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Hallo! It’s time for me to flex on you before the video begins That’s right, I finally received my Origin laptop gaming HD UV textured printing! LOOK AT T H A T!! It feels… *whispers* Like touching a woman Honestly, it’s really cool I like that you get to pick your own design I love how they they did this one Obviously Because is has my logo on it I don’t know I think this is really cool cause’ usually, Gaming laptops kinda try too hard to look like “I’m A GaMeR!!!” So it’s cool that you can do your own design I really like that alot And it feels great Origin PC also sent me this glass panel for my genesis And GOD DAMN It looks gOoOd FINALLY It’s complete… So, if you guys wanna win one of these, We’re giving one away if you check out You don’t have a leave a like You don’t have to do anything Just follow the instructions over on the website Im gonna leave another link in the description for you guys to vote for OriginPC For the Intel Rig Challenge I think they definitely deserve to win it I really like those guys over at Origin PC and I would love to see them win I really think they earned it so if you wanna do that as well, I think that would be really cool Both the links are in the description Check it out Or, just enjoy the video But dont forget you could win laptop. Did I tell you about the laptop? Good evening My name is Wolf Blitzner And you’re watching… Pew News™ *Dank news music* *Horn of racism* THAT WAS THE HORN OF R A S I C M YES? Ferikkusu koreha sunaku-kundesu Hito shusabetsu shugi ga atta Ōku no yūmeijin ga ” n – word” WHO WAS IT? Sore wa ninjadatta! Well, I’m sure people are very upset I’m sure there’s a ton of media footage People are basically grabbing their pitchforks Because they’re so angry and so disappointed That someone would commit this despicable act Just like they were when it happened to me *triggered* Ninja: Ay i been goin and goin like the energizer Supplyin the wood like elijah (inaudible) *laughs* nyah, nyah NYAH! Oh actually, can we do that again, I don’t think I had the right reaction *ninja starts rapping Logic again* AGGGGGGAH *breath* DID HE JUST….. DID HE JUST SAY IT? *exhales* Honestly, all memes aside, this really….. this really disappoints me I used to be a big fan of Ninja, and I honestly thought he was better than this I know a lot of people are gonna be like “yeahhhh It’s not that big a deal that he said it, people use it all the time” It’s in rap culture It’s in, uh… Movies It’s a word we’re surrounded by and it would be naive to just think that it wouldn’t slip up sometimes for people. But I say NO! I think uhhhh, I’m sorry Ninja I’m gonna have to unsubscribe from uh everything! That you do now I-I-I I’m so disappointed and it just hurts. It just hurts as a loyal subscriber to see someone that you look up to and really admire sink to such low depths. Anyway, hows your sex life? *laughs* As a ‘whitey’, I can tell you, you can’t accidentally say the N word I have known how bad it was ….since i wAS A KID If you are mad, and that word comes to your lips, It’s because it’s part of you Your anger is stronger than your fear of committing horribly racist acts… Which makes you – *cOUgH* H E L L A R A C I S T M A N This one is still… the highest rated thing that’s ever been in regards to me on Tumblr Oh I know everyone’s gonna be like AWWHHH WELL PEWDIEPIE OHHHH WELL YOU-YOU DID IT TOO aha Excuse me, context matter, alright? For me it was in Pubg NOT fortnite This is clearly way worse guys Social Politics 101 If ONE thing is bad, everything – stammers – is bad It’s only black and white, there’s no issues in between, ok? You say the magic word and you pay the consequences “The actual lyrics of course, do not contain any incidents of the N word ExCusE mE?!? eXCUSE ME! If the word, wasn’t even in the song, *weird hyena chuckle* I can’t – I feel like i’m treading the thin line here, I’m just – *laughs* pewpewpewpewpewsomebodyoncetoldmepewpewpew Next *claps* news *claps* everybody That’s right, we’re moving on! *nervous laughter* Speaking of saying too much, Youtube said too much… OOPSIE! Remember how Youtube is always like: “Uhh, *scoffs*, we are always pushing all your videos to your subscribers …and that has never changed!” *softly* oh no, oh is it really, Youtube? Is it really that so? *hmm* “SO, umm… to summarise, cause we – I mean, I ask this all the time, Um, Youtube, DO you notify, ALL of my subscribers every single time I go live?” “We don’t notify ALL of your subscribers, right, we notify ALL of your subscribers who have rung the bell” dId YoU JuSt sAY?? D ID YOU JUST SAAAY YOU DON’T SHOW ALL THE SUBSCRIBERS *dead Pewdiepie laughter* “Okay, so we tried to notify, um… …the people who we believe would most likely to tune in and watch your content.” “That’s right-” *the sound of 1000000 people dying* This is what we’ve been talking about for years – *continuously hits fists* this is the evidence we’ve always wanted, Youtube isn’t actually pushing to all the subscribers I knew it guys People are pretty pissed about this, cause, Uh… people don’t agree First comment: “Could you just notify everyone at once, THEN, let them decide?” “Simple” “If i click subscribe on a channel, that means: hey i want to see more of this, not, ‘oh i want youtube to tell me what i want and what i don’t want’ Obviously