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These Stores Makes Over $100,000 Without Facebook Ads A Month SELLING SATURATED PRODUCTS Case Study

These Stores Makes Over $100,000 Without Facebook Ads A Month SELLING SATURATED PRODUCTS Case Study

today’s video I’m gonna be showing you
two stores that are doing over a hundred thousand a month consistently selling
saturated products without using Facebook ads hey there and welcome to
the channel my name is Ricky Hayes it’s a pleasure to have you here where I’m
gonna be revealing two stores that are doing over a hundred thousand month
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the future let’s move into this so this is a case study of two stores and I’ll
be going in-depth into it so you can understand what’s going on okay so the
first is sugar and cotton now I’m sure a number of you have actually heard about
children from cotton I’m pretty sure that they were heavy on facebook at one
point now they do a bit of Facebook ads but mostly do Pinterest so which is that
today’s topic last video was YouTube which I recommend you go and watch
there’s a link in the description but today is about Pinterest okay I wanted
to present Pinterest because it’s also a very good platform that is completely
undervalued most people think that Pinterest is purely used for clothing
craft and art and and food recipes and that that is very true but also very not
true okay they’re also used very much for these types of situations which I’ll
be going into and showing you how I dissected this in half Anna
okay so I found this store via bigspy calm it’s free I just went to the
Pinterest section and I just made sure that I had the filter for Shopify and I
also had the filter for United States because most of their traffic is from
United States so it’s higher quality traffic in this case sugar and cotton is
81 percent Pinterest 26 28 % and there was one other person or something of
Facebook alright and this is a general store will be going into it in a moment
I gave them an estimated conversion rate of approximately 3% again this is an
estimate and I want to show you the the breakdown
of how the money is made so they have an average order value of about 35 dollars
again an estimate based on what I had seen on their store we’ll have a closer
look in a moment their total monthly orders based on that is three thousand
seven hundred and fifty which is one hundred and twenty-five thousand times
five point zero three giving us three thousand seven hundred and fifty orders
and then we times that are three seven fifty by thirty five and that’s how much
revenue we get one hundred and thirty one thousand two hundred and fifty a
month okay that’s a lot of money that’s a million dollar story year and it’s
going to peak in the coming month or two as we move in the queue for the profit
margin I put as approximately twenty percent as an estimate because they are
using Facebook partly but most mostly Pinterest so I suspect it’s higher
because they’re mainly using Pinterest but I’m just going off a ballpark figure
of approximately a twenty percent profit margin after their marketing expense so
their profit excluding you know their country’s taxes their transaction fees
outsourcing fees refunds returns the works is approximately twenty six
thousand dollars that’s a lot of money and this is selling saturated products
okay they’re selling very heavily saturated products they’re using a free
theme Brooklyn and have a basic set up nothing extraordinary and they’re
basically I suspect mainly using Facebook for primarily retargeting okay
for one as well as some cold traffic so let me show you actually the store now
and let’s have a closer look okay so I’m in big spy and to show you what I’ve
done again this is free so no cost to you at all not an affiliate I just went
shopping or cribs cuz its own the image okay and that’s what’s cool about
Pinterest like with YouTube in the last lesson where we saw their store was just
using already saturated products very old saturated products with video with
Pinterest you can go a step further you don’t even need a video you just need an
image okay it’s just images and they are incorporating video but it’s primarily
the image so you don’t even need to make a video I know that in that case that
they chose someone else’s video they just ripped
that but you can just use an image and that just makes it even easier less work
again I chose United States because again quality traffic on an unsaturated
platform there’s no reason why you should not be using marketing to United
States because you’re probably likely gonna get far less than a dollar CPC and
a lot of people buy on Pinterest if we have a look here
I just went to like it’s got thousands of results and you got to see most of
its makeup fashion jewelry so if you are in those niches for dropshipping being
jewelry makeup especially those work very very well but there’s also other
items as well other women’s related items shoes and stuff so I’m just on
page 9 and when I noticed straight away and some of you may have noticed if we
scroll back up we see here we’ve got sugar and cotton so here we go we’ve got
and I just sorry I forgot to mention I sort by pin if they have a lot of pins
are going to be have seen be seen a lot in there and they’re potentially going
