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Three tips for international PPC in the education sector | Need-to-know

Three tips for international PPC in the education sector | Need-to-know

Most students nowadays are highly influenced by the information they find online when they’re deciding which university to study at. For this reason, it’s very important that online advertising forms a key part of your digital marketing strategy, especially if you’re trying to attract overseas students who might not be exposed to your offline efforts. This video will highlight three important things you need to consider when doing international PPC in the education sector. Firstly, make sure you use appropriate calls-to-action in your ads. “Learn more”, “read more”, “request information” and “get started” are all good calls-to-action in the education sector. In contrast, “sign up” and “buy now” are unlikely to produce very good results. Be aware that some calls-to-action are more successful in some markets than others. For example, “request information” and “read more” work best in Chinese-speaking markets, whereas “learn more” works best in Spanish-speaking markets. To be sure that you always use the most appropriate call-to-action for the market, make sure you conduct fresh research for each country you’re targeting. Secondly, make sure you’re running your ads on the most appropriate search engine for that market. Whilst Google is the main search engine in most markets, it’s not true for all of them. In Russia, it’s Yandex; in China, it’s Baidu; and in South Korea, it’s Naver. Be aware that advertising specifications like character limits and match types are different on the different search engines, so make sure you research these beforehand to make sure you’re doing it right. And thirdly, make sure you research any local restrictions that might be in place. For example, some countries have movement bans in place that restrict the flow of students. There might also be special advertising rules that ban the use of certain words. Make sure you check these beforehand to avoid wasted time and delays in getting your ads live. Can you think of any other international PPC tips for the education sector? Let us know in the comments below! And remember, we have an in-depth guide about international PPC in the education sector on our Know-How platform. Check it out using the link in the description.

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