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These 3 Sentences Will Change Your Life | Lisa Nichols | Inspiring Women of Goalcast

These 3 Sentences Will Change Your Life | Lisa Nichols | Inspiring Women of Goalcast

– I said yes when I wanted to say no. I don’t want to do that. He became physically violent with me. I’d never been in an
abusive relationship before and I don’t have the, I felt as if I didn’t have the profile of a woman who would ever be abused, verbally, emotionally
and sure not physically. And I remember when that
relationship finally ended and I was grateful that
it ended and I was alive because there were some days
when my life was in danger. I had so much guilt and anger and blame and more than anything, shame. How did I get here? And the bigger question was, how will I get out? How do I move from this place? I remember sitting in the doctor’s office, sitting on the table and she asked me a myriad of questions. She left the room and came back with a piece of paper in
her hand and she said, Lisa, you are clinically depressed and I need to give you this prescription. And I looked at the piece of paper and it said, Lisa Nicholas, Prozac. I didn’t see that level of sad coming. I think when sad comes you
don’t know it’s coming. It’s a little, one little circumstance, another circumstance,
another missed moment where you don’t speak your mind, another moment when you don’t
say what’s on your heart, another moment when you say yes and you really wanted to say no, another moment when you
just put everyone else in front of you. And here I was in the doctor’s
office clinically depressed. I asked my doctor, could I do something before
I fulfilled the prescription, could I try something else? Because when she said
I was really really sad what I realized was that I
had just forgot who I was, that I had become Jalani’s
mom, that’s all I was. I had become his fiance, that’s all I was. And then I was the woman that he abused. And then I was the daughter trying to hide the abuse
from my father, my mother. And then I was the motivational speaker trying to hide the fact that
I was sad from everyone. I just forgot who I was. And so I asked her, can I have 30 days to just discover me again? And I did three things. One, I put affirmations
all around my house reminding me who I was. You are an unrepeatable miracle. You are beautiful in your own right. You are, you deserve healthy love. You are a child of God. Everywhere I could look in
my house was a post-it note reminding me of who I was. I read scriptures and I read words that showed me my birthright and then every day I got in the mirror and I completed three sentences. I looked in my eyes and I
said Lisa, I’m proud that you and I found seven things
to celebrate Lisa for. And the second sentence was
Lisa, I forgive you for, and I found seven different things to cut the shackles of
blame, shame, guilt, regret and anger around. And I said Lisa, I commit to you that and I made seven different
commitments to myself every day for 30 days. And when I went back to the
doctor I was completely ready to take the prescription
and fill it if I needed to and I share it with her, she asked me question after
question after question again and then at the end she goes, I have two questions for you, Lisa. I said, what? She said, what have you been
doing for the last 30 days and can I use it with other patients ’cause I had found my way back to me. And another moment that I’m
super super grateful for was when my daddy took me
on my first date (giggles), I was 12 years old, and he took me out to a
restaurant on the pier in Marina del Ray and he ordered my drink
and ordered my food and opened the car and all the things you
would do on a great date that I didn’t know anything about at 12. And at the end of the evening I went to walk in the house and my father was opening,
holding the door open for me and he closed the door
so I could not get in and I stopped and I was
like daddy, what’s wrong? And he said I want you
to know something, Lisa. Tonight I took you on your first date so you get to see how
you get to be treated. I wanted you to see how
you get to be treated. Now, sweetheart, how
you choose to be treated that’s gonna be on you. The big moments in your life are made up by the little
decisions you make. I didn’t make a big decision to get in an abusive relationship. I made a little decision
to lower my integrity bar. I made another little decision to stay when I saw the first sign
that he didn’t honor me the way I deserved to be honored. I made a little decision
when I crossed over, moved past that moment of discomfort and allowed his words to
make up for his behavior. It was my job to fall madly
in love with me first, that no one was going to
show me how to love me, that I have to show not
only me how to love me but I had to show other
people how to love me, that you are the first example
of what loving you looks like and the way you love you is the way the world’s gonna love you. So when you say I don’t need
rest then we believe you. When you say no, don’t
worry about me, I’m fine, we believe you. When you say no I don’t
need help, we believe you. When you say I’m fine by
myself, we believe you. So here’s what I realized. Words are power, words speak life, words your life is a
physical manifestation of the conversation going on in your head and it’s a physical
manifestation of the words that are falling across your lips and if you want to create a better life design a better conversation. If you want to design
a better conversation, think a better thought, not about them but first about you. And if you can feel it right now, something stirring in your soul, just that little somethin’ you can’t even describe it,
then you still in the game. It ain’t over yet. It’s never too late. At 20, at 40, at 55, at 75, at 88. It ain’t ever too late to press reset and fall madly in love with
the life that you’ve been given and then you’ll look up
and your life is barely, then you look up and your
life is barely recognizable. I’m a girl from South Central LA living between the Harlem
Crip 30s and the Rollin’ 60s. Had three fights a week
to get home from school. Got kicked out of college. I was considered academically challenged. I’m functionally dyslexic, still. I wear everything as a badge. I’m fine with it. I’m not successful in spite of it, my success is beautiful because of it. I’m that one who was on
government’s assistance, okay. I’m that woman who got out of
abusive relationship, okay. But I’m also that woman who’s authored or co-authored
seven best sellers. I’m also that woman who’s a CEO of a multi-million dollar business. I’m also that woman who
has an international brand and touches over 30 million people a year. I’m also that woman. Don’t wear the labels and don’t let the labels wear you. You’re bigger than a label. I’m a woman before I’m a mother. I’m a woman before I’m a CEO. I’m a woman before I’m a daughter. I’m a woman first all things. I’m not a hero, I want to be a she-ro. And I want to give her a chance. And I say to you as your sister you don’t think you get to press reset you better think again. It is not over. Matter fact, it just begun. (dramatic inspirational music)