here they’re not talking about actual video content, they’re talking about livestreams and there is a difference But still, it is pretty concerning from a creator’s perspective Cause we’ve always taught our subscribers to Uh – I even say it – ‘Subscribe’ Uh, If you want more of my videos But that’s not really the case anymore It’s subscribe and ring the bell If you want more of my videos Is this really the best solution? Maybe I don’t know I’m trusting Youtube on this one to be honest Even though I am kind of annoyed by the whole situation That being said If you’re not belled now would be a great chance to hit that bell! Bing bing! Hit the bell! BING x4 PEW PEW NEXT NEWS EVERYBODY wot Brad is gonna tell the weather yaay that’s my favorite segment Brad! Brad tell us about the weather! Brad: I don’t feel well Jesus… Silly Brad LAST story comes from Nerd city and sea love You might remember a few months ago If a video got demonetized it wouldn’t get it wouldn’t get as much attraction Especially if you are a smaller channel Youtube responded to this saying “that’s not really true” And after that nothing really changed This is probably one of the things where.. As a creator it’s really frustrating to be a creator on Youtube Because we don’t really know what’s going on I think Youtube is so scared of Telling people what is going on for media outrage and for people abusing the system So they generally don’t really keep us in a loop Now What was uncovered this time Honestly, it’s not surprising but still sort of disappointing Nerd City: The structure of Youtube reveals itself Things are a little more cut and dry If you’re running an ad campaign and you want to limit your ad to videos that are rated G, T, or M You can simply click a tab that well Abra Kadabra If you still have any doubt There’s your video ratings This tool would not work and would not be structured this way If videos were not being rated in internally. We can use this tool to gather information and sort of reverse engineer how the system works. like excluding all tabs but one and then collecting information on where your ads were placed you can build a list of videos that fall into just one category. If you build a list of videos that are say rated M then maybe we can look at the videos on that list and better understand the rating system as it’s applied to all videos across the site. As a YouTube creator, we always have to play this sort of guessing game with YouTube How does it work? Why does certain things work the way they do and every time I upload a video I sort of have to guess Okay well it- it went yellow Ahhhh Why? Why was it not monetized? I just think this could be solved so easily if we just knew what the rules were. And if the system was more clear fo- and we had better guidelines as a creator. Now, it leaked a few months ago the – ahhh – guidelines YouTube have internally ah to review videos. But Now was exposed by Carla Plan and C love is that YouTube, not only reviews the video green and yellow, they also give it an internal rating, which is very similar to movie guidelines. PG, General, Teen and Mature. Even if the the video is green it might still be flagged as mature and only mature ads will play on that video I saw this tweet Philly which does news content which I assume gets flagged for M because it’s – it’s in that area of being more controversial and that’s probably why he got served such a bad ad. It’s not like a higher spender or something like that ’cause different ads have different values. The reason why this video was brought up wasn’t because of the revenue issue – that’s just something that I’ve noticed and its something that annoys me what they have noticed is that if a video is flagged as M it actually gets recommended less and getting less views. So what they discovered is that yes in fact that if a video is tagged as mature, it does get less views. And what they noticed was that videos that talk about suicide prevention, videos that talk about controversial topics that are still important get flagged as mature and then get less views. The bot can’t seem to tell the difference between – let’s say a video thats making light of suicide and a video that dissuading people who are suicidal from going through with it. Look at this video for example titled “Before You Commit Suicide Watch This Video First” The comments are FILLED with people sharing how much this video helped them. Some people saying watching it literally saved their life that day It was rated M and made harder to find. That should NOT be happening! If a young person is considering hurting themselves this might be the video they need to see! There should NOT be an age limit encouraging people to choose life YouTube, itself as a platform, really feels like it’s pushing – ah this sort of content aside. I think YouTube Rewind is a perfect example because it shows that YouTube wants to be but its so disconnected from what YouTube is and I think ahhh – the more YouTube tries to figure out what it its presents on the internet and what it wants to be the more it’s digging its own grave. POW POW POW POW POW PEW *Laser Gun sounds* That was Pew News everybody Yay! I am Wolf Blleeeessss and I hope you guys enjoy the most legitimate News Source on the entire internet. *generic news outro music plays* *clap* *clap* *clapping increases*


