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This Store Makes Over $900,000 Without Facebook Ads A Month SELLING SATURATED PRODUCTS – Case Study

This Store Makes Over $900,000 Without Facebook Ads A Month SELLING SATURATED PRODUCTS – Case Study

hi everyone in today’s video we’re going
into a $900,000 drop shipping case study using an untapped traffic source that
you can do as well let’s go everyone and welcome to today’s video my name is
Ricky Hayes it’s an absolute pleasure to have you here
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further ado let’s get straight into today’s video so the website is known as
5 Ekans or seconds calm okay so we’ll get
into in a moment there are a general store that they’re doing over 950
thousand monthly visits on a general store the main traffic source is two
United States they’re using a free theme they are only using a few free apps and
sorry some paid apps I said that wrong they are making unique descriptions like
I said in a few videos ago unique strip descriptions and they’re doing the
average order value hacks of bulk order discounts as well as income upsells okay
their site is very fast their main traffic source is Google sorry I meant
YouTube ilex show that in the moment and their
store is set up as if it’s not a general store so let me just show you what I
mean so you can get a really good idea in a moment and I just chose a three
percent conversion rate because their website is well set up so I’d say that
three percent would be good this good general stores gonna sit in two to three
percent range once you start seeing that you go more a bit niche specific but
let’s say three percent so they’re making about nine hundred thousand
dollars in sales in a month using that as a basis with a thirty dollar average
order value don’t trust me you can do the calculations that’s about twenty
five thousand orders a month okay times by thirty all right so let’s get
straight into it so here it is here this is the this is their YouTube channel
okay you can see our basic it really is and these people are doing a lot now if
we make sure four stands my volume is muted let’s have a look here so this
here is a product we’ve seen a lot definitely a winning practice
what I mean by finding this is selling a saturated product on an untapped
placement okay and as you can see here this is nearly the exact ripoff of the
Facebook ad it has the exact dimensions of the Facebook ad that’s why it’s not
full screen okay it’s not properly optimized for YouTube but you can see
how well it’s doing all right and basically they’re using YouTube as their
traffic source for all of these they still have good creatives you can see
all that they’ve really done was throwing their logo over the top you can
tell based on the fact that they’ve done that this is likely to have been in
Camtasia and that they’ve just added the whole get yours now okay so as we can
see here if we go down they’ve you know half a million views obviously not huge
like to dislike ratio but learn it anyway so you can see here I have forty
two thousand subscribers because obviously they don’t paid marketing
they’re gonna get subscribers you can see that actually just doing the nearly
exact same thing as what they what you would do on Facebook in different ways
fifty percent off but free shipping click here don’t worry yourself blah
blah just giving benefits benefits benefits benefits so they’re using the
description okay to further you know add multiple call to actions all right and
they’ve that’s well done this and it’s pinned which is very very smart which is
what you should be doing and you’re gonna see probably some spam but you’ll
see that what they’re doing most likely is responding the most comments similar
to Facebook or at least answering questions okay and that’s what they’re
doing with their business okay so if we go and have a look at their website in
the arm because I’m sure you guys would be interested alright so we can see you
this is the product I don’t know why that hasn’t optimized properly I presume
it’s taking a moment there we go so you can see it’s well set up you know
it’s straight up converting into Australian obviously I’m here in
Australia right now you can see it’s got the little half of nine three percent of
household yes that is a hack actually helps increase average order value and
you can see a really well set up description they made of may have
reference this from someone else but you can see that they have
definitely made some alterations this put a lot of effort into it
and it’s clearly working well for them half a million views and you can see
they’ve got the Add to Cart and this free shipping thing down the bottom so
it follows so either way it doesn’t really matter if it’s a topic let’s have
a look at how about what so this is debut – yeah
doesn’t really matter debuted Brooklyn much of a muchness honestly you can see
here see that they’re definitely doing doing it through overload and I got the
tags blah blah you can get a lot of info from this but let’s have a quick look
just to show you guys that you don’t need a huge amount even if you are
