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The Viral NYC Subway Singer FINALLY Get’s The Stage He Deserves | America’s Got Talent 2017

The Viral NYC Subway Singer FINALLY Get’s The Stage He Deserves | America’s Got Talent 2017

I’m 50 some okay And what do you do for a living? I’ve been singing in the subway for Roughly 37 years 37 that’s that’s a good thing If you don’t mind me asking this question tell me what was the low point the low point is on a Monday or Tuesday? You don’t make that much but people get paid on Thursday and Friday, and then make up fully, okay. It makes sense Tell me why you decided to end to America’s got talent? Well, you know success is what you make it right, but there’s no better stage. There’s no better place to be didn’t read here No, that’s a nice thing to say okay. Good luck my hot dog I hung before lonely time she Can do so much are you? still ah ah Yolo speech on there, ooh to me First of all I want to say I liked it even though at times It sounded a little bit rough around the edges, but I didn’t mind it I Can feel that really every word that you sang really meant something you know and I think that is also very very important. Oh my God I gotta I gotta say Whatever Heidi is referring to is the roughness is what I love that enveloped me. You know So simple so count if this show can give you the next level of fame I’m telling you the train has left the building you are on the next level Gonna be nice look you do have a great incredible voice Having said that there is a difference in Somebody’s singing on the Subway to somebody singing on the stage of America’s got talent There is that gap that you have to bridge. I just don’t think you’re quite there if you understand what I mean You know what’s ironic here, mike. I was listening to something that now was playing during the break which was a piece of auto-Tuned junk and This is the real deal

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