to have comments so if we go to the actual pin post ok we’re going to have a
look at the pin post and is this yeah so see how they’ve made this a feature one
but it’s just literally a Thainess sort earring that’s actually cool I think and
I wear them but anyway so you can see that they have fifty-nine thousand
followers this is the image here and this is clearly doing very well for him
and they’re marking this on Pinterest alright and and that’s it
like just simple image and they’ve likely have just made this from multiple
other images that looks like personally that that is actually just from camber
but either way doesn’t take much to do this you can do it in camber there’s
plenty of tools out there to do it because it’s just a simple image if you
can also see just as a bit of a side topic I believe I saw it here and unless
I have gotten lost there we go inspire uplift okay now everyone knows inspire
uplift now if we actually have a look just as a bit of a side topic I didn’t
notice this until I was here inspire uplift have
you know clearly been doing a lot of work to try and optimize their landing
page if we have a look at inspire uplift okay
three million visits all right now more importantly let’s have a look here
I only noticed this before their main traffic source for one of the biggest
drop shipping stores in the entire world is YouTube and Pinterest don’t even use
Facebook much okay so they’re using YouTube and Pinterest to market these
products whether it’s influences or what they’re primarily using YouTube and
Pinterest everyone so fixated on facebook but they’re not even using
Facebook and they’re getting over 3 million site visitors a month ok does
that give you an idea of what I mean by you should start diversifying I’m
starting to do this more I want to do YouTube ads I want to do Pinterest more
I like Facebook everyone likes Facebook cuz it’s quick easy simple and skip
meant to get great results but you can see here to get 3 million visitors a
month takes a lot of money and clearly it’s working for so good I’m so anyway
you can see back to the topic here that we’ve got sugar and cotton I had
actually had pre open this they get 10 million monthly unique views okay 10
million all right and so their websites getting what was 125,000 so obviously
only a certain amount gonna click but more importantly what can we see here
the same as if we had a look at inspire uplift their just drop shipping items so
they actually have videos as well there are a lot of them are images although
these are videos my apologies are life but you can see here that a lot of these
are very very saturated items if we click this one what is it this there we
go so it’s that cat island we’ve seen a million times all right in there sign up
for 1995 US thirty dollars Australian and you can see how if you went to mark
then on Facebook it probably wouldn’t work but they’re doing a very well on
Pinterest and those disgusting exit intent
and you get the idea they’re just literally using what’s already worked in
many regards this is hugely off and it’s done very well and you’ll see a number
of items you’ve seen already and we can go on and on they have tons of items
nothing unique here just a different marketing platform if you do want to
know about Pinterest ads as well just ask I can make a bit of a mini tutorial
on that I haven’t done much Pinterest ads I’ll be honest I am working on my
YouTube mini course for the YouTube channel okay obviously for my course
students you’ll be getting the full thing I’m working on that as we speak
moving on anyway so you get that idea alright that’s just one store example
and we go to their actual store this is one of the ads I saw from Pinterest and
you can see I’m not lying because it’s got a question mark T equals pin alright
and that means like that’s just the the code used to determine the product
that’s being marketed okay for the conversion tracking for Pinterest and
the conversion tracking super easy to set up as well it’s just a meta tag
really anyway so you can see here this is a very heavily saturated product and
they’re able to sell it quite B so this is a store we’ve all seen a bit the
reason I actually had to go the other way is they don’t actually have the
links in the bottom for Pinterest so I just found them by manually searching
for them on Pinterest and again if we have a look just to show that I’m not
lying they have lost a lot of traffic at one point they were doing exceedingly
well with in terms of traffic that is but now they’ve that’s died down quite a
bit let’s have a look and we’ll close that
alright and again to show you what I mean alright so beginning it the sales
also ignore the referral stuff half of its just people trying to rip them and
you can see most of it is Pinterest alright and usually and we’re starting
to see a bit of a trend people start to use YouTube more okay so they’re
starting to use YouTube for either remarketing or cold traffic Facebook for
a little bit of cold traffic and remarketing and Pinterest primarily for
cold traffic and it’s working very well for them okay so
based on my estimates that is how much they’re making approximately a month
$26,000 you can’t complain about it and their drop shipping okay their drop
shipping a hundred percent dropship store again I’m sure a number of you
have seen it let’s move on to the next product and discuss that one so this