running a general store although I do recommend that you run these stores I’ll
just find that they’re personally better but you can see that they’re not running
a huge amount of apps here not all apps run ok so you don’t need a huge amount
and the number of these are free ok number of these free let’s have a look
at similar with ok so you can see that they at one point in my March 1 point 3
7 million ok so even more but you can see that they’re doing 950 2000
obviously it’s you know they’re hovering around 900 thousand to a million average
monthly visits ok with a pretty decent bounce rate and that’s where obviously I
got the amount of sales using a 3 percent conversion rate of 25,000 sales
with an average order value of $30 I just chose $30 I could be incredibly
wrong but that’s there what I chose now more importantly to show you what I mean
that this is from United States we can see it’s from the United States let’s
open up the full full report so you can get a better idea okay so they’re
definitely doing very very well scroll down alright so you can see again
most of its United States followed by UK this is why I say to most people that
what happens is United States obviously if you can tap into that country always
going to get the most out UK is usually second why the UK dollar or GDP is worth
more than the USD so for them even with the currency conversion it’s cheaper
however if you use Shopify payments much of you many of you knew but Shopify
payments now supports more to check out okay hence why I’ve started
using Shopify payments so I can start accepting native new purchases and I
also use after pay it doesn’t unfortunately integrate with like into
car anyway so you can see here that they’re marketing to a number of
different countries all right so whatever the conversion
rate is for those I have no idea but if we go down here we can see that their
traffic sources is social okay and they’re doing a lot of direct so that we
don’t probably lot with Google Ads and to some degree whether it’s Google
shopping and you can see that doing quite a bit of display ads whether
that’s cold traffic or remarketing a lot of that will be remarketing for short
and direct can also be SEO but also keep in mind that we’re seeing here that sale
sauce obviously using this website as as referenced as well I didn’t find this
through sour sauce truthfully I actually just found this on my youtube channel I
was just looking and I saw it it’s interesting so more people are going to
start using YouTube because our connects I’m actually gonna be making a bit of a
strategy and I’m gonna be making that more of a course if you do want a little
bit of stuff I am happy to make a free video on that so just comment that down
below if you want a bit of a youtube ads course I’ve got a number of notes here
actually on that about a number of things as well which I’ll be getting
into later but if we have a look here we can see like they’re organic keywords
okay so this is what I mean by these organic keywords if they’re not running
a brand search on this they’ll be losing quite a lot of money they should
definitely be running a brand search on that that’s a lot we can see that this
is a winner so this power leg whatever that refers to so that’s here we got it
so that’s definitely a winner so they’re getting quite a lot of organic traffic
just from that trending on them right now and then if we have a look obviously
as well we can have a look at theirs but anyway so you can see 40.4%
is paid traffic and you consider their page sandals low cheek line beard
they’re selling a lot of trending highly saturated products on Facebook and
marketing on Google and how do I know that 97% of its from Google our YouTube
sorry YouTube they even tried Pinterest but obviously not a huge man as yet but
you can see how they’re doing barely anything on Facebook and they’re able to
hit million visits a month now consistently
they’ve been able to achieve that there is no way that this is a fluke
they have been doing this for a long period of time and this is working
clearly very well for them they will be making a lot of money from this and this
is what I mean by a diversification as much as people say that Facebook is
amazing and it is there’s more to marketing than just Facebook I’ve seen a
lot of companies do very well outside of that and this is just one example of
that and this is what I actually teach in my course I will be going more into
YouTube ads what they’re actually doing if we go back to the channel
what they are doing from what I saw is they’re doing a lot of YouTube discover
ads so it’s at what’s known as a Discoverer ad where you can choose an
interest and you can market to them that way so I like let’s say that I have an
affinity affinity which is an actual audience type towards Jim
they might market to me like that okay and it could show up as when you open up
your YouTube you know you get those initial ads and it could be one of those
ads all right so that is they’re doing a lot of discover they’re probably doing a
lot of pre-roll ads as well pre-roll ads are like ads that you see at the start
