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The Wolf ft. Christian Slater | HP

The Wolf ft. Christian Slater | HP

Sheep never realizes a wolf around until it’s too late. Then they do exactly what the wolf expects them to do. They run into each other. They fall down. They become dinner. Time to eat. They’ve got no idea I used my phone to hack the OS on that printer over there. And why would they? Not one printer in this place has built-in malware protection. Now, while they’re all busy watching a little something I threw up on the control panel… Just look at your screen. I can intercept all their print jobs until I find the info I’m looking for. Ooh! Today’s somebody’s birthday! Perfect! The really good stuff is upstairs. The kind of stuff that could destroy any future this grand financial institution could hope to have.*howls**laughing, chatter*Surprise! I love a good office party. Everyone looks so happy.Happy Birthday!Thank you!Especially Janice.[JANICE] You made it![JANICE] Thank you! Thanks so much!She thought everybody would forget her birthday.
[JANICE] Thank you! Thanks so much!She thought everybody would forget her birthday.[JANICE] Okay!Not me. Look Janice! You just got an email! What’s that? A gift certificate from your favorite spa to honor the big day? How thoughtful. Now all you gotta do is print it. Come on, Janice, It’s legit! You just gotta print it out. Come on, we all know you love a good foot rub. That’s it. Now I have access to every computer on the network. How you ask? Well, none of the printers here automatically monitor for threats, so that “gift certificate” I just sent Janice to print was actually hiding my malware in the print stream, bypassing the company security. Which means now, I can use the printer to get around the firewall, and, surprise, access all the unencrypted data and route it to myself. I know it’s a mouthful, but, it’s actually really simple. Because these guys don’t automate their security monitoring, not only can I see every document that gets printed in this place, I can see all the good stuff hiding on their computers, too. Now it’s a party. Tomorrow’s a big day for this place. Looks like they’ve got a presentation to their most important client about a confidential private stock offering. Sure hope everybody’s getting a good night’s sleep. They are gonna need it. It’s funny how much stuff people leave in the office, huh? It’s like they want me to take their personal information. I’m Mr. Vice President of Blah Blah Blah and my life is ruined. These folks have no idea that when they come to work in the morning, I’ll not only have helped myself to their personal identities, but I’ll have gotten hold of their client’s most sensitive financial information. The ironic thing is that these guys have probably spent a fortune securing their network and servers, but, because no one bothered to arm any of these PCs with the BIOS defense system, my malware is free to do its thing. Fore! Now that’s what I call a metaphor. Oh yeah, no there’s a lot riding on this meeting. Might even say the future of both companies. I had some huge elaborate plan to worm my way into the video conference, but, turns out, I didn’t have to. See this dude over my shoulder here? Guy who looks like he’s about to wet his pants? Well he was so nervous he forgot to pick up the key part of the presentation right off the printer. So now, it’s just sitting here, waiting for anybody with an axe to grind to pick it up, and share it with someone like me. Because this bad boy doesn’t have user authentication, it’s easy for print jobs like these to go unclaimed.[whistles]Bingo. First, I got control of their printers. Then, I got control of their network. Then, I got control of their data. And now, this. All the juicy details of a major acquisition. Can see why they wanted to keep it quiet. Along with everything else I’ve stolen from this place, These guys are in for a really bad day. Truth is, I don’t really have anything against them. They seem like perfectly nice people. But, that’s beside the point. Why am I exposing one of the financial world’s most important secrets? Because I can. And who knows, maybe next time I’ll come after yours.

100 thoughts on “The Wolf ft. Christian Slater | HP

  1. I'm like the biggest Mr. Robot fan out there and I've been using HP laptops for ages and this add just gave me the chills, proper respect for such an incredible and entertaining commercial

  2. well if you guys hadnt stupidly and pointlessly pushed "the cloud" and "the itnernet of things" you guys would have to be solving a problem that you created in the first place. sont go run over a box full of kittens, and then open a kitten trauma ward and pretend like you are some gods saving the industry!

  3. since when hardware is secure ? HP Does not have a OS, it runs Windows….guess what ? You wanna Cry

  4. Why so many dislikes? Must be from competitors staff. Great advertising! This is what I call an advert

  5. If you are running Microsoft…on your printer, PC, smartphone, etc…it is exposed 24/7/365 to hackers and viruses.

  6. anonymous informs you
    hello I come to you so you will not be surprised to launch the project zeus project one (HP printer method)
    In order to have a better world zeus project one regroups all the religious community.
    In 1945 Zeus project one was born from a Qur'an expert, an expert in thora and a bible expert

  7. even the college i go to in order for us to release our print jobs we have to authenticate – is the company portrayed here really that unsafe

  8. Are they stating that other printers than HP printers do not have user athentication? Xerox invented that, Xerox invented printer AV, Xeorx invented the printer.

  9. Jajajajaja guess what hp, you can claim your'e printers and pcs are secure but guess what. Hackers can get trough the phones which arent HP. They are probably CISCO phones, and they arent safe. And you included compatibility with them in your'e switches and routers, and guess what. Everyone is switching to voip and they wont configure the phones properly, and nobody cares about phones thats why they will be the next thing in the security radar.

  10. 0:58 That is the weirdest correlation of data. People names mapped to MAC adresses, in column named ESSID, which would be the AP name. lol

  11. Only point – don’t print stuff, just keep it Digital. No printing, no printer business, this amazing piece of Mr. Robot spinoff just cost you whole printer business😏🤷🏼‍♂️

  12. Well played HP…I already can see how wolf increase a fear around so HP can start selling a protection software…well played.

  13. Remember, all of the hackers and cyber-criminals globally are being propped up by very clever evil. Without this help, they wouldn't have a clue how to do what they do.

  14. HP's security model is "Security through obscurity" apparently. While HP has possibly fixed the issues in the following link we all know that hardly anyone will actually update their printers firmware thus still leaving HP's enterprise class printers still vulnerable. https://foxglovesecurity.com/2017/11/20/a-sheep-in-wolfs-clothing-finding-rce-in-hps-printer-fleet/

  15. Приглашаем обсудить на главном мероприятии по безопасности этой осенью 👉 https://say-future.ru

  16. Christian is so fascinating in this. Such a mysterious and perfect performance that makes you watch until the end. He was definitely the perfect choice for this. 👍Also love the Mr.Robot feels, 😀

  17. "Why am I exposing one of the financial world's most important secrets?"
    "Because you're a piece of trash."
    A hand grabs the hacker's shoulder. He turns. It's BATMAN.

  18. … and along came CVE-2018-5924 and CVE-2018-5925. Taking over an fax capable HP device by sending a crafted Fax message and printing it…

  19. Excellent storytelling on a relatively dull topic on the surface but it certainly held my interest and educated at the same time. Well done HP. Must have required a big budget to get Christian Slater featured! I imagine you got your ROI?

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