next one has been of a brand store called prime Oh comfort all right and uh
still number two sorry let me fix my mistake there and they’re selling highly
saturated products as well again but on Pinterest so let me just give you a
brief overview about the differences of also not just doing the drop shipping
store but a drop shipping brand store and how much of a difference it can make
so they’re making a hundred and forty five thousand a month so they’re making
about twenty thousand people in terms of traffic numbers more than sugar and
candy the Pinterest is seventy one percent and Facebook is twenty nine
percent it’s a niche woman’s store slash general most of the items are centered
around a certain type of women’s item and I’ll show you that momentarily the
conversion rate our estimate is five percent it seems like pretty well
branded and they seem to have a really dedicated customer base the conversion
rate is also high I suspect it’s actually higher than my
estimate because their average order value is fifteen dollars one if your
items are around ten twenty dollars they’re nearly spontaneous buys for most
people okay the only reason that that doesn’t work is because Facebook is so
saturated right but if you can find a way to get sales and cheaper you’re
gonna have a higher conversion rate just a logical outcome to a simple problem so
as a result they have 7250 audits so they have nearly doubled the amount over
double the amount of orders as sugar and candy so they’re a high volume lower
order value store unless they’re doing post purchase upsells which they should
be you can see though their total revenue is a hundred eight thousand not
one hundred and eight point seven sorry one hundred and eight thousand seven
hundred and fifty in revenue however the biggest difference is the profit margin
35 percent why do I say that I’m going to show you that in a moment but they
have a lot of legitimate reviews from real customers
come back and buy again hi LTV if you don’t know what LTV is lifetime value
I’d suggest getting understanding a bit more about that if you want to build a
long term Bren because LTV is a stat you can look at in your Google Analytics and
I would recommend that you start having a look at it’s a simple report and so as
a result I’m putting their profit margin it’s 35% because customers come back and
buy again so you don’t have to pay anything for that that’s the ultimate
sale a free so so their profit excluding their taxes transaction and outsourcing
is actually 38,000 okay now they are getting more traffic so naturally
they’re gonna in theory but they have a lower average order value but a higher
conversion rate and a higher tier V alright and so you can see why I say
that building a brand so important I’ve said this for ages it seems that only
just recently people have started caring all right
so because all the other people are starting to talk about it you should
always be trying to build rent so they’re holding stock in United States
and why that works is their items are very low price like $15 items prob the
cost of a couple of dollars so they could buy a hundred of them two hundred
bucks all right there you go easy easy as pie
and so that is one of the benefits of also though average order value it’s
just a matter of how you can make a profitable and with an average or about
$15 on Facebook that’s nearly impossible to do in my opinion but you can see
38,000 like if I was making that every month I would never complain if by that
at all they have as I said so the shipping is fast great customer service
good quality products so they’re gonna have a lot of customers come back and
buy again just a natural outcome again they’re using a free theme I believe
it’s adventure correct me if I’m wrong and have a basic setup nothing
extraordinary except their bra page which I’ll show you that in a moment
which is doing the most so they’ve spent quite a bit of time doing up a custom
page just for that brow product and they’re using again mainly Pinterest a
bit a bit of Facebook so let’s have a look at the actual their bra page
all right so I’m pretty sure this is venture just from the way that looks
venture or day boo one other too pretty anyway but you can see here this is
their main winning product extreme comfort lifts of your bust
you know the women’s push-up bra okay it’s a trip as an item they bought
that’s just good quality they bought it from China guaranteed and that they’ve
just you know branded on Pinterest and remarketing it you can see that they’re
not even paying that they’re paying eight dollars now women will be buying
two to three of these because of you know things like gym just going out
there really comfy very cheap you know there’s like a it’s a no-brainer and
there’s no underwire so there we go and you know they’ve you can tell us that
when you’re part because of how much effort they put into it you know no
saggy blah blah blah there’s multiple different color variants if they’re
selling it for 795 there’s practiced them no more than I imagine a couple of
bucks and this is definitely getting a large quantity so I asked to make women
will be buying two or more of these as an S to get as a kiss again I just found
this firearm bigspy so you can see this is just one page and this is a winning
item that we’ve seen many times on top of this I don’t know why it’s somewhat