100 thoughts on “These 3 Sentences Will Change Your Life | Lisa Nichols | Inspiring Women of Goalcast

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  2. If you want to shine like a sun,
    First burn like a sun (amazing , motivation and emotional video ) proud of you .

  3. what s with her face?! i have not seen such a change ever, i can see another video where she looks more healthy… she looks like another person here

  4. Lisa this is the video that has helped me recover more than anything I have ever come across! You have made me feel like I can do it. Living after abuse has been so difficult but your video makes me smile xxx Thank you for sharing your story xxx

  5. How can I translate this to Arabic so it appears in the caption? I really want to do this so I can share this video with my friends and family.

  6. My big question is who the hell dat guy is…???
    I mean he would be such a jerk…filthy bloody guy…who had behaved dis cruelly with such a woman with a real pure heart and a real good attitude and personality…i really belief dat is really stupid insane crazy mad guy dat he had lost such a great women…

  7. You're an angel baby …. May the lord bless you for the rest of your life i know you're aready blessed ……

  8. Just went through the same thing… Now am reminding… Who i was.. And i have found myself.. Freedom… Ameen….wow i needed this

  9. Lisa, you have touched my soul in this podcast. I have only just "met" you a few weeks ago. I relate to the broke and broken you. I also relate to the fight to survive. I wan't to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for your impact on me, and anybody who listens. Yes YES!!!!

  10. The bit where she talks about her Father taking her on a date hurts me, my father more or less pimped me out to his friends when i was 13/14 years old. I blame him for a lot of my issues. God give me strength to rise up (at the ripe old age of 47) And god bless everybody who is struggling too, my thoughts are with you.

  11. Lisa all I have to say is that God wanted to bless me by making me land on your Ted talk video. I am so greatful to you for you are such an inspiration to me and others. I really really love you and I really wish I could meet you someday.

  12. Lisa, you're definitely such an amazing woman… Your determination is an example to follow. God bless ya much more. Love you ❤

  13. My doctor gave me the same medicine as Lisa did. All I did exercise and pray. Thank you Lisa. You inspired me

  14. So funny how I stumbled across this video at the right time. Started my Day 1 of the 30 Day Reset and I already feel a big weight off of my shoulders already. Thank you

  15. Lisa,
    Before I even saw this I helped myself in the same way. And when I tell people they don't believe I was even depressed. I am so happy you shared this.

  16. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for this amazing black sister my sister she has triggered me to change n get out of this abusive in every way relationship n to go n luv me in n out to go out n do the hard work to go get my dreams n my income of aundance

  17. I am in tears. Thank you for the messages, the inspiration, the motivation, my god this is soooo magical!

  18. I have never heard a more inspiring woman (other than my late Mom). Lisa Nichols, you're as real as real can be. Thank you for motivating the masses in such a deep, authentic way!

  19. Wow!! so profound. Your transparency is unbelievably remarkable! Thank you for having the courage to share.

  20. It takes great courage to change your situation and thinking,I toi can relate. Jesus loves you lady! Praise him and keep in moving. Life is not over, thankyou for your encouragement!God bless you!

  21. “Don’t wear the labels, and don’t let the labels wear you.” – Lisa Nichols
    This was a great motivational story!

  22. If one is best friends with themselves, they'll never be alone. One shouldn't be with someone to be happy, but to be someone to be happy. And how happiness is a decision someone makes, not an emotion they feel.

    Good edutainment video by the way.

  23. اعاني الي الان من الفقر 💵 القصص تتشابة في الحياة بطرق مختلفة ↔️↔️↔️↔️↔️↔️↔️↔️↔️↔️↔️↔️

  24. Lisa Nichols is an amazing woman! Thank you for helping me realize so much! I’m becoming the BEST version of myself and because of you, I keep getting stronger everyday. I love you!❤️

  25. I’ve never had a life. I’ve always been pushed to the back. I saw the title of this channel and I thought to engage. I am still learning him I need better habits and you know some good loving my life I wish you the best.

  26. That’s the sad truth, women don’t picture this situation until you end up in it. It’s not easy to get out, you have to be the strongest you. I felt every single word thank you for this. 🙏

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