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The Weeknd – After Hours (Short Film)

The Weeknd – After Hours (Short Film)

100 thoughts on “The Weeknd – After Hours (Short Film)

  1. I think someone said this before but I think the unseen force dragging him symbolizes Abel going back to his old ways. Drugs, addiction and all that stuff. the “unseen force” drags him to the subway which could symbolize him going back back to the way he was, a heartless monster, Shadowed by the blinding lights, all during the after hours.

  2. He knows after his life and all the fame he sold his soul for, hes going to have to face hell. In this short film he is on his way to hell, he was dragged to hell, and the elevator went down meaning hell

  3. I think hes beginning to lose sanity because of paranormal activity and he kills the people with him in the elevator…

  4. 3:51 Getting rag-dolled by Satan's angel for not putting up your end of the deal in Satan's music industry.

  5. After the show, he will always end up to his old ways. A life that is filled with darkness, sadness, and depressions.

  6. I don't know about y'all, but I'm glad because he's back to his "old" style. I hope he's ok though. ❌⚫🔥Surely he'll break some records again

  7. Anyone who's watching this… EPILEPSY WARNING!!!! Seriously be careful. Don't watch if you really have to be extra careful of the last scene when the elevator starts to close click off you're not missing anything but flashing red and it's really painful to look at. Thank me later trust me

  8. Your songs kept me alive for 3 years now…not even kidding your songs pulled me from a serious depression.. thank you for being such a great singer/performer

  9. Idk why, but I have a feeling the glasses play a part in his “fucked up reality”. Notice how throughout the video Abel is displayed as alone, sad, and hurt. But once he puts the glasses on, everything rapidly changes and he seemingly loses all emotion and pain he previously had. Back to being “Heartless”.

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