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The Valet Did It!

The Valet Did It!

(funky upbeat music) Good morning. Good morning. What terrible thing did you do? Well I… Where were you right behind Brown Stadium is that where you were? That’s where I live. Oh I beg your pardon, you got it on Summit Avenue. Right. That near the hospital? Correct. And I double checked and I did have a doctor’s appointment. I have a, if you wanna see the map here. At the Fain Health Center at 11:45. But, that’s at 164 Summit and so, I was wondering how I never got the ticket, I never got that orange ticket and I’m thinking, why would I have parked at One Summit? And then I remembered they have free valet parking and so I used the valet parking– Oh the old it wasn’t me trick. But I didn’t know how to get any, I mean I couldn’t get it other than I could show you where you know, I wouldn’t have walked that far. I’m usually running a little late and so I, I usually use the– Or the alternative, you could say, judge, I’ve lived in Providence for a number of years. I have. I have never received a parking ticket, this is my first parking ticket. I’m asking you to believe me that I did not park my vehicle. I gave it to the valet and the valet parked the car right? Obviously when the valet picked the car up, he did not tell me he had a ticket so, next thing I know, I get a notice in the mail that I got a ticket. Not only for 30 dollars, that I didn’t park the car, but I got it for 90 dollars because they hid the ticket from me. So please believe me judge, I’m very honorable. Or you could say, judge, I never had a parking ticket, I’m taking a bad turn in life, I started doing it now, please take that into consideration. The first rendition is much better yes. Well I’m gonna assume that you told me that. I was gonna bring a witness who was, a creditability witness but, she just had a new grandson and his bris is this morning so she couldn’t come.
Yeah I know, I know. Inspector Quinn know what the translation is? She said the– If we hurry up we can make the ceremony. I want you to come as a– Credibility witness. I want you to come as a character witness for me. I’m not verifying anything for you. She ran out and had a grandchild just to avoid coming in. (laughing) To testify on her behalf. (laughing) Well you present the court as being 100% credible. Thank you. And your story makes sense and I mean you’ve never had a parking ticket at all and I know the area and I know what goes on up there. Thank you Your Honor. Sorry you had to spend so much time in court this morning. Actually, you know what, this has been, I’ve seen you on TV, I’ve seen this on TV, I didn’t know this was gonna be on TV. Actually, if you’re gonna have to spent two hours in a court room, you’re a great judge to spend the two hours with. You’re very interesting. There you go, matter is dismissed. Come on! How cool was that? If you’d like to see more cases like this one, tune into Court in Providence every weekday. Excuse me? You didn’t know Court in Providence is also a TV show? Oh wow your life just got substantially better. To find out what channel we’re on, go to courtinprovidence.com, click on your local listings, scroll down ’til you find your hometown, then start doing your happy dance. That’s it, move it, move it. Nice. All rise and hit subscribe so you don’t miss the latest viral moments like this one. Share these videos and weigh in on the cases. You be the judge, subscribe now.

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  1. Dear judge
    Butterflies don't know the color of their wings but human eyes know how beautiful it is
    Likewise you don't know how good you are but others can see that you're special

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