of your YouTube video like for instance on the start of this one unless you use
your hand blocker but anyway but you get the idea alright and so they’ll be using
a lot of that with interest targeting and you can also what’s cool is you can
target specific chance okay so the cool thing is and this is what I’ll be
definitely updating my course and I’ll provide some free value do not worry if
everyone out there always like to share is YouTube is different to Facebook
Facebook in terms of the interests you choose let’s say Jim shark where as on
YouTube and there might be a Jim shark as as a channel you don’t choose it as
an interested user that’s a placement if you were to do the equivalent but then
you can also be more granular with it all right that’s what’s really cool
about it if you are very serious about YouTube ads i’ll definitely
I’m getting my course because I’m seriously working on being in YouTube
ads my next two priorities in the course anyway so but you can see all that’s
what they’re doing here if we go back to the YouTube channel
okay and we go back to the videos we’re gonna see yeah so what is cool its but
as well is we’re not seeing all the ads there’s no way that they’re able to get
a million site visits a month okay a million site visits a month with three
or four videos okay I want to make that perfectly clear we can see that this is
not a winning product this is not a winning product that this definitely is
and you can see how much of difference some not all products translate on on
YouTube but these would why would this work is Fitness channels health channels
very very easy to actually target these if we open up this video alright this is
an exact video that we’ve actually seen on Facebook isn’t it I’m sure many of
you have seen this this is there is nothing unique to this no no I’m sure
this is exactly this is optimized for it so you can see as well how this is done
better compared to some of the others why is that it doesn’t really have any
like that they should really have captions in there alright I should have
captions however you can see how it seems like it’s less of a marketing one
but it’s you know trending product that we’re seeing right now just like my last
video with the knee brace this is a different one and we can see that it’s
done over a million views you know and you can see they’re getting comments
comments comments and we’re seeing if we sort by comments so not top comments
newest okay seeing a couple of weeks ago so they’re really still sort of
marketing it whether that’s organic or not not sure but that’s what’s cool with
YouTube as well is that you can list it and you can actually optimize it and it
can get a lot of SEO on this channel as well alright so you know if we have a
look at this channel this only has a small amount but you know you can see
that there there actually is this a different product no sorry it’s a
different product but my point is is that you can see how
that this is a way to actually have to retitle the video for more could be but
you can see how you can this is another way to sell heavily saturated products
quickly and easily they haven’t they’ve pretty much ripped
this from Facebook or you know some good source and just thrown it on YouTube the
difference is is that people in order to do YouTube ads you have to integrate it
with a Google Ads account you have to have your Google Ads account set up you
have to have conversion tracking setup and it does it is a bit of a steeper
learning curve with with YouTube and takes a bit longer but you can see how
effective this is I don’t know what obviously their cost per purchase and
that may be but you can see how this has been consistently working for them on a
general store and like it’s just plain and simple as that so you can see what
they’ve done very very well is that they’ve sold a very heavily saturated
product on from one platform it’s a hundred percent validated and just put
it on another platform and YouTube is extremely good for that because it’s
nearly the equivalent of Facebook video centric need items a video centric okay
so it fits that criteria it’s got a huge amount of people it’s not as if we’re
talking us like Vimeo where it’s a much smaller audience talking it’s the second
biggest search engine in the world just behind Google and so a huge audience and
there’s an infinite number of channels okay with this one this program pro cam
Smart Security what would I what would I do with this I would actually look for
channels that are about home security technology that’s what I would probably
be focusing on home security technology channels and they’re huge on YouTube and
you can target those channels so if you do want to know a little bit more about
an overview strategy of how you can get one of these started just comment that
down below I’m really interested to see now I will leave it at that
and that concludes today’s video on 900 thousand dollar general store using an
untapped traffic source selling heavily saturated product if you did enjoy
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