and everything were fully vegan so I guess
beyond meat and impossible burger and all these other companies they go out of
the way to make sure that everything there is vegan that’s the B bun and the
condiments all vegan so you just have to worry
about and – the mayonnaise and some of the other condiments but whatever
condiments it usually comes with that’s vegan you know the bread and the meat is
vegan from what my under my research and understanding and I saw that just
reached a man like Wow and even though it does say plant-based
and I’m kind of like I don’t really use the word plan based on very often it’s a
good start I think and not to start let me need it
we need to get options vegan options in these places and even if it does say
plant-based you know as long as no animals are harmed that’s the key so
that’s my view on it all and though I don’t all buy these products I don’t buy
for myself I support them because they help other people transition to veganism
or at least eat fewer animals and that’s I guess the whole key is really the key
the goal is to get people going vegan but if people can eat less meat then I
guess that’s better than nothing if they’re not really gonna go vegan but I
never never promote eating less meat I always promote going vegan because the
single best thing that we can do to won’t save our world and see if
ourselves so that’s the thing beautiful bark here let’s check out this park
before I head on out it’s a little garden as you can see it’s a beautiful
garden it’s a small little garden and then they
have a some kind of tropical garden site let’s see if they’re open and check it
out cuz I want to see this so what are your views on beyond meat being now in
Tim Hortons what are your views on that would you buy it would you not for me if
I was if I there was no other alternative
I was tumblr and I really needed to eat something yeah I would buy it but if I
really don’t need to eat it if I can if I can you know not eat for a few
hours then that’s that’s what I’ll choose to do so let’s see if this is
open and it seems like they’re not open today see this is the tropical garden so
let’s walk around a little bit truffle garden but they’re not open I guess
they’re open certain times maybe after twelve I don’t know I came here twice
and already the second time they’re they’re closed so it’s strange but here
are some beautiful flowers I don’t know if you can see them but yeah beautiful
flowers here so I was gonna show you the tropical
garden I guess maybe next time if I have a chance because I’m leaving this place
in about two weeks I’m going to stay with my mom put a little bit with family
do some more work on the audiobook hopefully get it out get it ready by
next month and right now I didn’t want to talk a little bit about little bit
about the audiobook and that is that I have probably half of the audiobook
already completed half of the audiobook already completed and so basically I
completed the narration there are few minor record we recording that I need to
do and there is but all three recording I needs to do there is some mixing that
I need to do I’m putting the music in the background so I’ve already selected
the music I’m putting it in I’m not going to tell you who the music is is
from but all I’m going to say it’s from a really good friend of mine actually
two good friends of mine I also created one of the tracks on the one of the
songs only song is just I guess background I don’t know if you can call
music but it’s sound the fact that I recorded when I was in Quebec so yeah
that’s what will take place it’s basically just
recording of a brain and thunder and bird so that you’ll hear on the audio
book you’ll hear some amazing piano music I’m a good friend of mine and what
else I guess really that’s about it nothing nothing much to tell you about
it’s uh it’s like like I said it’s half done I’m here now I’m in a little I
guess you can go a creek and I’m going to the library today and run a few
errands what I want to say today for you guys is I love you all thank you for
joining me today and it’s a beautiful day everything beautiful but especially
today so sunny like that’s why my eyes are closed is like very very very sunny
and I just love this day it’s so beautiful
you got to be grateful for so many things in this world no matter what life
brings us it’s a bad thing we be grateful for the life that we have we’re
living you have the opportunity to to bubble complements it push it here
watching this video you have the opportunity to do whatever you want you
have the opportunity to be whoever you are
to make whatever life you wanted or other and it’s your life so it is a
precious moment if every moment is a different moment let’s see if this other bridge has water on there because
usually has so much water that I can’t even walk under it and it seems like it
gets good today so I will walk under the second bridge yes this is just a small
little Creek in Brampton Ontario Branson Ontario is just a little bit I would say
probably thirty clovers from Toronto west-northwest seeing so here I thought
we can see but here usually there’s tons of water and you can’t even walk there
so today it’s good it’s so beautiful here beautiful birds chirping and
singing beautiful greenery everywhere the body’s not the guard on the meeting
but close enough just wish I had more fruit here Oh beautiful here pretty hot
Priya moeraki this sweater is very warm on well there’s a squirrel right on the
pathway birds chirping everywhere so what a
lovely day I just love this day especially this day Wow and I’m gonna go
to the library and I work on my audio book and I’m gonna do so much more so
can’t wait for that it’s gonna be amazing every single day working on my
audio book and I’m also learning Spanish so I have I can speak better when I go
to Costa Rica and one other thing I want to say is I have a friend that is
traveling the world he already went to Nicaragua Costa Rica Panama he loved
this over there and now he’s in Thailand and he loves it there except of course
for the tourist areas tourist areas are always the most expensive so he didn’t
like that he went to Bangkok he didn’t like it so basically he’s now traveling
he’s been couchsurfing and worked away and he just loves it he just loves it
people are so friendly and generous and they’re taking of like everywhere I
swing him you know family in the front and the places that he died it’s just a
beautiful beautiful people and beautiful place over there so one day I make go to
Thailand because everybody seems seems to say it’s a really beautiful and the
prices are very very reasonable very reasonable it’s actually very dirt cheap
so for fruit so that’s that’s about it everyone I’m going to
the library now so take care love y’all I’ll keep you posted about the audiobook
and everything else is happening in my journey and that’s why you come here for
the information to learn about my journey and to learn about important
topics and other such advice and tips so that’s it everyone don’t forget to like
this video subscribe to the YouTube channel and share it around all your
friends and family take care everyone I’ll bye

7 thoughts on “Tim Hortons Vegan Advertisement

  1. Hello Michael. Another well created video. Important information. You are doing great work. Much love brother.

  2. It's a new world for me with all these vegan options because I am anaphylactic to milk eggs fish and nuts so i've never actualy eaten anything in tim hortons or ever been in a starbucks etc so my diet is very limited so being able to in a tim hortons and eat something is life changing to have that option. And my friend told me they have soya options in starbucks but she is going to come with to make sure.

  3. No no no. Not in the USA impossible and beyond meat don’t care at all if it’s vegan. They are full of shit.

  4. I saw a video which was quickly taken down about the impossible burger that the company says they make it from soy roots. Soy roots are white and not the bloody red that the impossible burger people advertise as "heme". Plus they don't place their name or product on the outside of their building. They are across the road from a planned parenthood clinic also as the uploader explained. What greater joke could meat eaters play on vegans than trick them into eating other humans?

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