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Throwing a Dart at a Map & BUYING Whatever it Lands on!!!

Throwing a Dart at a Map & BUYING Whatever it Lands on!!!

>>Hey guys, it’s Karina.
>>It’s Ronald from>>Sis versus Bro
>>Bro.>>And today we’re doing a challenge where we throw darts at a map and buy>>Whatever it lands on.>>This challenge is
super popular on YouTube, and I’m super excited to do it because we got some pretty
amazing stores on our map. So guys, on the map we
have Gucci, Sephora, any ice cream shop of
your choice, Hollister, Claire’s, Amazon, RoBux, Dunkin’ Donuts, Best Buy, Nintendo Switch, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, V-Bucks of course, for Ronald, H&M, $1.00, Starbucks,
Toys”R”Us and Apple.>>Oh my God.
>>We have some pretty good ones in there, but then not so good ones. Hopefully I’ll get all the good ones.>>Why does Gucci had to
be right at the bottom, and literally the biggest one. (laughing)>>It’ll be easy to hit. So you only get five
shots, and if it falls out we get to go again, but
if it hits the white then we get nothing. Hopefully I’m gonna get Gucci. Gucci’s pretty big, so I
think it’ll be easy to hit.>>Oh no.>>Yeah, I’m also hoping to get Sephora, Sephora’s pretty small though.>>I’m scared.>>Alright, let’s just do it. And guys, we can’t
forget about the classic. Rock, Paper, Scissors to
see who’s going first. Rock, paper, scissors, shot.
>>Rock, paper, scissors, shot. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Thank you I’m going, I’m just kidding. Guys, now it’s time for my first throw. My throw, number one, oh my
goodness my chest is panicking. Okay, I’m gonna aim for
Best Buy, Apple, V-Bucks. I mean, I kinda want V-Bucks. Okay. (dramatic music) No! I hit Taco Bell. So guys, on my first
shot, I got Taco Bell. I’m not too excited about it, but on my other four shots
let’s hope that I get something really good, like Amazon, Best Buy, all that kind of good stuff. But guys, now let’s go to Taco Bell. So guys this is my first
thing for a challenge, and we are in Taco Bell, but I actually never had Taco Bell before so this is gonna be a
cool experience for me. Okay, let’s go inside and order something. So guys, my tacos are
here, let’s munch on them. (crowds murmuring) Mm, interesting. It’s okay, pretty good. (light music) Okay, now let’s try the fries. Pretty good. So guys, for item number one I think I’m on a pretty good start.>>So guys, this is my shot number one. I’m really hoping to get
Gucci, it’s pretty big. I think it’s one of the
biggest ones on there, so I should be able to hit
it, I’m really nervous. Alright, let’s try to hit Gucci. (dramatic music) (banging) Guys, did you see that? It hit the white spot,
that means I got nothing. I was aiming for Gucci and I got nothing.>>Now it’s my turn, scooch aside. Time to get Apple store or V-Bucks.>>But I still have four other shots so maybe I’ll get Gucci.>>Whatever. So now guys it’s time for my second turn. I’m hopefully hoping, hopefully hoping for one of these good things
because I want something good. Give me them, alright. Three, wait what am I aiming for? (crickets chirping) Apple store.
