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This ONE PRODUCT Store Makes Over $720,000 Without Facebook Ads A Month SELLING SATURATED PRODUCTS

This ONE PRODUCT Store Makes Over $720,000 Without Facebook Ads A Month SELLING SATURATED PRODUCTS

come on in this video I’m gonna show you
a store that’s doing over seven hundred and twenty thousand dollars in sales
every single month without using Facebook Ads hey there and welcome to
today’s video my name is Ricky Hayes it is a pleasure to have you on the channel
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myself announced in the next video so let’s get
into today’s video the store is called socks ooh this calm they actually have a
couple of different URLs okay guys now I found this by a big spider calm it is
free again this is just purely to find other stores let me show you how I found
it I actually have it here as well I found it by AdMob for those who don’t
know what AdMob is it’s just they use that term it’s it’s cool okay Google and
I used the search term feet now when I was looking for this I was just going
out and I was trying to see using broad terms to see what I could try and find
and as you can see all I did was i typed in feet and I got a number of different
ads you can see a thousand and 58 results not a huge amount okay and I
went down and I was just having a look and I saw some consistency of socks ooh
this dr. sock and they look like the same socks now what’s funny is if we
click this alright so we’ve got the socks ooh this and then we’ve got the
dr. sock shop look at that exact same different domain so that means that
they’re definitely doing something well they’re buying multiple domains to try
and see if the domain might also resonate with the people again it’s a
one product type store in this instance that is selling a basically a pretty
generalized item to a large large audience but it doesn’t stop there this
is just their funnel okay this is their funnel but it’s before this that it’s
really really interesting let me go back here for a moment and let’s actually
have a look again at the landing page so that’s the domain this is the landing
page they’ve made a blog I’ve been saying too many people that blogs are
fantastic they’re undervalued but for people that really use blogs they’re
absolutely astounding okay oops lutely astounding I’ve started to use
blogs friends my personal brand as well as my e-commerce stores it takes time
but it is very very worth the venture so if we have a look here seniors turn
turned back the clock on Aging feet with new miracle sock so we definitely know
this is an aging demographic sorry an older demographic pardon me older
demographics have a larger budget so we definitely know this is going to have a
good conversion rate and obviously as you get older you get aching pains and
you know they still want to be able to enjoy their life understandable if so so
this is fantastic we can see that this was apparently Thursday the 5th of
September now I believe they just update that and look at this now I’m not gonna
read this out this isn’t what I’m gonna the point of this video but you know who
has been a benefit informant they are saying everyone you know nearly everyone
and we can see people actually just saying how happy they are from all these
different people look at that dr. su this has easily developed a cult
following here are some customer reviews look at that swelling in the foot and
the difference before after self-explanatory all right very simple
too easy use product you don’t need a video just images work very well this
product guaranteed is similar version as I’ve shown you in other ones will be on
Aliexpress as well if we have a look here they’ve spent a huge my personal 30
day timeline just a lot of work today is a really crappy but you can see here
that they’re going through and justifying their product they’re telling
it and then sort of at the end of their sales page or sales letter this is more
a sales letter they’re talking about you know the cost of the product and talking
about it now you can see here they’ve gotten tons of comments or not ton sorry
actually I tell life maybe that’s recent but you can see here we’ve got this
under 30 for now if we click them interestingly enough well the only
difference is we’re going to see slightly different this so if we have a
look 50 percent and then we’re gonna see you so all they’re doing right all
they’re literally doing is the exact same funnel with some slightly different
text and it’s working now this isn’t on a Shopify store in this case but it’s
the exact same methodology you can build landing pages exactly like this with
using like simplify pages pages there’s a million tools out there
for it now there’s there’s nothing to be worried about that I have a video that’s
in the making about landing pages as well okay so you can see that there what
they’re doing is they’re just trying to resonate a bit more with the audience by
just changing a little bit of the copy everything else is just copy paste copy
paste okay and I know that these have higher conversion rates these always
have high conversion rates because you’re not sending people straight to a
sales page okay then you’re not sending people straight to a sales page here we
go so as of Sunday so this is just automatic dr. soothers is offering a
special discount for senior citizens but hurry due to extremely high demand I
know this is updated regularly when you watch this make sure you check the date
I guarantee you that’s just updated as a marketing ploy if we go on again they’ve
got a really good simple landing page people absolutely love it let’s go yes I
want 50 percent off again that’s just their marketing and we have a look one
