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This First Kiss Is Awk AF | Lip Locked | MTV

This First Kiss Is Awk AF | Lip Locked | MTV

– Hey guys, welcome to Lip Locked. The show where things get
up close and personal. Do you think you could pick
your partner out by kiss alone? Well we have a couple standing right here and we’re about to find out. The game is simple. One person is going to be blindfolded and they have to kiss three people. One is their partner and
the other two are decoys. Can you kiss and tell? – Hi, I’m Diane. – Hi, I’m Daniel and we’ve
been friends for two years. – You’re friends? – Yeah.
– Okay. – Yeah, workout buddies. – Have you ever kissed or? – I have friend zoned him for a while. – She put you in the friend zone. – The attraction’s there, but, yeah. – Yeah, he’s a good looking
guy, good looking girl. It’s time for us to get
down to business, okay? In this game the rules are very simple. There’s no talking, there’s no touching, just mouth-to-mouth. All right, I need to know,
who’s getting blindfolded? – He is. – Now that I’m finally going to be able to kiss Diane,
it’s going to be amazing. – It’s something that I’ve always wanted
to do, so, excited for it. – All right, Daniel, can you see anything? – I cannot see anything. – All right, good to go. Kissers! You can stand right in these positions. I’m going to grab you, babe. I’m going to bring you over here. Mix this up a little bit. I really want to confuse him. He doesn’t look too hard to confuse. All right you ready, Dan,
Daniel, what is that thing? Oh, he’s so little and he’s got a 12 pack! Are you ready, Daniel,
you seem a little nervous. – No, you smell great by the way. – Oh, Daniel, stop, stop. Keep it going. Well look, speaking of smelling good, I want to make sure all these
ladies are fresh to death. So let’s get these fragrance poppington. You know, like open wide. Open wide. Open wide. Oh, she knows how to deep throat. And you know what, Daniel? Let’s not forget about you. Open wide. There it is. – Diane, are you finally
excited to kiss me? – I’m scared you’ll get
attached to be honest. – When Diane shoots me down,
it kind of messes with my mojo, so, doesn’t feel so
good, but I keep trying. – Kisser number one, come on down. – One, two, kiss! Wowzers! Wow! All right, get a room! All right! Kisser number one, back to your position. Whoa, that was hot and heavy. You’re drooling a bit. Okay, ooh! What did you think of kisser number one? – [Daniel] She was great. – She got you going. I was wondering if that’s
a banana in your pocket, or you’re just happy to be here. Kisser number two, come on up. One, two, three, kiss! That thing was juicy! Sound effects on that one. All right, how was kisser number two? – [Daniel] That was wonderful. – [Justina] Kisser
number two was wonderful? – Yes, it was.
– Look at that smile, ear to ear. Kisser number three. Oh! They didn’t need any countdown. They didn’t need any introduction. All right. Wow, all right, now I have to know. – [Daniel] That was great. – Oh my lord, you can’t
lose with this guy! All right, kisser number four. I’m just kidding, don’t get crazy, Daniel. I need to know, which kisser do you think was your partner Diane? – It’s between one and two. – One was, we kind of bumped in, so that, it was not as good as two and three, but I knew it wasn’t three
because it wasn’t my style. – You said it was great. – Did I? – Yeah. – Well I said, number two was wonderful. – This is why I friend zoned you. Just FYI. – You got to make a decision, Daniel. It’s like is it arm day or
leg day, make up your mind. – We’ll do number one. – Number one, you sure? Final answer? – Let’s stick with the number one. – Stick with number one, you
got to stick with something. All right, number one, come on down. This kiss is for all the glory. So make it wet, make it juicy and don’t go for the booty. Kiss! Yikes! All right, Daniel, you ready to see if you
picked the right lady? – I’m ready to see. – [Justina] Are you sure? – [Daniel] I’m positive. – [Justina] All right. – It was two.
– Yeah. – [Danial] It was two. – He picked number one. Now he has to live with that decision for the rest of his life. – All right. – There’s something called redemption. So if you guys want, ’cause
this might be the last time you ever get a little
piece of dirty Diana. – Yeah. I’ll give you guys one more
kiss for all the glory. – I’m up for it. – I’m out. – Declined! Friend zoned! You’ve seen it here on Lip Locked. Daniel’s been declined once again. If you think you can kiss
and tell, holla at us, ’cause Daniel surely can’t. And that’s all folks! Okay, group hug. Group orgy. – I think she might change her mind.

100 thoughts on “This First Kiss Is Awk AF | Lip Locked | MTV

  1. This yellow a** dark a** eyebrows having a** short a** who couldn’t even reach his mouth looking a** a whole B*ch and she wish that he chose her but they never kissed cus she friend zoned him wich yo stupid a**, Now he gonna find some hot a* girl and get married and have kids and she finna regret friend zoning him and be jealous Wicho rude a**

  2. lmao she was so jealous even though SHE friendzoned HIM and tbh she is so fucking rude. How are they still friends?

  3. Dirty Diane was doing way too much. Like she expects him to keep chasing her and she constantly friend zones him…she looked a little jealous when he was kissing the other girls! She says friend zone as if she sounds cool. I think she just wants him as a fall back but he can def. do better than. She’s not better than anyone and that’s exactly how she’s acting!! Do better Daniel!

  4. How tf can't that dude tell 2 was her partner. Although his eyes were close but u can tell she has a little resistance and she was taking her time. Common dude!!!

  5. Were you on Wild n out cuz just was watching and the roasted someone called Justina and your name is Justina

  6. Me Does This With My Boyfriend
    5 Mins Later
    Boy Friend How Dare You Mother 🤬🤬🤬 Cheat On Me
    Me Im Sorry
    PS…Im Bisexual 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  7. Sweetie in yellow isn’t cute enough to have that attitude. Fix ya face, your attitude and they brows and maybe, just MAYBE someone can love you. Bitch. 🙄 annoying ass entitled female.

  8. Why is this girl acting like she’s a Victoria Secret model she needs to stop licking her own arse she’s butters.

  9. If Daniel really liked her, he would’ve picked yellow t shirt because she’s extremely shorter than the other 2 girls and he should’ve noticed that

  10. Hahaha that girl in the yellow is acting like she’s the Queen or something even tho she’s butters😂 check yo self out ASAP

  11. Girl needs to get over herself.she thinks to much of herself and makes him feel a certain way.when a girl comes and swiped him away for good I hope she will come down off her peddlestool a little

  12. Not sure why boo thinks she’s allllll that🤨He’s adorbs and should cut his losses. There are plenty of girls out there that would date him. I know he likes the chase but you didn’t even pick her kiss so…🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. If he stopped trying to be with her and got a girlfriend, her mode would be different real quick. To full of herself. On top of that she acts like she's the only girl he'll ever get smh..

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