(dramatic music) Three, two, one. Toys”R”Us, no! I don’t wanna get Toys”R”Us. (laughing) Okay, I got Toys”R”Us,
only three goes left. I am so nervous, but hopefully I can find something good
in Toys”R”Us, let’s go. So guys, I’m in Toys”R”Us,
and I have lots of options. I can get Harry Potter,
like the biggest set ever, which is 430 Euros, which is a big price. I don’t know if I’m gonna
get Harry Potter though. I don’t really watch Harry Potter, or do anything that’s Harry Potter, except I have a wand of Harry Potter. So that’s all I have that’s Harry Potter. So I don’t know if I’m gonna get that. But if we go around this
corner, the magical corner, I like to call, we get to
all the good Lego sets, including this one, which is 400 Euros. And I actually might get this one. It has 16 million characters, not really, but it has lots of characters. And there’s also this one
which is a roller coaster, this one which is the Big Ben, and then there’s also a rocket ship. I don’t know if I’m
gonna get any of these, plus this one only comes
with one character, so like, come on. But I feel like I should get this one, it has lots of people,
and it’s a really big set, and it’s really cool, and
who doesn’t like Star Wars? So I’m gonna get that one. (groaning) Ha, okay let’s go. Yes! (crowd murmuring) My pants are falling down. So guys, this is my second item, I’m really excited to
see what other goodies I’m gonna get in the rest
of this challenge, let’s go.>>Guys, this is my second
shot, let’s get something good. Alright, three, two, one. (dramatic music)>>[Ronald] Yes, were
you aiming for Claire’s?>>No, I was going for Gucci. Guys, I don’t know what’s going on. I hit the white spot again. Oh no, I have nothing again.>>Scooch aside, now it’s turn for my turn and get some Amazon. Okay guys, now it’s my third shot. I am running outta shots, I
need to get my V-Bucks soon or else I’ll die from no V-Bucks. Alrighty. (dramatic music) Three, two, one. No! I got Starbucks. Why?>>[Karina] You know what you could do? If you order something, you give it to me.>>No.
>>’Cause I have nothing.>>No, I’m gonna drink my Frappuccino. So guys, I got Starbucks, not the best, probably top 15, not the
worst either, so let’s go. So guys, I’m in front of Starbucks, let’s get a Frappuccino. Okay guys so I got a vanilla
Frappuccino with whipped cream. Mm, delicious. Let’s continue the challenge
and get something expensive.>>So guys, so Ronald already
had Taco Bell, Toys”R”Us and Starbucks, and I have nothing. So I better step up my game. Alright, let’s get Gucci. Alright.
(dramatic music)>>[Ronald] Wait, you
got a Nintendo Switch. Wait, what, no!>>So guys, I got Nintendo Switch store. I would prefer Gucci or Sephora over it, but it’s definitely better than nothing. So we’ll just roll with it,
and we already have the console so we’re gonna get a game. Let’s see what kinda game I should get. So guys, we’re at the store in
the Nintendo Switch section. We got all of these games
to choose from, all of them. And I’ve been looking through them and I think I wanna get a Mario game ’cause those are always fun. And I’m gonna get Super Smash Bros. There’s Mario, there’s Zelda,
there’s this pink thing, and it looks cute, there’s also Pikachu. Who doesn’t love Pikachu? Alright, so I think I’m
gonna get this one alright.>>Guys, this is my final two shots. I feel like I should not
aim for the Apple store. First of all, if I hit that Apple store, I don’t know what I’m
gonna get from there. Second of all, there’s
a huge chance of getting the Toys”R”Us, $1.00,
and I don’t want that. So we’re gonna aim for Best Buy. I don’t know. Alrighty, let’s see how this goes. Three, two, one.
(dramatic music) (banging)>>[Karina] You get to go again.>>Oh yeah, yeah. Oh, I guess I thought I
was done for a second. So guys, I have another shot because it did not hit the board. Three, two, one.
(dramatic music) No! I mean, Hollister would be okay, but white, no I don’t like that. So guys, I got off the USA
so that means I get nothing. (sad music) Just straight into the scene. I don’t like this.>>Finally Ronald got
nothing, now it’s my go. So guys, this is my fourth shot. I only have two shots left,
so I gotta get something good. Alright, Gucci, stay with
me, I can get you alright. Okay, three, two, one.
