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The YouTube Ad Boycott

The YouTube Ad Boycott

*DISCLAIMER* Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the backseat experience! This is the show where I, RaSkull, give you the highlights and summaries of recent events on the internet. Its just me, observing and providing my opinions from the backseat. not necessarily diving into the fray. Before watching the video I hope you have read the disclaimer I had put on in the beginning. I do not wanna relay what I had typed into it so just go over it once Today’s topic will be pretty much what every person on this platform has been speaking of for the past week. It’s the thing that will cause all your favorite you-tubers to suffer next month. It is the youtube ad boycott. *DUNN DUNN DUNNNNNNNNN* Unless you’ve been living under a rock you fucking newt, you probably already know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, I have a tiny little recap for you. Basically, it all starts about 3 months ago when Pewdiepie hit 50 million on his channel. It seems ever since then, YouTube has been in media outlets all over the web. More specifically, the WSJ. dunn dunn dunn They didn’t really enjoy the fact that there was an individual on the internet who had more influence than them and had more revenue than them. So when he made some jokes related to racism and related to sensitive topics, they literally pounced on him and accused him of being ‘anti semitic’ for showing some pictures of Hitler in his videos and whatnot. Now if this had been done by literally anyone else who was less influential than him they wouldn’t have done it you take my word they wouldn’t have done it. Fun Fact: The wall street journal was formed the same year that Hitl- -er was born. Hypocrytical much? While I’m not here to debate those articles of theirs, I do wanna say that IMO the articles were extreme exaggerated. Although this whole thing massively backfired on them, they did manage to damage Pewdiepie’s status quite a bit as they made his YouTube Red show shut down and severed his connection with Disney, which, man that’s gotta hurt! Well anyways after that happened and everything seemed to go back to normal, one reporter in the wall street journal with an expired ID as his twitter pic by the way decided to make this article Um. No. I’m not gonna sign up for you so sorry Anyways, this man, Jack Nicas, and I’m just gonna say it guys No matter what I speak about him in this video, do not go ahead and put like a hate speech on him,I do not support that So anyways, this man, Jack Nicas managed to find a few videos out of the cesspool of billions of videos on youtube which were, pretty damn racist to be honest. that their titles were pretty racist that’s all I know about them. I haven’t watched them. So they were racist videos and they had ads from various brands in them. I’m not gonna show you the images of these racist videos but you can pretty much search about them on google and you will find them. So now next thing you know, he took these pictures he reached out, and on twitter he reached out to all these different companies and called them out on twitter implying that they supported racist content Whoa. I mean whoa. What even? I feel like our viewers have enough knowledge to know that an ad on a racist doesn’t mean that the advertising company is racist It just means that its an advert. If you’re advertising on something it doesn’t necessarily mean you support that video. Anyways on youtube it doesn’t. SO what if there’s like 5 videos out of billions that have racist content and are monetised sometimes the coding fucks up and some videos find ther way past the monetisation qualification. I really really don’t see a reason to pull out all your ads for that. I made a video about the justice league trailer and it had like 10 views its still on my channel. Somehow Warner Brothers managed to find it and claimed it. That’s how fine- fine tuned the Youtube coding is. But sometimes it does fuck up. And some videos with racist content in them get monetized But you cant really overgeneralize on that basis. If I was a manager here, I’d just call up the Google adense people I honestly don’t see a reason to pull out all ads for this. Its honestly kinda scary that some dude somewhere in the world can spend like 2 hours on YouTube typing in racist shit in the search bar and make the site lose millions of dollars Its Sad.The bigger youtubers will be fine IMO. This will only go on for a month or so then everything goes back to normal. But the smaller youtubers who rely on their paycheck for their livelihood are probably not gonna get it this month and thats worrisome. Um, WSJ. you’ve just ruined the lives of thousands upon thousands of people by overgeneralizing and stereotyping the mistakes of 5 people. Do you feel happy yet? YouTube is a pretty good platform to advertise on. If your ad isn’t viewed for more than 30 secs, you don’t have to pay, there you go no money wasted! on TV however you have to pay a lot more for it and chances are no ones paying freaking attention. After viewing an ad on TV if you wanna buy a product you have to go out, travel a bit, go to some shop, buy it, pay the bill, then come back, and then consume it. On YT? You just have to click on the ad and order online. Seems like plenty of advantages to me Look, Im pretty certain that youtube will recover from this. They are owned by Google. Fucking google. Google + has been irellevant ever since it was released yet it gets regular updates years later. The creators however, the creators of this platform are gonna suffer. That’s it on this topic for now, if you like it, please click like I gotta hit that 10,000 views barrier to get my own channel monetized, so please share. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions in the comments section down below And ill see you next time. Bye!

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