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This is the ULTIMATE Course for Starting an Online Business with Shopify [Oberlo 101]

This is the ULTIMATE Course for Starting an Online Business with Shopify [Oberlo 101]

hey everyone its Jessica from Oberlo
over the past few months you’ve told us how helpful it would be if there was a
comprehensive step-by-step guide to starting an e-commerce business from
scratch you asked for baby steps to starting your own Shopify store from
beginning to end you asked for videos for new starters you wondered if there
was a video that you could watch and then pause to build your store basically
you asked for a single starting point that you could start learning from you
asked and we listened and then we got to work and now I’m thrilled to announce
the launch of Oberlo 101 the ultimate course for starting your first online
business we both this course for actually wait do we want to just show
the course instead can we do that because I think that would be more
interesting than me just going on and on about it
so let’s just try it you know what instead of hearing me talk about
Oberlo 101 just take a look at the first lesson if you like what you see
click the link below to learn more and if you have questions just leave a
comment and I’ll get back to you simple as that. Roberto world of course you and I we’re going to build an online
store together we’ll start totally from scratch and at every step of the way
I’ll teach you everything you need to know to build your own online store
we’ll kick off the course with product research so we can find great products
to sell along the way you’ll learn how to identify emerging trends how to spot
products with high profit potential and how to find trustworthy suppliers next
we’ll build our actual ecommerce store step by step you’ll learn all about
choosing a business name buying a domain creating a logo and making your store
look and feel like a real trustworthy online store you know that’s actually
not right you’re going to learn all about how to create a story that
actually is trustworthy and can take payments safely from customers around
the world on top of that you’ll also learn how to sync your store with
suppliers so you can sell their products without ever holding inventory once
we’ve got our store and our products we’ll start marketing you’ll learn the
ins and outs of Facebook I’m telling you right now this is where a lot of people
will quit but we won’t we’re going to learn how to find our target audience
how to optimize our ads and how to measure those ads for more success and
more sales finally we’ll go over the steps you can take to scale your store
you’re going to find out how to go from 0 to 100 sales using analytics store
data and more by the end of this course we’ll have built a real live online
store together now let me say something about how to navigate this course when
you log in to Oberlo 101 you’ll see all the content available in the course at a
glance the course is divided into five sections and contains a total of 23
lessons all in all you’ll have access to over seven hours of content click on any
lesson title to watch that lesson you can watch each lesson in full screen if
you’d like click the Settings icon to slow down or speed up the lesson under
every lesson is a summary of that lesson and key takeaways this makes it easy to
remember important facts figures and benchmarking numbers when you’re done
with a lesson click mark is complete you’ll automatic
please see a link to the next lesson when you’re done for the day simply log
out when you log back in press resume course at the top to dive back in now I
want to talk about three things that make this course really special number
one this course contains a ton of downloadable content keep an eye out for
spreadsheets templates and PDFs now I’ll always point these out on camera but
it’s really important that you catch these because this downloadable content
will save you a ton of time think of them as shortcuts that help you copy and
paste the stuff you need to build a store directly into the platform we’ll
use to build that store number two whenever I talk about a tool a link or a
blog post you can be sure to find that resource below the lesson I want to make
sure you have everything you need to start and scale your store so there’s
nothing that I use on camera that I don’t link to so that you can use it too
and number three and this is really special throughout this course you’ll
get insights from real successful online entrepreneurs these are people just like
you they started their first store with zero ecommerce experience now many of
them make over six figures in revenue and run their businesses full-time I’ve
personally met and interviewed all the entrepreneurs you’re going to meet in
this course they come from every corner of the globe and they include working
moms and college dropouts soft-spoken introverts and bubbly extroverts most of
them started out their business without much money or business experience but
all of them wanted it they all wanted a little extra money every month they
wanted to build something they could call their own
they wanted to prove to themselves that they could be their own boss there’s no
ingredient that those entrepreneurs have that you don’t have yourself you’ve got
what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and in this course I’m
going to do everything in my power to set you up for success but the question
you have to answer is do you want this if your answer is yes let’s get started
now you can always come back to our YouTube channel for free content that
will help you get started with dropshipping but if you’re serious about
becoming an entrepreneur let’s take this relationship
to the next level click the link right here to get started with Oberlo
then I’ll see you in class

96 thoughts on “This is the ULTIMATE Course for Starting an Online Business with Shopify [Oberlo 101]

  1. $50 For a complete dropshipping course? Whilst most youtube gurus are charging $1500 – $2400 for thiers?? This is a no brainer! Shut up and take my money!

