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This Japanese Method Will Help You Get Rid of Belly Fat

This Japanese Method Will Help You Get Rid of Belly Fat

This Japanese method will help you quickly lose weight this day has finally [comes] [a] japanese actor named Mickey Ryousuke recently discovered an incredible method to lose weight very quickly [this] unique technique helped him lose twenty eight point seven pounds and four point seven inches from [his] waist in just a few weeks this impressive result was a [side-effect] of a back pain relief Exercise prescribed to him by a doctor. Here’s another good point the exercise takes only two minutes a day Let’s give it a shot to understand How it might help you there is a little bonus at the end of the video don’t miss it First let’s see how it works Ryousuke called it a long breath diet the technique consists of assuming a certain position Taking a three-second breath and then a strong seven second exhalation most European doctors support the use of breathing exercises for weight [Loss] and Explain their effectiveness as follows that consists of Oxygen Carbon and hydrogen When the oxygen you breathe in reaches the fat cells it’s [listened] in to carbon and water therefore [the] more oxygen your body uses the more fat [you] burn Now here’s what you [should] do the instruction is easy first stand up and push one leg forward and the other back Now strain your buttocks and transfer your weight to [your] back foot. Yes, just like this Slowly start inhaling for three seconds lifting your arms above your head Then exhale forcefully for seven seconds straining all your body muscles perform this exercise every day for two to ten minutes and you’ll be shocked with the results and Here is the bonus as experts say this technique also will strengthen your body muscles and increase metabolism That’s it. I’m going to try [this] right now if you’ve already tried this exercise Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below and if you’re visiting our channel for the first time Hit that thumbs up button and click subscribe to stay on the bright side of life

100 thoughts on “This Japanese Method Will Help You Get Rid of Belly Fat

  1. Guys, what do you do to keep fit?

    I love yoga! These poses are really effective! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rt1bsoOukjI

  2. Hey guys! I will update u! (i started as 42.7 kg)
    Day 1 (today) I only did it for a minute or 2. I don't see a difference and im still 42.7 but i will probably do it more.

  3. I’m 13 And I just
    I’m So self concious about My stomach
    I never go to the beach with My Friends anymore because My belly hangs out

  4. Okay, I'm really going to try this starting now. I'll measure my waist and post everything weekly. Today is Feb. 27, 2019. As soon as I get home I'll measure, weigh and post the info. Wish me luck!

  5. It works but if your back is weak you might want to do some planks to help strengthen your core while you're at it. Standing in this position for more than a few minutes also puts stress on your back. You can feel your stomach being worked if you do this correctly with raising and lowering your arms during the breathing process. All in all I would say this is a healthy exercise.

  6. Breathing exercise….Kapal Bhati which in in Indian Yoga for thousands of year works wonder..you will surprise with results….Just google or you tube Kapal Bhati Pranayama

  7. This is a common tai chi exercise. Mainly used for "enhancing one's wind." Losing weight would be a welcoming addition to the exercise.

  8. I had been really motivated the two weeks before this week, but I got sick so I couldn't workout or do anything. So naturally I've gotten accustomed to my lazy lifestyle again. I don't want to stay here so I'm stretching and it really helps get me motivated. It's easy enough so I can talk myself into it, but when I do it I feel my muscles working and I remember how much I love to workout, also during this stretching my nose started to run which I'd been having some congestion problems ( 7wow.cc/wl39 ) so that was a nice relief. Thank you for this video

  9. I will try it today and see if it works. So, I'm would give you an update by following weeks or days for knowing the result. My weight's today (21/3/2019) is 80.5kg (177 lbs)

    (21/3/2019) 80.5 kg (177 lbs)

  10. I think it should work, I will give it try as I just started my diet plan and exercise, so no harm to include this one in the plan.

  11. I am on the verge of becoming overweight like legit if I gain 3 pounds I will be officially classified as overweight. This is really unmotivational to me because I used to be underweight and I have a fear of what will happen next. I am going to try and remember to do this. If I remember and it works I will update you guys. If I forget I’m gonna need your support so give my comment a like to remind me to breathe k byeeee

  12. Wouldn't straining all your body muscles cause a blackout? I heard flexing hard causes people to faint.
    I will try this but without going hard with muscles.

  13. I will be doing this and will show my progress and if it works (p.s. I'm on the veto diet so thats a – to this breathing thing)

  14. hmmm, this actually works even while laying on the bed just keep your legs straight and you need to put your arms up straight so that it could be stretched more, I do this like about 2-3 mins a day and try drinking lemon juice or may I say lemon water and the most important is DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Keep Hydrated peeps HAHAHA

  15. My trick is to have ADHD and take the medicin that I take. Basicly you don't want to eat so I lost over 4 KG in abou 3 months or more I don't remember…. OOF

  16. Today I'm starting and I'll share in a week.
    Weight 56 kg
    Size 6-8

    Edit: I'm a bit later than anticipated, but due to circumstances I had to skip a few times. However I did lose 2 kg.

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