size fits all okay and we can see here we’ve got this buyer to get one free
3995 etc etc they’re really trying to increase the average order value this
item will be pretty cheap for what it’s worth they’re saying you know a 50%
discount has been approved so it looks legit when it’s just you know when we
know the ins and outs of this so that’s not actually the case at all so as you
can see here they have you know everything it’s a one product page
checkout it is really simple blog page sales page checkout and you can
guarantee even without me buying this even without me buying this there I know
they’ll be doing post purchase upsells if you actually want me to go ahead and
buy it to prove my point comment that down below let’s have a little bit of
fun buy it and if we get 50 comments or buy it I’ll buy the product and I’ll do
a quick little video on it for a bit of fun anyway so we can see they got the
money back gaurantee it is perfect like what they have done here is amazing more
importantly if we have a look here we’re gonna have a look at their traffic
source so it’s actually even more than I thought what the hell
maybe I was looking at the wrong sales page but look at that they got we leo I
would like not we leo but like a wheel of fortune so for those who say to me
are we fortune doesn’t work it blahblah it
works let’s change the theme and just work on a little bit of works really
well anyway so we can actually see on this page eight hundred and fifty four
thousand so that’s even more than I anticipated because I’ll be honest I’ll
go back here and I think that I use this page as the reference point no muss it
was it did I use this one okay sorry so I tell why you’re welcome this is
actually even more more than I anticipated a holy cow so we can see
here that this store is now really scaling this up that is trending so in
fact this is trending beyond belief and I’m sure that there’s Aliexpress ones
and this is training up we can see here two United States is a good amount of
their traffic actually to UK it’s more so if we go down the most important
thing that we see is direct and display ads you don’t see this very often
display ads are extremely undervalued I’ll be honest for myself I mainly use
display ads as a remarketing very the dynamic remarketing on the Google
Display Network Gmail display our Gmail dynamic remarketing ads or just single
product remarketing campaigns on the Display Network
however the Display Network is an extremely undervalued network as a whole
you can get extremely cheap cost per purchase our cost per clicks and
purchases because the Display Network for those who don’t know and if you are
interested comment down below I’ll teach more about display ads as
well display ads are the things that you see when you go to blog websites so like
on this here they’ve set this up as a blog page I don’t know if this is
legitimate ads but as we get to see those are those are display ads okay so
they the company has just made a graphic in this case mesda and they have simply
just done that and it goes on the Display Network and you can do lots of
different things with it you can do cold traffic or retargeting as I said I’ve
mainly done retargeting but you can do cold traffic so you can actually do cold
traffic and it’s very cheap you can have a low CTR but you get a huge amount of
impressions because it the Google display ads network is massive and I
mean massive like it’s it’s insane like what I’ve been
saying with the Facebook audience Network it’s the exact same thing and
that’s trending up Google have been doing it for a lot longer than it is
absolutely massive that’s why people build blogs news websites their revenue
comes from ad revenue all right so it’s huge so if we scroll down here we can
see 854 thousand and that’s the checkout page that’s ridiculous
or just dr. saath kaam I don’t know why it’s slightly different we can see that
like they do have France seems to be doing well as well our United States is
going down 40% so that’s a bit of it and we can see that they’re doing a lot more
international huge amounts we can see France is just gone through the roof in
terms of the traffic source okay so clearly something’s working we can see
display 50% and direct 50% again direct a lot of it is things like this so
that’s why I K so they’ve been featured on the Daily Mail Co which is massive
who doesn’t know Daily Mail anyway and so they’re getting a lot of traffic from
that and that’ll be boosting them I presume that’s very recent that’s a huge
increase in traffic okay and that’s just referrals if we have a look further down
we’re seeing that 0.26 so they’re just doing guaranteed all that is is just
face actually I saw it there just because I landed on their page I they’re
just doing Facebook remarketing which makes sense you should be doing that I
don’t see any reason to not they’ve been featured on France Yahoo which is
another huge one so this is where they’re this is where display ads work
really well so these websites Yahoo YouTube I’ve never heard of that one
Daily Mail the ads are showing on there as well looks a bit cold traffic and
they’re getting very cheap clicks very very cheap clicks and let’s I want to
see if we can go to their website and actually see maybe there’s a very low
chance we’ll translate it because I don’t speak French although I haven’t
never been friends either so anyway so this is what I mean by as an example go
away you should we should see banner ads if I click on any of these types of
articles just as an example okay so you know they bring the traffic in and then
they make them monetize their traffic through display ads
okay and these people are maximizing and capitalizing on that which is huge we
can see a huge amount of traffic from it and then you get really that’s all
