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This Bricklaying Robot Can Build Walls Faster Than Humans (HBO)

This Bricklaying Robot Can Build Walls Faster Than Humans (HBO)

— In Congress today, a House subcommittee approved draft legislation that would allow manufacturers to put up to
100,000 driverless vehicles per year on the road. It’s a step towards robots
replacing us behind the wheel— and phasing out taxi and truck drivers. That’s a ways off, but there’s one robot named SAM who doesn’t need anyone’s permission to operate. SAM’s a bricklayer, and is very good at its job. — This is SAM. It’s a robot put together with off-the-shelf-parts by a company called Construction Robotics. It looks more like a chest freezer than C3PO. But it can lay more than 3,000 bricks a day
once it gets going. The best human masons can do about 1,000. And SAM never makes mistakes, or gets tired. The company has six of them,
building walls across America. — The efficiency on construction sites
has been very stagnant, or declined in the last 20, 30 years, whereas manufacturing efficiency
has increased significantly. And a lot of that is due to robotics and technologies. We looked at a lot of different applications and tried to hone in on areas where you had
repetitive motion, a lot of physical activity… — What are the pieces that make it up and
how do they work together to help it lay a wall? — We have some sensing technology
that looks at the laser that’s mounted to the wall in the story pole system, corrects for the movement on the scaffold,
puts the brick right where it’s supposed to go. We have a mortar system that tempers the mortar, measures the mortar,
and applies the mortar to the brick. We have a bunch of electronics, a bunch of sensors, and then onboard power. That’s all there is to it. — The day I was there, SAM laid a record 3,267 bricks in eight hours— though the robot still requires
at least two humans to do finishing work and feed it bricks and mortar
as it moves along the scaffold. Overall, the robot has laid 50,000 bricks on the site since June 1st. — So if we’re looking at
a construction site in 15, 20 years, how does it look different to this? — There’ll probably be maybe a little bit less workers, but really it’s about smarter
and more efficient equipment. — Does that give you any pause
when you develop robots? — We look at jobsite robots in particular
as really a way to augment the worker. — But, I mean, with respect, every industry that starts to automate
has that same line— they say it’s going to augment the worker. And, of course, for a little while,
it does augment the worker. But in five years time, if you have your way, if your robot gets so much more efficient
and so much more cost efficient, maybe that automation slips
into something a little different. — There’s a huge amount of variation on the job site, and I see humans continuing to be
part of the loop for a long time. — The truth about robots is that nobody completely knows when or even
how they will start to truly affect the economy. The consulting company McKinsey said earlier this year, that more than half of the U.S. economy
could be automated by 2055. But that prediction, McKinsey warned, might be out by 20 years in either direction. Those on the front lines— the masons on the site— had very different views about SAM: — How many bricks can you lay in a day by yourself? — Have you seen the robot up there? — Does it worry you? — Are you worried about your job in the future? — Peters told me that SAM has doubled in
speed in the few years that Construction Robotics
has been working on it, and that the company is currently building other
robots to augment repetitive construction jobs. — There will be a tipping point where you
almost can’t compete with the robots, from an efficiency standpoint,
and in order to do a job to any level of efficiency, of any scale or size, you will need the robots to be able to achieve that. — Do you understand why that might be
a little unsettling to a mason? — Absolutely. Bottom line is that young people
don’t want to go into masonry. They don’t wanna go into
these hard, difficult, dangerous tasks that people 50 years ago
would absolutely love to go into. — And do you think robots can fill that gap? — In some cases they may completely fill it. But I think there’ll be other opportunities for
different style careers in construction as time goes on. It’s just the job looks a little bit different
going down the road because it’s interacting with a robot.

100 thoughts on “This Bricklaying Robot Can Build Walls Faster Than Humans (HBO)

  1. The robot can lay bricks at least three times faster than humans – and it never gets tired or makes mistakes. VICE News went to a construction site in Virginia to see SAM at work. Watch more AI: https://youtu.be/Jgau2BKTHbk

  2. What's the purpose of laying decorative bricks? It seems like a waste of resources. Why not just have panels of fake plastic bricks?

