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These Newlyweds Are Already Kissing Strangers 五 | Lip Locked | MTV

These Newlyweds Are Already Kissing Strangers 五 | Lip Locked | MTV

– Hey, guys. Welcome to Lip Locked. The show where we put your
chemistry to the ultimate test. Do you think you can pick your
partner out by kiss alone? Well, we have a couple standing right here and we’re about to find out. The game is simple, one person is going to be blind-folded and they have to kiss three people. One is their partner, and the other two are decoys. Can you kiss and tell? – Hi, I’m Naz. – And I’m Mel. – And we’ve been together for going on three years now. – Yeah, but we just got married in March. – You guys look really good together. – (both) Thank you! – So, I’m just hoping that today doesn’t mess anything up.
– Right! – ‘Cause you know we’re
about to play a game. Right, it’s going to be hot.
– I know, I’m like… – Okay, make sure your edges don’t sweat. So, who is getting blind-folded and going to be doing the kissing? – I’ll be doing the kissing. – (gasp) He said that a little quick. – Yeah.
– Now, hold on! – I’m so excited!
– Hold on, Mel! Pump your breaks! Are you going to be a little jealous, Nas? – Honestly, we don’t get jealous for real. Honestly, when girls find him attractive, I’m like, oh they think my man looks good. – (both) That’s my man! He’s still got it! – So, let’s go ahead and
get you blind-folded. – I think I will be able to tell but I’m not too positive. – I think you will be. You know my lips.
– See, I don’t want to talk myself up too big and then fail. – All right, bring in the kissers. – Oh god. – Hi!
– Step on in! Well, don’t get too friendly girl ’cause they’re about to kiss your man. Bring you over here matter of fact. – Should I like, introduce myself? – No, girl! You might be fighting later. I’m just kidding. All right, let’s mix things up. All right, guys, so these are the rules. You can’t touch. And you can’t talk. No laughing, no giggling, no breathing, nothing. Now ladies, you all look
like clean, nice girls. But looks can be deceiving. I want to spritz ya up. Wooh! Wooh! Wooh!
I always hit the vitals ’cause you never know. You might have had salmon for lunch. You might have had tuna. All right and for you, don’t
think you’re getting away. Open up. Give you two. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Kisser number one. One, two, three, kiss. (funky music) Yikes! This is getting hot and heavy early. All right, that’s enough
kisser number one. Back to your spot. What did you think of kisser number one? – It felt familiar but
I’m not all the way sure. So I’m not going to say much. – It would kind of upset me
if Mel didn’t get it right because we’ve kissed over a million times. – Kisser number two, step on up. And let’s get in there. (funky music) That was hesitant! All right, back to the
library, kisser number two. What did you think
about kisser number two? – It was hesitant, like you said. Soft lips but it was hesitant. – Okay, it was like
that seventh grade kiss when you’re like…
– Yeah, let’s do it now or later, or now. – Who’s going to stick
their tongue in first? Kisser number three. (kissing sounds) All right, kisser number three! Thank you so much. What do you think? – Mmm, this is tough. One and three felt pretty similar. – One and three felt pretty similar. – Do I get to decide with
the mask off or with it on? – What does this look like to you? What’d you think about kiss number three? It felt familiar, what else? – Um, it was good. It wasn’t as much tongue as number one but it was still a…
– It was a good kiss. – Yeah, a nice kiss. – Okay well, you know,
I really want you to think about your decision, Mel, because your relationship
is possibly on the line. So, you got to really think about which kiss felt the most familiar. – Kiss number one was nice. It was probably the most familiar to me. Like, I use that word a lot but just because I usually
have a pretty routine kiss with my wife. But I wasn’t sure if it was actually her. Kiss number two, I knew wasn’t her. Because she didn’t like, make out. It was just like a peck. So I just knew that wasn’t her. Number three, that word
familiar comes up again. Like it felt like a more familiar kiss, a more familiar routine when I kiss. But there was no tongue. And I just know that when
me and her kiss a lot, we often use tongue. Should I answer now? – You should answer now. Do you think that your
girl is kisser number one, kisser number two, or kisser number three? – I’m going to go with number one. – Are you sure? – Yeah, I’ll go with number one just ’cause it was more tongue. – You a hundred percent? – Yeah. – All right, kisser
number one, come on down and we’re going to share one final kiss before our big reveal. So let’s go for it, you crazy kids. (kissing sounds) I’m getting horny! All right, that’s enough of that! All right, you ready for this reveal? – Yes.
– Mel? – Uh huh.
– You sure? – I’m positive. – ‘Cause Nas is going to fuck you up if you’re wrong. – I hope I’m not wrong. – Me too! ‘Cause she looks like she could fight! – I’m going to stay here if I’m wrong. Oh!
(everyone laughing) – Yay! – When he picked me as the kisser, I was just like, thank you lord, okay! It was a little shocking. Like, you looked like you were enjoying what you were doing, that’s for sure. Especially afterwards when you’d be like, it was nice, yeah she was soft. – I’m very happy you picked your girl. – I’m happy I picked her too. – You got that special tongue. – That tongue got me married. – Bitch, you ain’t lying! Okay, I see the rock
on the finger, ladies! – I think just to make it fair and even, that we should do it but with me being the kisser. – Nah, that’s a little too far. – Thank you all so much
for watching Lip Locked. And remember halitosis is on the rise, brush your teeth and use some mints. – Thank you!
– You guys are so cute! You guys are good too. Girl, you just came from church. You said I’m not using no tongue.

100 thoughts on “These Newlyweds Are Already Kissing Strangers 五 | Lip Locked | MTV

  1. Ain't nooooo way in hell I could stand there why another women kisses my man wtf is happening to marriage these days

  2. We are looks for drama, fights, breakups everything lol this show is gud but needs something else

  3. It's ok guys, they got paid for it!!! They were on TV so it's all good! That totally makes it not cheating….lmfao….fucking fools. MTV got you both out here looking like married fools!!!!!!

  4. They should do this with singles and pick to date the one they like to kiss the most. This is stupid for couples to do; making it seem like it is ok to be kissing other people while in a relationship 丹撾儭

  5. "forsaking all others"

    God have mercy on this Godless Generation.
    what you shall reap you will sow. God will not be mocked.

    Marriage must be undefiled.

  6. Everything done to the caption is disrespectful. This is a plain example of ignorance trying to please a superficial society. There are so many other MORAL ways to test your love…….this ain't it

  7. This is so trashy lol. The host's comments don't help. Kisser #3 knew she wanted this married man right when she walked in.

  8. She said well dont get too friendly girl because they will be kissing your man lmaooo I would not even smile at them bitches at all 不不

  9. Stop saying Why would you let your husband do that type shit, yall just pussies, its just a damn game, like shit. Cool ur uglyass tits man.

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