really wanted to show you there okay so this is a fantastic product okay this is
a one product store in this case using a blog with a really good targeted product
for that solves a problem that we all love with a huge amount of traffic now
on obviously this does change my calculations because I wanted to talk
about this so I worked on the basis of 289,000 as you saw just a few minutes
back so we’re gonna use that as our basis so and it’s growing so in fact
it’s actually much larger on the checkout page so the numbers would be
much much higher than I’m anticipating if my numbers are correct so I’m using
the basis of a five percent conversion rate okay the reason I’m using a five
percent conversion rate is I suspect a tire do two if they’re sending them to a
blog post which it looks to be they are based on if we go back here the landing
page okay so you can favorite these as well by the way and I’ve go into landing
page blog page that’s showing testimonials showing the product in use
you know how it affects and improve someone’s life is huge okay then to a
sales page that’s very targeted for that age demographic and then straight to
their checkout page beer dad locked in the South so those historically actually
have a higher conversion rate than just a sales pages because you’re explaining
more about the price now it’s especially easy with a need item so let’s use the
two eighty nine thousand I should really update that for my art my video title
they shouldn’t know more anyway am is we got the check yet and then guaranteed
that post purchase upsell if again if you want me to do that you know you got
the words today crush it as well as you want display ads as well as what was the
word I said whatever it was buy it and if we get fifty comments of that then
I’ll do it for a bit of fun and I’ll make a short video on it so they
estimated revenue okay based on 289 two hundred and eighty nine thousand people
with a five percent conversion rate with an average or
value did i not include that sorry I did sorry my apologies let me fix this so it
makes more chronological sense okay thank you
it’s 50 dollars and using fifty dollars is the basis because again if I go to
their checkout all right we’re seeing thirty nine ninety five
they’ve got three ninety five so I’m including the shipping so we got forty
three ninety plus as I said I am 99.9% confident that they’re also doing post
purchase up cells as well as they’re obviously doing bulk order discounts so
I would be safe in assuming that their average order value as an estimate is
around fifty dollars okay if you see people doing that and they’re getting a
lot of traffic you know that they’ve done really heavy work on trying to
amplify these pages okay so go away um so sorry about that so I’m with a five
percent okay with an average order value of fifty dollars the total amount okay
total revenue I need to fix these up real bad the total revenue okay is seven
hundred and twenty two thousand five hundred dollars now if I if I use the
exact same calculation for the eight hundred and ninety thousand and even if
I changed it to three percent I still suspect they’ve got a really high
conversion rate anyway then obviously that number just goes through the window
like and we’re literally talking millions of dollars in sales a month
anyway so moving on and we can see here that I wanted to tell you again a bit
about their profit that I would expect to see
so excluding taxes transaction fees the outsourcing returns refunds and various
other miscellaneous things on a thirty percent profit
okay because I I anticipate based on like you know this is a pair of socks
they’ll be buying in bulk absolutely this won’t be costing them
probably not even ten dollars so they have a really good profit margin so I
used thirty percent to be conservative okay so that total is two hundred and
sixteen thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars a month without using Facebook
ads okay and all they’ve done is you can see they do spend a lot of time
obviously without what looks to be a pretty basic product honestly um you
know but it obviously does an extremely good job made an
mazing amazing soft sales page to a sales page to then a purchase our
checkout page with post purchase upsells okay and they’re making that much profit
again if we take off the fact of let’s say another 15% as an estimated guess
off that 216,000 just 10% 21 so let’s say 30 so $190,000 profit a month
selling a pair of socks and because they’ve made a very good pair of socks
okay that’s why that works so so so well and you can see they made that without
using Facebook ads again what I’m trying to show you is you can make money in a
lot of ways guys so make sure you please keep that in your mind display ads
extremely good so we’ve gone there’s also search there’s display ads there’s
Gmail ads okay now if you want to learn more about display it’s coming that down
below again really trying to improve the quality of videos that you guys get and
you can see how I just used a free tool again I’m not affiliated with this at
all I want to make that a hunter sent clear and I just scrolled through and it
was on the first to second page and you know I could change this to other terms
like if I if I were to do it I would try a dog and see if I can find an item that
catches my attention that looks like a general dog ecommerce related item so we
can also change the Shopify if you wanted and and narrow down those results
so you know we can see here see dogs sweaters and now a number of these
images don’t load because of their display ads and there as well that can
be a bit of the drawback so just as a bit of honesty there so but you can see
you got plenty and plenty of ideas next dog dog gear dog food so on so forth
