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Things to Consider Before Spending Money on Facebook Ads

Things to Consider Before Spending Money on Facebook Ads

Are you a business owner who’s thinking about
running Facebook ads? Well, I’m Amber and I work with Spark Marketer
and we’re a social media and SEO company that helps small businesses grow. I wanted to share 3 things with you that you
need to have in place before you start running Facebook ads for your business. The reason you need to have these 3 things
in place is if you don’t already have them, it could encourage customers to visit your
page and then not find the information and trust builders that they need and then bounce
while you’re still waisting money targeting these people. Before spending money, you want to make sure
you have all the information in place to be as successful as possible. So, the first thing that you want to have
is going to be a completed and accurate Facebook page profile. That includes the About section. That includes the telephone number. That includes the address…that the Messenger
app installation is setup properly. All of those things need to be double checked,
not only by you, but by someone inside of your company, make sure that it looks ok on
mobile, make sure it looks ok on desktop. All of those things need to be double checked. The second thing that you want to have are
reviews on your Facebook platform. This is actually what I would say is the most
important of these steps because if you’re running Facebook ads, there is a very, very,
very good chance those people are actually going to click into your page before they
take an action on your site or even with the ad. So, they’re going to be looking at some trust
builders and ways to get to know your company. Reviews are the best way to build trust. So, what you need to do is start asking your
current customers to leave you reviews on the Facebook platform…and make it easy for
them. Whether that’s you sending it in a follow-up
email after the appointment, no matter how you do it, start getting Facebook reviews. Then the 3rd and final thing that you need
to have in place is a content strategy plan. So, when you’re running Facebook ads, you’re
really more so focusing on selling to your customers. You’re getting them to take an action like
calling or scheduling. But, that can’t be the only thing that you
post on social media. You need to have some other information that
your customers can find on your page. That just helps establish trust, helps you
seem like more of a full service…help educate them on other services that could increase
the lifetime value of that customer. So, have a content strategy plan that would
include educational posts, sales posts, and culture based posts. That is a must have before you start Facebook
ads. The nice thing is that it is best done when
you are doing it in the office, or having your technicians help you out, but that’s
something you can also outsource. So, you do have options. Those are 3 things you must have before running
Facebook ads They will definitely help you with the success of your ads and just conversions
in the future. Not only on Facebook, but on your site. So, if you have anymore questions about what
a content strategy is or anything about your Facebook page, don’t hesitate to drop in below!

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