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Think with Innovators: Marco Bertozzi – Global Chief Revenue Officer | YouTube Advertisers

Think with Innovators: Marco Bertozzi – Global Chief Revenue Officer | YouTube Advertisers

my name is Marco patottie and I’m global chief revenue officer Performics I’ve just joined actually after a stint of five or six years in Ibuki the defining moment in my career I would say is moving into digital leaving the TV world within the media agency and becoming one of a handful of people three or four people who started what was at the time calls anything directive solutions TV at the time was by far and away the biggest thing going in in the media agencies and I decided to move in the opposite direction to that the innovator tends to be the slightly more disruptive one so the one who comes maybe with less shackles who says look things are going to change this is going to be different I describe it sometimes as swimming upstream that you’re coming up against the majority of people are seen the world differently to you so innovation to me is how you navigate through some of those problems some of those hurdles and often how you encourage other people to see the world like you do the biggest example for me in terms of driving that innovation has really been that the programmatic story that to me has has encapsulated everything that it is to be an entrepreneur in a big agency group I describe it comfortably as five of the most exciting years of my career I was one man and his dog just sat at a desk with my boss in America the legendary character kept his brief to me was you know just make this happen this is going to change everything there were lots of people who were not on board with this and when were either not interested or wanted to slow it down it’s at those points that you have to believe in what you’re doing you have to be very consistent and very determined to make it happen in every organization now there are big advocates for programmatic who are all have all a common thread of trying to change how our business has always worked but within a big agency Network I sort of work around the term of an inch which really means trying to drive change trying to change what people have always been doing trying to invent new things you can’t just say you want to do these things you can’t just say we want to be innovative you have to really put your money where your mouth is and make sure there are people who are in place who are senior who can make this happen and also that you make sure that when there is a belief that you should change that everyone is held accountable to that every everyone in that agency should be held accountable for demonstrating how they’re changing their business it’s reassuring to see a number of people now in senior roles CEO roles of agencies who actually have come from digital beginnings and I think once those people are in place that they can make a lot of stuff happen you

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