  3. Something tells me these walls are not going to have the longevity of the brick laid by masons of yesteryear.

  4. It seems incredible that these politicians want to automate the transportation industry. How is that "serving the people"? It's really just them serving the wealthy. We need to stand up to the attempts by the wealthy to automate industrial processes and eliminate jobs for U.S. citizens, just so they can get more money.

  5. Typical VICE News article. Titles it " robot can lay bricks faster than a human" then proceeds to show me people with almost no interest in the machine. Thanks, now I still don't know how it works. It's thanks to Liberal channels LIKE VICE that young people have lost interest in apprenticeships. Why bother if there is no future.

  6. Does the work of three bricklayers. Needs two guys to finish up it's crappy work and a guy to Keep it fed. Construction is just too varied a task to be automated like car building.

  7. He says young people dont want to go into Masonry ? I do I would love to be a Mason has he got anything to back that statement up or is he just try to push his robot down our throats ?

  8. If you really look at it, even if that robot lays 3000 a day, there is only room on the scaffolding for1 robot(big ol clunking dinosaur) where ten to twelve bricklayers could fit and work together, that’s how you measure its effectiveness. So in all actuality it dosnt even compare to the numbers that men on that same size wall get. It’s not a matter of one robot to one man. So until it can’t fit with 9 other robots on that same wall , it’s numbers a below par and would really put a masonry contractor behind schedule

  9. I was told that the true test is to look at the wall diagonally upwards to see if the bricks are laid consistently over the course of days or weeks…
    most masons work on houses or chimneys of houses… Unions do big jobs like shown in this video…
    I worked with a mason that had a brick pattern book from austria published in 1911
    I bet that machine can not do soldier courses. let lone a double wall, or corbelling…
    basically all it is good for is dumby straight line large walls… as shown in the video.

  10. As we grow as a nation it's great to see we are going nuts trying to figure out ways to get rid of people's jobs.cant wait for the day when it only takes one person to sit behind computer and run every job from key board.but don't worry because yang is going to save us all with a thousand dollars a month.so we will be able to buy a bowl and wait in soup line.

  11. They'll perfect these machines within our lifetime. Someday you'll be able to download the entire print into the machine and it will go to town; just keep loading it with units and mud. Design a robust track system for the hydro-mobile and it will be able to go around corners, do pilasters, piers, etc. Ground work won't be an issue; they'll just have Bobcat-like tracks for it. It will be able to calculate heights and distances with a satellite GPS or Total Station type of system. Maybe a brick will have to be designed so that it works better with the robot (special type of slot or holes). The architects will probably finally pull their heads out of their ass and design the veneer/CMUs on their projects to make these robots more efficient and feesable. The possibilities are endless. You won't need to have journeyman masons on site. Keep one foreman that monitors the robot and then you can just hire and train a few low paid guys to strike the joints, install the brick ties, grout, put the rebar in, lay the wire down, etc. By that time the unions will be gone and this won't even be an issue. Blast the shit with acid, load the truck up and move on to the next job.

  12. "We were so impressed with what we could do that we never asked if we should do it." Looks like robots are building building robots for robots to go to work.

  13. It’s not just about speed. It’s also, consistency/uniformity, can work more than eight hours with a second crew, no injuries (but does need maintenance), does not take vacation or time off but would need back up crew when the primary support personnel take off, and last, easy to very the hours worked.

  14. Silly bullshit. Driverless cars conflated with brick laying. Vehicles with no drivers will never be viable.

  15. Aside from the productivity there’s also the benefit of avoiding repetitive work injuries while achieving high consistency of quality.

  16. First thing I noticed the y are using bricks over a cement panel. I get the impression the bricks are mostly aesthetic. A robot to paint bricks on the panel would seem good sense.

  17. They should  stop making nail guns. They are taking work away from people. Used to take ten men to frame a house. Now it takes three with nail guns

  18. Building a robot to replicate bricklayers to lay bricks one at a time is pointless. Just develop the technology to build the wall segments at the factory and have them assembled on site. They make houses like this nowadays.