  2. You know I'm actually pretty happy with the pricing. Not trying to rip off others. It's a reasonable amount.

  3. Jessica is this course only for beginners or can u also get good Information out of it as an advanced guy ?

    Thx for answer

  4. Hey Jessica,
    Many thx for your project which could help for many of us.

    I have a great great idea that if you'll do it you'll be the first to do it and nail it!

    And the thing is, to give us the way to brand the products from oberlo as our store brand you know like logo etc. So the customers will get the drop shipping with our logo.
    If you'll do it and get contracts with your suppliers to do it… Oh man you will jump 100 levels in this market!
    Will happy to hear your thoughts about it Jess.

  5. This course has everything it takes to be a beginner. Not to be a pro. Don't fall for this trap. Can anyone of those pro drop shippers vouch for this course that this course has 100% knowledge to be like them? I am talking about Ryan Carrol, Chris Wanes, Jefferey. There are a lot of macros and micros to be like them, and I am 100% positive this course is just for beginners to get everything started but not to make sales. I cannot believe Oberlo which is owned by Shopify will go this extent to make more money.

    Although I am not saying this course is trash as we already know Jessica is one of the best YouTube interviewers and she asks the right questions to the pros so go ahead anyone who just got to know about dropshipping and just want to get started with the basic knowledge.

  6. Firstly I was very happy that the course is free but when I opened the link I saw the price but it's very reasonable. And also very helpfull to save money and time. Instead of wasting money and time one can buy the course to get vast experience and ready to go story and also thus couse is better then the cources of other expensive gurus 🤞

  7. I do have a question though. It says you help us find suppliers do you need on the oberlo or find suppliers without oberlo site?

  8. "Get exclusive resources
    to save time and scale faster.

    Budget Spreadsheet
    Business Name Generator
    Brand Color Chart
    Best Countries to Sell to
    Shipping Policy Template

  9. Please 🙏 have some Empathy make a discount 50$ is alot of money, i know that 50 compared to the 3000$ an average person gets in US is nothing but the rest of the world gets less than 400$ per month,you know damn well that we already have to spend alot of money and go through alot of failures burn thousands of dollars till we get our first sale.

  10. Yes bought it! All because its presented by Oberlo and Jessica of course! I just hope that it will be updated along the way as Shopify and FB keeps changing its policy and user interface. Thanks Jessica and Oberlo!

  11. Hi! Thanks for all the great info. I already have the oberlo app. Is there a coupon code for the 101 course? Thank you.

  12. Who are you in relation to Oberlo? Is Oberlo a North American version of Ali Express? Is Oberlo a platform that syncs (the entrepreneur) with Ali Express and/or suppliers? Should I have just clicked the link? Thank-you, Jessimica, I will just take our relationship to the next level!

  13. Hmmm not sure if I should get this because I’ve spend a long time learning and trying different themes for Shopify and just struggle , not as easy as they say

  14. Just finish the course, good for beginners help me on facebook ADS part, but i dont like the last part, they try to make a winning product and they lost 500 dlls and finish the course. Last part very poor. First and second part good. 7.5 0f 10. But $50 is a good price to teach you the basics.

  15. Hi Jessica my lovely that’s what I wanted for long 2 time support from you or your team I twice started to build shoplift store but no luck this time I am sure I will get it done with your guidance love you from Nama 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  16. Hello, I am currently doing POD so will this course help me in any way? Or is it just to start dropshipping. Also can I use my pod store for dropshipping products that this course suggest? Please let me know. I am definitely interested. Thanks

  17. Jessica please help me success with this!
    I bought many course but still confused. I hope this course will help me get first sale.