bug they needed to update the reviews but they’ve got thousands of reviews and
it’s actually through yacht Pope the Oppo you as far as I’m aware you can’t
fake your reviews and I saw them some went wrong let’s actually have a look I
forgot I had this app I’m Shopify inspector under here we can actually see
they’ve got their new products see how their items are pretty low if we have a
look at their statistics so their average price I was right on the money
oh man I’m good haha geez what it gets 15 bucks I’m literally on I’m proud of
that thank you anyway and they’ve got 208 products and
again you know we can see their best sellers are the bras doing extremely
well hence the landing page very low average order very low asking price okay
but they’re getting a lot of traffic alright and again to
show 145,000 low bounce rate that’s well within the expected bounce rate that you
would want to really try and achieve long term and again if we have a look
here at similarweb we’re gonna see when it loads you know
all the traffic’s to United States so I know it’s high-quality traffic hence why
a good conversion rate opportunity and then we can see that most of it is
Pinterest okay so it’s just as simple as that
so you can still sell items for ten bucks that are very saturated whatever
you just need to look at place to market it not just using a different ad on
Facebook that no one’s ever done or or whatever try a different platform okay
if you love jewelry if you love jewelry try Pinterest
okay Pinterest will work very well if you and have a jewelry store if you are
doing makeup love makeup and have a makeup store try Pinterest if your
fashion 100% try Pinterest Pinterest is so much profession and works extremely
well you know clothing shoes sunglasses all of that stuff and you can see it
works for general items as well so there’s nothing more to it like we can
see here that like they’ve got this hardware electronics and we’re going to
probably see a couple of hours we’ve seen before I haven’t seen a number of
these I’ll be honest but if we have a look here that was funny I saw this
before I recorded this hidden key frog days hilarious I actually want one I’ve
attempted to get one but anyway so you can see that they’re a general store
most of it is relating to fashion okay but they are a general store and they’re
doing extremely good numbers and it’s a basic setup like you look at this look
at this it’s nothing much to it at all nothing much right there doing nothing
special except that they’ve just like now I’m not gonna do Facebook I’m gonna
try Pinterest and it’s worked exceedingly well so they can they can
sell items for very cheap and get a lot of sales and because they like they have
it that’s a legit number they actually have a US warehouse
customers say they’ll come back and buy again these people are making an
absolute killing just by using Pinterest instead of Facebook so they’re focusing
on that you know I didn’t actually have a look if they have their Pinterest down
here no don’t let’s have a back of it look on Pinterest what was the name of
this store sorry I just wanna our primary comfit let’s see how many
follows that by mode counter okay so you can see it there straight away I don’t
know how to navigate these at times I forget I’m the comfort calm it’s just
going straight to the entire page but you can see you like how much does it
see there we go that’s a dropship dynam bra bra bra bra bra bra just have to
craft and anyway so these are all dropship hi you know it’s highly
saturated items a number of them that’s for sure and it’s done exceedingly well
for them you know nothing unique to it at all
they’ve just bought this stuff from China focused at a very clear audience
on a very very engaged platform and it’s worked very very well for them okay
that’s a different one so but you sort of get the point here okay and see you
can actually see someone here is doing smile the teeth whitening thing okay
that’s an actual ad there we go promoted by so there you go so just to show you
ad lib let’s have a look at this now is this the actual legit website I don’t
know but anyway so you get the idea so I just wanted to show you that because
guys I really wanted to emphasize on the importance of understanding that there
is a bigger world than just a Facebook YouTube and Pinterest I personally
foresee are the next big things snapchat is also very good I’ve done a little bit
of snapchat but I think that Pinterest and YouTube are very good because
they’re you don’t need to do a huge amount okay they’ve got a lot of SEO
search engine optimization opportunity once they’re pinned there you’re
following can just grow grow grow and you can start to make
of money in just a different way you don’t need to follow the trend of just
using facebook for absolutely everything you can definitely try and you’ve
avenues and you should be keeping that in mind so if you do want to know more
about Pinterest I’m more than happy because I’m learning more about as well
to provide more value on that as well so make sure you comment that down below
and that concludes today’s video on to stores doing over a hundred thousand a
month that breakdown of the store using Pinterest selling heavily saturated
products and how you can do it to case study really really powerful stuff you
now know that YouTube and Pinterest are extremely good so let me know down below