  19. Lets see.
    SAM….No Breaks No Medical No Dental No Vision Care.No Workers Comp
    No theft. No Payroll Taxes No Vacations….When SAM is refined…and he SAM will be….Then No way a Human beats him!
    And..all you need is Min Wage morons to give SAM what SAM needs to work…Get it?

  20. I no worry. I here Illegally and I get free medial and dental and housing and I can kill people and California give me Sanctuary. I lova Amerika!
    I can drink and drive…even kill people and no one bother me.
    If robot replace me I can get everything I need for me and my 12 anchor babie! Amerika sooooo Stupid!

  21. …. Bahá'u'lláh further said, 'My purpose in coming to this corrupt world where the tyrants and traitors, by their acts of cruelty and oppression, have closed the doors of peace and tranquility to all mankind, is to establish, through the power of God and His might, the forces of justice, trust, security and faith. For instance [in the future] should a woman,who is unsurpassed in her beauty and adorned with the most exquisite and priceless jewels, travel unveiled and alone, … in all countries, there would be such a standard of justice, trustworthiness and faith on the one hand, and lack of treachery and degradation on the other, that no one would be found who would wish to rob her of her possessions or to cast a treacherous and lustful eye upon her beauteous chastity!…”Through the power of God I shall transform the peoples of the world into this exalted state and shall open this most great door to the face of all humanity." (Adib Taherzadeh, The Revelation of Baha'u'llah v2, p. 141

  22. In the name of efficiency and technological advancement UNEMPLOYMENT which is directly connected rises. I've seen this happen with self-checkout at grocery and department stores, vending machines instead of vendors, self-serve gas station, Do it yourself car wash, voice automation instead of telemarketers personnel to solve prblems, self-driving cars with 18 wheelers next inline and now robots to replace masonry workers. Its becoming more obvious that government and corporations are destroying jobs rather than create. Immigrants have also been a scapegoat to blame instead of the true culprit being TECHNOLOGY and those pushing for it!!

  23. im with the 1st guy they spoke to, i dont see much of a future for robots, maybe they be good for building the big sites shopping malls etc but they not practical for most jobs on site, i woukdnt be worried. Trump will probably invest in 1 but cant see it taking off.

  24. Another 20 years young people will be given marks instead of a pay check, glad I'm old, and worked like a dog all my life

  25. Machine cost $$$ millions and 2 guys cost $200 per day. Plus the machine doesn’t sweep or clean and labors do.

  26. Interesting but I think it's the wrong approach, this is trying to automate an existing technique rather than re-thinking how walls should be built – 3d printed walls look to be a better bet; quicker and much more versatile (curves, exotic shapes etc)

  27. http://www.fundforfitness.co.za please help find a suitable quote or that named robot to help FFFc to build their first church wall and exermination field to project training and great start. It's cipc registered email us at [email protected] for donation funds or series quote and it would help us very well.we are a procedia company meeting more than up to a million to achieve million .

  28. So its not better than the brick layer ,because the bricklayer finishes not just lays brick 🙄😏

  29. You better have a whole lot of brick to lay because you can't lay but so many courses in a day… throw in Windows and Doors lentils and tell me about it

  30. They already took my first trade away from me.
    I've been a bricky for 5 years.
    Now I'm thinking not again.
    I knew I Should have been a frigging underwater welder.

  31. What is so smart about laying 50000 bricks in this modern day and age? Especially on a multi story complex. There are much more quicker methods and modern environmentally friendly ways to raise a multi story premises to its roof, bricks, I don't think so, 3d building I think so, maybe join the 2 concepts and you are on to something worthwhile

  32. From a proud union construction worker. How are we supposed to make a decent living in the future! Replace trucker! Taxi drivers! Brick layers! Robots in factories! How is the working class people gonna support there families!
    Robots don't pay taxes! You want to make something impressive build me a robot that can pickup garbage on the streets of American cities. Lol just saying

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