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This is How Digital Advertising is Changing

This is How Digital Advertising is Changing

(retro music) – Hey guys, it’s Ruben from Dubb, and we are at the NewFronts
Conference at the NeueHouse here on Sunset and Vine, in Los Angeles. It’s actually an advertising conference that’s put on by the IAB, the
Internet Advertising Bureau. This conference, they’re
really providing some insight into the convergence of
the advertising industry. With gaming, with advertising,
and with original content, there’s been a lot of great speakers, there’s been some venture capitalists, and some gamers, and some content creators. All sorts of really
interesting personalities, but really educating us on
where advertising is going, and how Madison is
converging with Vine Street. One of the big themes here,
is the big push towards video. So, when we saw that, we said hey listen we gotta go stop by, it’s just a couple
minutes from our office. Just jumped on a bird scooter and just came over here to check it out. And here we are. – Well today we are here
at NewFront’s 2019 West presented by IAB and today I
am hosting the wonderful event. We’re talking about, you know,
innovative, digital content. We have so many brands here. And they’re here talking about new things that they are working on. What they’re excited about, you know, talking to different brands and telling them they
want to work together. I think the most important
thing is convenience. I think we have to realize,
is that with the start of Hulu and Netflix and Amazon Prime, is that we have moved into a
new era to where people want it right here, right now. They don’t want to have
to jump through loops, they don’t want to have to
click extra links, you know. So, I think the best way to
start anything that is digitally created is to figure out, is
it convenient for your user? – There are these cool swag bags here. Let’s see what’s inside. The first thing that I
noticed is some gummy bears. Problem here is that
we’re in direct sunlight, and these poor little guys
are completely melting inside of here in this locked, little cage, so I feel bad for these guys. The second thing here is
actually an iPad case, or what did I say? – [Cameraman] You said iPad. –
It’s actually an airPod case. Wow, sponsored by BBC News. This is a cool little Live, what is it? Live live, live live, or
live live, or live live? I don’t know which one it is. Complementary copy of
the Hollywood Reporter. There’s all sorts of professionals here that converge really, to talk about the future of advertising. But this is the quiet room here, so. Not sponsored. So if you want to know
where advertising is going, I think it’s really important
to thing about convergence, of advertising, original
content, gaming, video and all things digital. One of the other themes
that they discussed here was the need for immediate gratification. So, much faster content cycle. You know, we used to live
in a world where we had content cycles in a month or week. Now content cycles are in a daily, hourly, or even real time cycle system. Which means that content
producers, brands, individuals are putting up content much faster. Publishers and creators can capture data and then iterate on the content that they’re already creating and go back with more
effective content out there that gets more eyeballs. But one of the interesting themes here is that we’re surrounded by some of these old world Hollywood names and brands like Viacom. Our whole industry is now
converging with technology, advertising, original
content and platforms. One of the reasons why we came out here is because we were personally interested to see what the future
of advertising is going. We sorta sit on two sides of the fence because on one hand we’re a
video communication platform that let’s people quickly share videos on Gmail, LinkedIn, and
other CRM’s and platforms. We’re also an original content producer. So, we have a YouTube show. Daily content that we
put out on all channels. So we kind of educate, entertain, bring people into our world. Show the values of video. How effective it can be for marketing, sales and advertising. Dubb platform is used for one
to one video communication. Also used for one to
many video communication with broadcast and hosting. We’re always looking for
new ways to empower people to leverage the power of video. (retro music)

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