if you want Pinterest and I’ll add that to my list I’ve got youtube I’ve got a
case study and potentially looking at Pinterest on top of all my other videos
that I plan to add okay so make sure you do that also make sure you’re subscribed
today too from today’s video I apologize and also like I appreciate a like
because I’ve spent quite a bit of time making this I try and make it really
in-depth so it helps you not just give you a case study but understand a bit
more about it I’m happy to go more in depth and for those wondering in my
course as well guess I plan to add Pinterest ads I’m just busy doing a lot
of other things on top of that for people in my course as well I am and for
others who are interested I am working on a module as we speak where it’s an
actual store reveal of a store that’s done over 70,000 in sales and that’s
exclusive for my students I think that’s pretty fair to say where I’ll be
revealing the product of products the Facebook ads the Google ads everything
they’ve tried everything failed and it’s going to be super super fun super
valuable I made a lot of mistakes from it still was profitable but made a lot
of mistakes but we’re still able to scale it but anyway moving on
congratulations to Shannon Holly for winning the call from for commenting
crush it on the last video so congratulations make sure you send me an
email ricky-ricky Hayes code so we can
schedule our call together okay and make sure that if you do want to be like
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interest in that I’m very open so anyone that comments any questions I always
answer them I’ve also been working really hard this week just in general so
I’ve got my live webinar I’ve made a number of mistakes in the past and I
know I apologize to that some people but you can go to my live training there all
you need is pen and paper you’re gonna get a lot of value it’s
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pen and paper jump in on it now on top of that as well I’ve also announced
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yours nothing more to it it is yours alright go and enjoy I’m
trying to teach you how to do it to accelerate your learning
I’ve also updated a little bit on my cheat sheet so you can go and download
my teaching a hundred percent for free all right is a hundred percent free as
well now also I forgot to mention I forgot to put it in here the number
people been asking and there’s a link in the description and I’ll put a link in
here for my mentoring program as well if you are interested in that as well
okay it’s just been busy busy busy week because I’ve migrated my course migrated
my econ sheet all to a new platform cleaning it up I’m sure a number of you
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it’s been really really really rewarding migrating it across and that’s why I’m
trying to now update everything to really give you guys a lot of value I’ve
gone back to work for those wondering working about 18 hours a day so I’m very
tired on top of doing all my other responsibilities and again trying to
have a bit of a life so now I was meant to take out that line be careful the
sale ends in 24 hours so ignore that I apologize my usual links there okay so
on top of that as well I want to add a number of people have already have
already jumped in on my affiliate program and it’s working
really well so if you do want to refer my course to someone else and make some
money in doing so there’s an affiliate link
there as well and then there’s just the other links I recommend you go and have
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duplicates I apologize but again if you do want to private supplier I get a
number people messaged me on Instagram I do have one he’s a very nice guy I also
have someone on Fiverr who helps make Shopify stores as well as WordPress
e-commerce stores drop shipping stores so if you are interested in that by all
means I get nothing for it I’m just trying to give people more options so
you can get started quicker because I know it does take time and again if you
want a graphic designer also have a great one there three different people
that are going to help you that I personally use that are really really
lovely people that I think can add a lot of value in your life okay so once again
don’t forget to subscribe for more weekly value I would appreciate that
life means a lot I hope you did enjoy this content
tell me of other content you want really trying to tailor it you know give it
unique perspective on things rather than the same old same old crap that just
seems to be thrown out there all the time really trying to help to elevate
your business okay so we should be really really focusing on that you
should seriously be focusing on other things than just Facebook Ads there is a
world outside of Facebook Ads please I recommend you take your time
and look outside the norm everyone says look outside the norm but
they say to look outside the norm on Facebook within Facebook but why not
just look outside of Facebook and as we can see there’s plenty of opportunity
out there for already hot selling items that you can sell to alright so I hope
this has been helpful for you I hope you have a lovely day I hope you take care
and good bye

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