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This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous – OFFICIAL TRAILER

This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous – OFFICIAL TRAILER

MAN:Come here again, Greg.I wanna be
in the movies.
As kids, Adam and Cory
were a little milder.
Greg had so much energy
and zest for life.
There you go.[cheering]I was like, “Okay, wow,
this one’s different.”
My wife said, “Okay, it’s time
to tell you something.“Gregory’s doing make-up
tutorials online.”
GREG:My camera became my
and YouTube became my diarywhere I would post
If your parents
don’t get you,
if your friends think
you’re weird,
I love you and
and I want youto be exactly who you
want you to be.
Coming out as gay made my
presence online soar.
Take me away in cuffs!I’m so sorry I used
the wrong gender bathroom.You would think that
I was very confident
with who I was,
but I wasn’t happy.
When my mom found out
that she had cancer,
she just kept saying,
“I feel like I might die
“and I don’t want to.”And I decided right then
and there…
life is too short.I have been on hormones now
for a year. Bye. I seriously have never ever
in my life felt closer to my dad. My name has officially
been changed. Yay! –Gigi.
Gigi.Gigi is transgender.It’s still my heart,
it’s still my body,
it’s still my mind.I was denied entrybecause I am transgender.It was really bad. It’s not my fight,
it’s all of our fight.I was judged,I was scared,but I was happy.I was the real me.Having Gigi happy
is way more important…
than me having old Greg. ♪♪

100 thoughts on “This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous – OFFICIAL TRAILER

  1. Ok confession… Before I saw this video, I thought that Gigi was just another GORGEOUS girl that just existed on this planet…..

  2. Comments were disabled on actual movie. Sooo I'm commenting here. I just have to say WOW! Beautiful story. Beautiful journey. And her Dad? If only all dads were that supportive of their children. Gigi is gorgeous inside & out 💜

  3. The fact that YouTube premium is not available in my country lol…. really need to watch the full documentary 😢

  4. U r an inspiration for so many young guys and girls around the world
    Gigi love ya keep doing what u do
    And change people life !!!!

  5. I love youre dad!!!!! And youre story is so powerful just like youre caracter! Youre so beautifull gigi 🥰

  6. I finally watched it. I have to say your family is amazing. Your dad is amazing such unconditional love. Thank you for sharing Gigi xo

  7. Gigi, you're really inspiring for me. I was afraid of expressing myself, I was afraid to say no. I've always been worried to defend myself.
    Thank you, you're an inspiration for everyone. Thank you for being so wonderful and you're really beautiful.

  8. Girl you are GORGEOUS!!! I just saw your movie and….Im really really happy for you and so proud of our community 😭🌈🌈 Just keep doing what you love and stay happy😘

  9. First time I have watched your video.
    I am so happy that you have the support of your family.Your story is inspiring to other kids who have, or are struggling with their sexuality and the courage to come out and be who they really are.
    I have many gay friends,some have struggled with the decision and the sometimes painful ,hurtful reactions from family when they were courageous enough to be proud of who they really are.
    You are truly an inspiration and amazing soul.
    I hope that humanity will become more and more accepting and embrace each other for who they are,without judgement.I know that in some cases, those who are Transgender have been physically attacked.For those who have lost their lives because of ignorance and violence, I pray that they Rest In Peace and they will be remembered for their courage to come out, despite knowing that there are people in this world who hurt those who are different.
    As a proud 48 yo heterosexual woman, I applaud, respect and appreciate all of my brothers and sisters, for each and every one of us are beautiful and unique.
    Keep shining your light gorgeous ❣
    You are a courageous, strong spirit and inspiration.
    Love and blessings to you and your family. xxx 😘

  10. I just love u so much gigi…. I just watched your This is everything : Gigi Gorgeous and felt so beautiful…. And wanted to write something to u but the comments were disabled in that video… But wt so evr, u r very pretty.. And I love everything about u… U are amazing💕😍

  11. Do you think this bathroom issue is funny… it is not. For your own safety and mine. Don't shove your sexuality down our throats, please

  12. Love yourself no matter what if you’re coming out or something I hung your family doesn’t want that to be you just tell them this is me this is who I want to be and don’t be scared if they don’t except you for who you are because other people will because maybe they might be like you or something like that but you do you

  13. This is so confusing, and weird. Why can’t we just stick with what your born with? I’m probably gonna get a lot of hate for this but, I don’t believe in the whole “born in the wrong body” thing.
    People have twisted what is normal so much that we’ve come to literally, surgically changing genders. I’m going to be hated upon for this comment, but I believe why I say, and I think we should quit trying to change ourselves.
    Besides, you can pay a million bucks to change your appearance, but deep down, your genetics know your true identity, you just have to find it, not change it.

  14. Gigi’s personality honestly is good unlike other Youtubers she’s an inspiration for those who r afraid of many things that present their real self just because of the community that they live in being a twomen needs alot of courage and she handled it all

  15. Be strong be you who cares about the mean people you show them you dont care show them that your powerfull show them its ok to be something else if you like it do it if the other people dont who cares bc what you do is what you like what you want wasts part of you dont change if you like it

  16. Have I been living under a rock 😭 I just found your channel love and Im loving your energy. Keep that beautiful light of yours bright!

  17. I have an issue with all the surgery. If someone wants to be different cool, but why get cut up bleed scar all for happiness? Strange days here.

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