(dramatic music) Yes, whoa, yes. Yes, yes, yes, I got Gucci. Yes, yes. Yes, I got Gucci. Look at that, it’s so beautiful.>>[Ronald] From my view it’s off.>>It’s so close to the
white, but I still got Gucci. Yes, whoa. So guys, I finally pegged Gucci. My dream has finally come true, and now let’s go to the Gucci store and get something expensive. Whoa. So guys, we are in front
of Gucci, I am so excited. Alright, let’s go inside
and see what they have. (upbeat music) So guys, I am debating
between this bag and this bag. This one’s a little bit
smaller than this one, but I think that this
one looks nicer on me, it has a nicer chain, and I
don’t like this thing on it. So I think I’m gonna get this bag.>>[Woman] Thank you.>>Okay, let’s go.>>[Man] Nice day, miss.>>Thank you. So guys, I finally did it, I got Gucci. It’s inside this bag,
my first Gucci purchase, I’m so happy, so let’s go
to the car and open it. Okay guys, I am in the car
and I have my Gucci bag inside here, alright I’m gonna open it up. Got this little bow on the top, alright. Here it is. Welcome to my hands. Or welcome to my possession. Alright, we got the receipt, I don’t think we’re gonna
be needing this though. We’re not returning it, nope. Alright, let’s open it up. Whoop, whoop. Alright, oh it’s inside the bag. I forget they put things
inside bags as well. Alright, wow there’s
like so much packaging. It’s like so much packaging. Alright, my bag is right here. Three, two, one. (gasping) It’s so pretty. It’s so cute. I love it. Look at it. Alright, look I’m gonna open it now. Okay, we have this like
wrap of stuff in here. We gotta little Gucci card. Just saying we’re full
of gibberish writing. Okay, good to know. Got another one of those,
and then we got this. I’m gonna put my phone in here. Now I have confirmed it is
mine, my phone is inside it. Oh wow, look at it. It’s so pretty. Guys look, it even has a
little heart at the back. It’s so cute. Oh wow, should I package
this all up neatly again? I don’t think I’m gonna be able to do it. It’s like wow, alright. So let’s go home now and
continue the challenge.>>So guys, now it’s
time for my final throw. I am so nervous right now. I feel like my best bet is Best Buy because I can any electronic. Apple store’s only Apple stuff. (dinging)
So, same for Best Buy. If I don’t get Best Buy, I’ll get donuts. Which is okay, I guess. Okay, three, two, one.
(dramatic music) What did I get?
>>You got Hollister.>>No! Wait, what is Hollister?>>It’s a clothing shop.
>>Oh my goodness. Guys, my final shot was the
worst thing on there, Hollister. Why, just why?>>[Karina] I think Claire’s
would be worse for you, I guess.>>Yeah, well at least
I didn’t get Claire’s. I mean Claire’s would clairey,
Claire’s, Claire’s, Claire’s.>>You can get your ears pieced there.>>No.
(laughing) No, I’m not gonna go to Claire’s. So guys, let’s go to the junk, Hollister. Okay guys, so we’re in front of Hollister. This is my last store of this challenge. Let’s pick something good. So guys, I looked everywhere
and I think I found my best choice, a yellow hoodie. Let’s go buy it. (foreign language) My last store, pretty decent.>>So guys, now is my final throw. I’m still super pumped about the last one. If you didn’t know, I got Gucci. I’m still so pumped about it. Yes, I got Gucci. Maybe I can go to Gucci again, or I can aim a little
higher and get Sephora. I don’t know, I’m gonna aim it in middle and let my dart decide. Alright, don’t get something bad. Alright, three, two, one.
(dramatic music) Oh. Oh. I got nothing, again.
(crickets chirping) Oh, at least I got Gucci. It’s alright.>>And guys, make sure to let us know if we should do a part
two on a different country of your guys’ choice in the
comment section down below. I really wanna do a part two. We really should do a part two.
>>Yes.>>We hope you liked this video. If you did,
>>If you did, smash that like button.
>>Smash that like button. We’ll see you all next time.
>>We’ll see you all next time. Good bye.
>>Good bye. Whoa.
(moaning) (upbeat music)

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