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This Facebook Ads MISTAKE will KILL your sales! (solved)

This Facebook Ads MISTAKE will KILL your sales! (solved)

this is one of the biggest Facebook ads
mistake that many people will overlook which can actually cause you to lose a
lot of sales and a lot of money be sure to watch till the end because I will
show you how to solve this problem all right here’s the thing you have invested
your hard earned money into running your Facebook ads but a lot of people will
overlook the fact that they will need to moderate the comments in their post all
right if you look at the comments this is what your customers will actually see
when they are watching the video saying that this product is no good saying it
does not work the way they show it and another comment saying that it’s a
horrible product saying it does not work telling everybody not to waste their
money and more negative comments below saying that it’s bad it’s horrible and
saying that they will never believe this no way remember you are paying money to
show this post to people every day so comments like this has absolutely no
benefit to you you have to moderate your comments you can actually hide comments
and if you want to you can block the user from leaving any more comments in
future social proof is a double-edged sword it can help you and it can destroy
you so in this case if people see such
comments it can definitely affect your sales alright here’s another example
this video has 20 million views so it’s definitely making a lot of money but if
you actually check out the comment section look at these comments 11 hours
ago this users do not purchase that’s not what not worthy and then you just
scroll down a little bit more and you have another user saying don’t waste
your money and another one saying did not work for me doesn’t work like
advertised all of these comments can really hurt your sales listen up you
have to moderate your comments but there is a way they can help you
save a lot of time this is just my dummy business manager account
all right here’s an easy solution to that problem it can help you
automatically moderate your comments so inside your business manager just go
into your pages then click on settings in the top right corner all right now
pay attention to this part page moderation so by default no words are
being blocked from the page go and click on edit
now you can actually block posts or comments that contain the following
words so now you’ll need to brainstorm what kind of words will not benefit you
what kind of negative words that people will put in their comments which can
hurt yourselves and make you lose money now I’m going to paste in a few words as
an example so they can get ideas for your own list words like too expensive
words like scam you definitely don’t want any of these words then obviously
what it’s like Aliexpress because you will see people saying that they can get
this product for much cheaper on Aliexpress same thing with Amazon so
block these words there is zero benefit to allowing such words there was like
yes this then definitely dropship is a word that you want to block anyone that
is going to write dropship in the comments is definitely going to be
negative all right what’s like rubbish then lousy junk garbage trash so these
are all very negative words but it’s like overpriced crap horrible awful
terrible these are all words that will make no sense to allow so just block
them by default so if anyone tries to post such words it will be automatically
blocked you don’t have to spend your time and moderate these comments so you
have a lot less work to do alright the next word is Tao pound so
this is basically Aliexpress for people in China
alright following that we have words like DHgate which is very similar
then we have dropship dropshipping next words like Shopify eBay scam scammer
scammers fraud then some curse words cheap joke
la-da-da Walmart ripoff Rick ripoff these are other words that you
definitely want to block it makes no sense to allow them was like China
people comment that these products are actually from China then blog words like
thieves thief high price alright the next one is pretty important it’s this
HTTP or HTTPS or this thing or calm or triple-double you now I’m telling you
there will be people who will comment in your post and put a link to their store
and then they will say that they are selling it at a much cheaper price
basically telling people to go to their store to buy so think about it you are
paying money to advertise this post to a lot of people and then someone comes in
and hijacks your comment section and tells everyone to buy from his store
because he is selling for cheaper alright so these kind of people do exist
in this world so definitely block out these terms then
following you want to add words like beware took my money
never sheep never sent because they might have been scammed by other
dropshippers in the past which is why when they see our ad they think that you
were the one who scammed them even though you just started advertising
alright so these are just I’m lying saying like two weeks three weeks
whatever saying that they have been waiting forever
still haven’t gotten still have not received all right so this is a list of
words that you can get inspiration from so take your time and brainstorm think
of what are the negative words over time as you run your ads as people post
negative comments take their keywords come back to this page put in the
negative terms or keywords into this list so over time this speech moderation
will grow stronger and stronger so once you’re done remember to save
Changez all right so this is a solution which can help you automatically
moderate your comments however from time to time a few negative comments will
still leak through the crack so you still have to pay attention and moderate
the Facebook add comments all right all right don’t forget to subscribe and ring
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button down below right now thank you for watching for more videos on Facebook
ads check out this playlist up here for another video from me just click here I
will see you in my next video

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