  18. Jessica, you were born to be in front of a camera girl lol you are very entertaining to watch and an awesome counselor. Props to oberlo for snatching you for their company

  19. ONLY 50 BUCKS.. count me on!!! better than playing 999.99 for a little to no information site that teaches you how to set up ONLY the store

  20. I wanted to know where we can ask questions/doubts after watching the videos? I joined the course today but couldn't find…i started off with watching fb ad creation videos because thats where i have been struck and today again my account was "disabled temporarily" after asking for my photograph as there was "suspicious activity" in my account..i don't know why this keeps repeatedly happening to me! I created an fb account just for making an ad account and create a page for business…is that the reason?!

  21. Why is there no Oberlo customer service or someone that I can reach out to to ask questions about issues I am having with my Oberlo account?

  22. Hi Jessica. I bought the course. It good for beginners but I have one question when finding the supplier. Once we done all the research you gone through, do we need to contact the suppliers to confirm if they support drop shipping?

  23. Hi Jessica. Can we use this course if we want to work as an admin assistant for Shopify store owners? Do you issue a certificate after finishing the course?

  24. Once I get my store up and popping generating 100’s of thousand revenue or even a couple mil, I want to be on your show!!

  25. I'm torn between the out-of-the-box ease of Etsy and what seems to be a more robust option with Shopify. Etsy comes with audience ready made. Shopify needs a lot of marketing and high competition SEO. Anyone with thoughts on which they prefer and why?

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  27. How do you log into the Oberlo 101: Become a Entrepreneur? Press "Access the Course" button and get a forbidden message.

  28. Interesting. Apart from FB ads expenses, are there any other costs? Will there be an option for a free theme and paid theme? Thanks

  29. Hi do you know of any useful videos to learn how to use overlo to import to Shopify, fulfilled order and so on. I’m currently using Dropified but it’s very expensive and I’ve not gotten any sales yet 😁 thanku

  30. Thanks! Jessica, I signed up! Can't wait to follow you in this course. I have a Shopify store already and Oberlo, but I really really need more Facebook ad training. It's so complicated learning how to analyze all the data and how to scale my business. I'm so excited and can't wait to start. Super Thanks for all you do. ❤❤❤👍🏽🥰

  31. I love Shopify but my mother tongue is Arabic and weak in English.
    Is it possible to be friends.
    To add Arabic to Shopify
    Can I see you in Arabic for Shopify

  32. I know this might sound crazy but I just started with building my online store with Shopify and I went through their Shopify academy where they said to add Oberlo as an App to link Suppliers to my online store with Shopify. After choosing some suppliers to test run. It would not link to my store from Oberlo. Now I found this course with Oberlo and I am back to square one trying to figure all this out. Can someone explain to me what are the differences between Oberlo and Shopify or do I need both to start? Thank you.

  33. FINALLY someone that actually says some worthwhile stuff and doesn't try to sell me a course for the first 10 min of the video! great vid !!!


  35. I purchased course and watched the first few videos. I am having trouble logging back in and have not heard back from customer support (chat and email) in a while. Any suggestions? Thank you

  36. Very good video as usual! I wanted to Start but I am from Germany. English isn‘t the Problem but my „fear“ is that the tricks and relevant Information is more for the US People and market and not so much for the European area. Maybe you can give me an answer.
    Best regards

  37. Jessica, what would I be learning from this course that is different from the videos on your YouTube channel. Is this course more in depth?

  38. I bought the course and I can not access it. it request me to pay it again. it was already debited from my credit card and I have to chase customer service in order to get a response…Oberlo…. already passed 1 week since the issue…that's not fair..

  39. I need to purchase an affordable virtual office in USA for my drop shipping business. I am from India and couldn't find. Can you please help?

  40. Bought it few hours ago. And oh my! I really think this can change many dropshippers life. Guys really go ahead its unlike other courses. Awesome work Jessica! Cheers!

  41. I am about to buy this course and see that it is a good choice- I see some comments about not being able to access the course once you pay- I don't have much money so feel reluctant to pay if there are problems.. can anyone confirm that there are no issues on accessing the course? love Oberlo and Jessica so want to do it.

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