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Think with Innovators: Hannah Mirza, Global Head Media Partnerships, MediaCom | YouTube Advertisers

Think with Innovators: Hannah Mirza, Global Head Media Partnerships, MediaCom | YouTube Advertisers

my name is Hannah Mercer and I work for mediacom I’m my role as global head of media partnerships my background is not in marketing my backgrounds in Business and Economics I love understanding operational structures and corporations and what motivates them and you know beyond our selling product my strongest skill set is building teams I generally will find a trend that’s happening and think about how do we breed to that trend and build like a team behind it al of product development so I think I’ve been well-suited to identify it and naturally kind of isolate like something that’s happening in the industry and then turn that into a product and then turn that into a department it’s quite a tough industry and you wear your heart on your sleeve of it and I think you have to be able to roll with the punches of it because it is quite tough innovation it’s rudimentary level is just about ideas it’s about having a good idea and then being able to act on that for me the true innovators take the idea and bring it to fruition there’s different types of innovation and I would classify them from very extreme innovation where it’s totally new you’ve never done it before through to an everyday innovation which just might be doing something a little bit different that improves things in corporations the everyday innovation sits quite well with corporate culture and the radical brand new let’s do something that’s never been done before always has difficulty getting traction in my company we run an initiative cold if I ran the company that’s the kind of initiative that is eliciting ideas from anyone anywhere no matter how senior or junior they are to put themselves in the role of being a CEO and that’s a way in which we drive innovation in our own organization because it allows people to be vulnerable and to be you know take any risks they want there’s no repercussions for putting forward the most crazy idea and often some of those ideas are the ones that that get taken actually and implemented in the company by the very virtue of it being new and untested you may not be successful but perhaps the innovation is that the learning that comes from not being successful an example of that is the clients I have who’s looking a tormented reality and they’ve worked out it’s not for them and so you know the fact that they can then take that as their learning and and make everyone in the company aware look we’ve done this we’ve really tested it rigorously and it’s not been successful there’s no one else in the business needs to waste their time on it right now because you know we’ve got enough evidence to say this isn’t the right innovation for us as a business let’s focus on something else I think the ability to switch out of the failure or take the learnings and make a incremental change or entire 180-degree maneuver because of failure is is part of being successful you

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