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This is an ad. Yup, it’s an ad. I’m stopping you from watching the video you
actually wanted to watch. Haha, sucks for you. And the thing is, I don’t even watch ads. *I* use Adblock! I’m an advertiser, who doesn’t watch other
advertisers ads. Is that bad? Wait. Is YouTube gonna ban me from advertising,
now that I said I use AdBlock? Shit. Well, if you’re still watching, that means
you didn’t skip this ad, so that must mean it’s working, right? But you don’t even know what this is an ad
FOR. It’s like those stupid viagra commercials
on TV where there’s like a guy playing frisbee with his dog on the beach, and then it says
“are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? then ask your doctor about viagra today.” Huh? What the fuck does any of that have to do
with erectile dysfunction? And uhhh … why the FUCK would you want to
have a boner while you’re playing frisbee with your dog? WHAT IS THAT? And that’s not even the worst one though,
I’ve seen one where it’s a dad reading a book to his 10 year old daughter, and then it says
“ask your doctor about viagra today.” Huh??? What? WHAT? What the actual FUCK is that? Lemme tell you something. If you have a boner while you’re reading a
book to your daughter … something is wrong. But wait. Now we’re 30 seconds into the ad and you STILL
don’t know what it’s for. So alright, let me tell you. My name is Based Zeus, and I make funny videos
about dating. If you don’t need dating advice, you should
watch em anyway because they’re entertaining, just like this ad. And if you do need dating advice, then this
is the best place to get it, because all my videos are like 3 minutes long and I don’t
sit around bullshitting for 30 minutes trying to sell you an ebook like all those “pick
up artists” do. And I GUARANTEE, if you subscribe to my channel,
within THIRTY DAYS you will be driving a Ferrari, having sex with Victorias Secret models, and
you’ll look like this guy. GUARANTEED. Just follow this simple 3 step process: Step 1: Click the little button on the ad
to come to my channel. Step 2: Click the subscribe button. Step 3: Watch at least 1 of my videos. Do it. And next time you’re playing with your dog
or reading to your daughter, remember to ask your doctor about viagra today.


  1. Basedlympians! If you're confused, don't fear, Zeus is here to explain. I made this video a little while back and I'm gonna use it to advertise on YouTube. Maybe you'll see this before someone's video sometime soon!

  2. Why make a youtube channel when you can become the greatest advertisement director and writer this world has to offer?

  3. Yo Zeus or any1 in the comment section I need advice… So basicly when I was in school I was a weird kid I didnt like talking to people or going out with any1 and as a result had a few "friends". But now (age 17) all I wanna do is go out I have friends but are not close so I cant be with them every day. Summer vacation is coming up and I am wondering how can i make friends in my village/town? And no Im not some weirdo who cant get friends becasue Ive got nothing to say. I really dont wanna waste my summer doing nothing I wanna go out but have to find a few people to go with me becasue lets face it if you go to a party or pool alone its just weird XD

  4. why you are not doing video and for womans you assume their gender now dont harrash my english because im from greece and my ancient god is zues and i dont know why im still typing but anyway how is you day you skip school and want to get some pussys right well lugky for you because i have a vigrafa but you dont have well what to do this is the world go pray for zues to get pussys ANDDD THE END.

  5. Love how youre so cheap you dont even buy the 123rf pics and use the scrambled preview version instead. Zero fucks given by this baller!

  6. When Based Zeus made a video about "fap" now i'm always watching it till end so it can be approved from B.Zeus.

  7. I read the game, because when it came out i was a teen. I advice everyone to read it, just to realize what a fucking waste of fucking time "dating advice" really is.. All it tells you is this; Be the best you physically, be outgoing and have a life… It does that in a fuckton of pages filled with useless anecdotes and real time updates about a guy called "mystery".

    So go to a gym, eat healthy, get a hobby and be positive. That is all. But keep subscribing, Zeus is pretty funny and i cant fault his advice, even though its shit i already know.

  8. Are you american? Because now every american can sue you, you just guaranteed that anybody gets victoria secret models into his bed within 30 days. You know that thats not gonna happen. So everybody just could sue you and get billions of dollars because of false advertisement.

    Ps if any american actually sues him and gets money of that and has read this, please give me tha fair share. Thank you.
    Oh and fuck you, based zeus is cool.

    Pps Im not american. So I cant sue him.

  9. Thanks a lot for you and your channel bro I gained the confidence to act on a girl I liked, now we're REALLY close friends 😏.

  10. Zeus! I got a question for you! It's this girl in my class, she's always sticking up with me, we touch each other, we cuddlin' and holding hands. but when i tried to kiss her, she rejected. WTF is happening? 😀

  11. Yo im talking to someone right now and i felt left like i was shutdown quickly, should i leave it alone or should i say something?

  12. Just don't make any such videos not related to any content
    or add a disclaimer
    as everyone is excited to see you're​ new uploads

  13. I was kinda dating a girl she was like super into me and we hooked up on the third date and then we go out on a few more dates and nothing happened, then after like a month I tried to kiss her and she step back, we don't talk after that, so Zeus what can I do to get her into me again? I think it was going somewhere you know? Please I can use your advice

  14. Oh my God you are fucking genuis ! And your channel growth rate is of the chart I guess you will reach the gold play button at the end of this summer !

  15. Zeus you should make a video where you are showing the chat between you and random girl, we want to have example about succesful chat.

  16. Hey zeus,

    I really need your help cause i can't think of what I could do:
    Basically theres a girl at my school that i like and i think she
    also likes me back or liked me I should say. We were having a really
    nice relationship going on and i wanted to ask her out but didn't
    know how to (I wasn't watching your videos then). I was a jerk
    and I think i ruined our momentum and she blocked me on nearly
    every site. Now that I know how to treat girls, i would really like to
    have a second chance on her (she's so hoot) and i don't know how.
    Pls zeus help me so this girl can unblock me and on social media sites and in real life
    ( and hopefully go out with her in the summer).

    Keep doing amazing videos bro,
    I would love to see u reach 10 million subs
    you surely deserve them.
    Btw the ads awesome it made me a boner

  17. Zeus could you make dating advices for 14 yr olds,cause i need to make a move on a crush and i always fuck up,butt i bave a feeling she likes me😁

  18. Man your video seriously helped me to get her like me.thanks a ton.i have a gf now.people this channel works😁😁😁

  19. I like your videos, but come on!
    Don't bullshit us! You are like any youtuber here who tries to sell their ebook shit or whatever… you are just approaching it in a different way… anyways I'm a rebel.

  20. Dude you're one of my favorite channels on the internet, not just YouTube. Don't sell out once the money starts rolling in.

  21. Anyways Based Zeus thanks for your vids … i took it and i got 6 girls to like me … yep no bullshit my face is like 4 out of 10 but thats enough …. I created my own strategy and it works … thanks salute 🙂

  22. Based Zeus!! You have pulled me out of a deep hole where I have been for the last 10 years.I just merely exited..Your videos are precise,calculated and up to the point without any grandiose jargon..I have a sense of purpose in my life without having to worry about what others might have to say about me. Something which kept me away from new opportunities,jobs,relationships,etc was my stutter..I have seen quite a few YouTube videos,but I'm just wondering if there's something that you would recommend.Many thanks.

  23. hi based zeus i liked your videos a lot and it has motivated me and gives me a lot of work ideas and now i really want to create a animation character and make videos that are awesome as fuck so could you tell me the name of the program you are using to create animations

  24. I honestly expected you to have a link to viagra's site in the description. On another note, really loving your videos and your channel always inspiring to see people doing something they love.

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