  1. I don't get that Bell/Notification thing. I don't want to receive any immediate notifications when someone uploaded a video.
    Not on my phone, nor on my Browser. YouTube is mostly on-demand. When I want to watch something, I had to the Sub Tab, and search for content I wanna watch. And the Sub Tab works, not? I never really had any problems with that, even when someone said "hey my video didn't turn up", I usually had them in my sub tab nonetheless.
    I get it, notification will turn up the views, and that's alright, but that functions works, not?
    Maybe I just don't get it, but it doesn't seem like that much of a big deal.

  2. We should petition youtube to force t-series to split their channel into its seperate parts. It now consists of 10 channels or something.

  3. i've gotten at least 4 escort/ prostitution (or something like that) ads from channels like emma chamberlain or james charles. i'm not even 14 yet.

  4. The issue with youtube (rather, mostly google as a whole), is that they use AI for everything, but the issue with AI is that it creates a system for determining what its supposed to determine, without doing it in a way a person can understand. Youtube physically can’t go in and change how the algorithm works, because they didn’t make the algorithm – they made an algorithm making algorithm

  5. Is it just me or did EVERYONE including @pewdiepie misunderstand what the Youtube-guy said? He is talking about NOTIFICATIONS not VIDEO SUGGESTIONS. I'm currently subscribed to over 50 channels but I don't want my phone disturbing me every single time they post a video. But when I click the bell icon for maybe 5 channels, whenever those 5 channels post videos, I will get notified. But all 50 channels I subscribe to are equally suggested to me every time. That is a perfectly logical system to me. If I get notified for every single video it will just get annoying. "You have 82 notifications from youtube"

  6. I don't have any bells activated because I can't have my phone going off every time someone sends out a video when I'm at work.

  7. So that's the reason why i didn't get notified if pewds uploading new vids even though i have already hit the bell. Σ(⊙▽⊙")

  8. I am back here because of YOtube Rewind 2018

    Yes, the original one because YT once again asked what the audience wants and they still did not listen #BlindYoutubeIsBlind

  9. For some bizzare reason, YouTube loves to show me ads for gambling 1/3rd of the time. As a site that is full of children, those ads are a little harmful, aren't they?

  10. Rules are vague intentionally, so they can interpret them any way they choose. They want all the revenue for themselves, and they want us confused, demoralized and silenced.

  11. Another deleted comment, interesting. Here it is again:

    Carying on this racist context crap is beneath you dude – you have so many other ways to be hilarious, including making fun of the people who just can't resist using the n word because they have no self control and would rather be entitled assholes than come up with other ways to be funny that aren't blatantly derogatory and offensive…but you are choosing to poke at this over and over – even after apologizing for it. It is just as bad as the crap Jake Paul pulls, but I guess you feel it is okay because you don't think anyone should be offended by it? So you get to draw the line because your opinion matters the most? If you are shouting out the n word out because you feel it is the worst possible insult you can say in the heat of the moment, and you find that hilarous or if you are a white dude deciding that it should not be offensive and you are suggesting to other people that this is fine…you are, in the very least, being a total douchebag. The shame of it is that I don't think you are racist on a personal level, you are funny in a lot of other ways and you have a huge platform that you could use to steer people in a better direction.

  12. “You did it too” is a “tu quoque” fallacy or an “appeal to hypocrisy”
    So your argument is invalid.

  13. 6:19
    pews features a right wing YouTuber's comment next to the one he read
    Vox: this man is Cleary supporting this man's right wing ideologies he is a racism!

    Why it is SO many demonitised PDP's videos?
    "Please be monitised" – #1
    WTF YouTube?

  15. 4:05 what the hell. is he trying to make whitey a code word the N. SCREW HIM AND HIS POST. im not racist, i just hate everyone.

  16. why does no one get that subscribe is just for youtube your home page the bell icon is literally you telling youtube i give you consent to blow my phone up if pewdiepie goes live. i do not however want to be getting notifications from every channel i subscribe to.

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