trust me so many people absolutely crushing it using things like display
ads it is phenomenal and I mean good on them they deserve all that success and
that concludes today’s video on a store doing over seven hundred and twenty
thousand dollars in sales every single month with the app Facebook ads and in
fact they’re doing even more so if you did like today’s video make sure you
smash life and hit that subscribe button for
more weekly value delivered to you 100% for free as well comment down below
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and also tell me if you want a video on display ads again I’ve got a case study
I’ve also got a Pinterest I’ve got Google I’ve got tons I’ve got a CBO
update tons of videos that you guys are gonna absolutely love that people have
been asking me a lot for so anyway congratulations to Diego Mont more oh
sorry I apologize my English always with names is bad okay
congratulations just hit me up Ricky at Ricky Hayes CO and we’ll jump on a call
for 30 minutes together have a lot of fun I love those calls um I’ve got a
free webinar there as well make sure you check out free webinar a hundred percent
free okay just 100 percent free I do them and I really enjoy that
alright and people have been signing up for my free Facebook Ads course you can
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best part of that okay use sale sauce for that as well as drop point is
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playlists alright so that should get you kick-started really well now on top of
this I decided because it seems to be really popular and I thought it’s a
really good thing for the community um you know I’m in a unique position I’ve
built a community being new people and I appreciate every one of you and I think
it’s only fair to say that I should give back and I think that one other things
that got me started was people giving a lending hand they didn’t expect anything
back in return they just gave a lending hand and for me that was one of the most
cherished things and that got me started because I’ve gone through many hard
times and so I’ve noticed that people have really liked this where people have
been asking me can this and that and I thought well let’s build a little notice
board and that’s why I’m introducing today is I’ve already had it but I’m
like now I want to expand on it even more to help you guys so you don’t have
to go out and search for it yourself I know who to look for I know how to
communicate with people I don’t have a life so I love to talk to people so and
it benefits me too it’s a lot of fun so if you want to be featured sorry if you
want to be featured in my notice board okay just send me an email Rickey a
tricky house code tell me what your skills are okay it has to be unique
skill I’m not going to show five different sourcing agents and all of
that there’s only gonna be one person per skill so if you get on this notice
board you’re gonna get a lot of free exposure okay but you have to be good at
what you do and again obviously the definition of that is very broad but
again I I know exactly what I want to look for and I have very high standards
so make sure if you do are interested in being one of these skilled people that
you know what you’re doing because I will ask a lot of questions but it’ll be
a lot of fun okay so again we’ve got four store creation we’ve got right
there there’s a link there I get nothing for it SEO as well he does SEO my
graphic designer and video editor he is fantastic absolutely fantastic and he
deserves more work because it really does have a very quiet quality attention
to detail if you want my fulfillment app that’s been really popular well not my
fulfillment app sorry but you drop e people have been really loving that I’ve
been giving them feedback based on what you guys have said too so please keep
that coming you can watch the video there that’s going to help you if you
want a private sourcing agent speak to Bernard he is a lovely man in fact all
these people are lovely anyway email them there they they helped me with
sourcing products they are awesome also you drop you do the same so you
boast options there and if you want customer service okay this is my
customer service team they do customer service and have done it for me in the
past they can have one person they can have multiple twenty-four
they have plenty now the skills that I currently don’t have here that I’m
looking for and if this meets you then please send me an email product research
viral thumbnails copywriting contact center social media management I’m
considering adding things like Facebook Ads Google Ads Bing ads and that as well
I want this as I said to be a notice board where I give back to you guys okay
you know there’s so much skill in this world and it is so amazing the people I
speak to how much I’ve learned from others and I think it’s only fair to say
that we should help each other okay guys so you know like I’m doing this for
everyone’s benefit so that people that are making their own e-commerce business
they don’t have to searches far and wide to find specific skill sets they can use
this and noticeboard so you get more work and everyone wins it’s a simple
little thing and you know if you’re really good then I’ll happily use you
for work that I have – okay so I really want to work on this I really think this
is something unique that no one really does and and it really just dawned on me
I was like this is a great idea to really help the community to grow as a
whole anyway so that’s that’s my introduction there as well the slides
are in the description as well so I hope you have enjoyed today’s video I hope
you have a lovely day I hope you take care and good bye

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